Friday, June 1, 2012

that creepy girl next door

last night, i had a weird idea. i was watching punk'd yesterday and it put me in a teasing mood. audrey the new mckenna dropped me off back home (we realized bother our husbands work till 10 or 11 at night! perfect! it was so great chatting about our weddings and playing the xbox kinect) and anyways chase was about to get home.... or so i thought...... so i hopped up in our tree in our front yard at 9:55 pm anticipating his arrival! i was going to scare the tarnation outta him! 
two things i did not anticipate
1. our house is right in front of the whole street's communal mailbox. well it was awkward when one person walked up to the mailbox and i'm monkeying around right above him. if he woulda looked slightly above eye level- i woulda scared him to death (not half to death but to death. how would i have explained this awkward situation? i wanted to clear my throat or make myself known somehow in case he did see me- you know beat him to the punch... but instead i just took my chances that he wouldn't notice me.) i didn't want our reputation in the neighborhood to be the weird girl in the tree...... luckily- he never looked up. and i purposefully tried not to look at him because i'm a firm believer that people can sense when other people are looking at them. so that was a close call. and then 10 minutes later (yes i was in the tree that long) another man drove up to the mailbox, got out, read every piece of mail (not even joking), then finally got back in his car. i was about to have an anxiety attack! i was hoping chase wouldn't come home when these people were so close by at the mailbox- i'd be too sheepish to scare him with them being onlookers and have wasted my whole time waiting in this dang tree. luckily- they left and were none the wiser. and chase still didn't show up for some time.
2. the second thing i didn't anticipate....... chase didn't come home at his usual 10:00-10:05..... he came home at 10:26!!!! i was in that tree for THIRTY-ONE minutes!!! mother of pearl! i had no shoes on and my feet were really starting to hurt from the bark after all that time. but it was worth it! chase doesn't have a high pitched girlie scream in this video.... but he said i got him good!!! you can always count on me to keep it youthful and spicy!
my view for 30 minutes. a pretty full moon though!


oh yes.... earlier that same day....  which was yesterday..... chase went out to go get the mail and when he came back he couldn't find me. he knew i was hiding. he looked all over. finally i had to make little noises for him to find me. then i was stuck for a good 3 minutes of him trying to unwedge me! 
i'm so random it's becoming predictable! 
sometimes we are so weird (yes believe it or not... it's not JUST me who is weird) that i'm so grateful we found each other and we keep most of our weirdness within the walls of our home.... and on my blog sometimes. hahaha. have a weird day!

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Kelly said...

o"hey"??? thats it? i was expecting you to do a banshee scream or something.

lance gets so mad when i scare him. im not allowed to do it anymore. hes so old, he might have a heart attack.