Friday, July 27, 2012

a french investigator!

Yesterday was quite a beautiful day! After work, I took some of the beautiful bday money and we went to Braza Express. I personally favor it 10000 x more than tucanos because it gives me just the right amount of meat with other items that fill up a good hefty plate for a decent price of 7.99 unlike the 25 at tucanos! And the quality and ambiance of Braza Express is fantastic! Winner winner chicken dinner!
Also had my marketing class- then I shuttled over quick quick to the MTC to be a French investigator for two hours! It was so amazing. It’s now on my weekly schedule officially! It helped me gain confidence with my own French and those sweet elders Paris-bound were amazing. And they do learn a lot in the MTC- it’s the spirit mixed with inspired teaching skills and 24/7 learning!! The Spirit was strong, the gospel messages were incredible, and being reminded how precious every child of God was- that was profound! I really loved it and know I was guided to implant this in my life. It made me miss the MTC. It was me with a companionship of three each time and it reminded my good times with Sis Nichols and Alejandro! I really did love the MTC. When I was a mish,  I almost loved it as much as the square! I grew so much and the Spirit is so overwhelming in that sacred place! It helped me hear a bunch of things I need to work on and needed to cherish again! After the MTC, while waiting for Chase to pick me up- I walked to sit on the Provo temple grounds. Overheard three ROMANIAN-bound missionaries and talked with them! They said they hope Tii is their trainer and I said they’d be lucky dogs for that blessing! It was just a day of blessings yesterday! 

Then the beautiful Ashley and Clark (sans picture- freaks nasty!) had a beautiful reception up in Saratoga Springs- gonna be getting a dinner/game night together with them- another Provo couple!  
getting gas after the reception. exciting stuff! what a responsible beauty to clean the windows!! the real reason i took this picture was because he was dancing and trying to bring a lot of attention on himself as he did it- seems like something my dad likes to do, too. i love that they share that hilarious quality!

Furthermore, Chase introduced me to his fav movie last night- Malibu’s Most Wanted. It was seriously hilarious. I am buying it! It’s a mix between White Chicks and Eminem and Diary of a Mad Black Woman! As you can see 2/3 of what I just mentioned are my favorite movies! They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I was drinking up that movie! So hilarious!
I’m so happy this semester is almost over and I can truly dive into my book collection! I was reading a little last night and this was patient Chase- hahaha. 
It lasted three minutes before he forced me to turn the lights off. 
The end is in sight of this "summer semester" aka it's not really feeling like summer :) oh the end!! and then I have two week of summer again!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

sucker punched

i have been having the worst headaches lately. i'm guessing it is because of some of my health problems and pulling that all-nighter on the salt lake streets. 
but recently i have a new theory. 
you see, my husband has been punching me in the face in the dead of night the past couple nights. 
the first time it happened i woke up with a jolt! he had rolled over and elbowed me right in the snoz! 
he has the weight and mass and density and volume and height advantage and i was just completely taken aback in my deep sleep. i woke up spinning, grabbed my nose, and started crying. idk why i started crying- the pain was intense but not THAT intense. i was prolly just confused from being woken up and scared! 
did chase even wake up? or remember it the next morning? no. well it happened again last night! i'm just in a deep sleep (deeper than normal because i bought these new curtains at bed, bath, and beyond- so now our room is extra dark!) 
and lo and behold- BOOM- another fierce elbow to the face! 
so what did i do? i cocked my arm back and punched chase in the arm as hard as i could! maybe that wasn't the most loving thing to do but he had to know he was beating up his wife! so he woke up and said- "i just gotchya in the nose again didn't i?!" yes he did!!! 
and then this morning, he was all dazed and sleepy and he mutters "did i hit you in the face again last night?" at least he remembered this time! i don't know what i'm going to do! 
this has never happened before (normally, once we're asleep we have minimal cuddling and stay on our sides of the bed and sleep through the whole night!) but now it's happening consecutively. 
we may have to be an "i love lucy" couple who sleeps in different beds. sad. 
but then again maybe not- he remembered this morning so that's a good step- recognition. and maybe if i keep punching him in the arm- then like pavlov's dog- he will be trained to not roll over to my side with his elbow flying! i'll keep you posted :) oh i just love this husband of mine! if the worse abuse i get is subconscious sleeping attacks- i'll take it!i really do have so much love for him- right now he's running to my old landlords house to drop off my old key. what a sweetie who does errands and shows his wifey a lot of love! i am blessed (with a hurt face and nose) pls don't make the "does your face hurt? cuz it's killing me" joke. it really does hurt! bruised to the bone!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pinterest at work

i did succumb to pinterest. but i wanna do it FOR REAL! so i decided 99% of everything i pin- i will do! so today was one of those attack pinterest days and it smells delicious in here and kinda hot since the oven has been in full use and my air has been chugging along trying to keep up!
sidenote.... boy oh boy, we have some smart entrepreuners in our society. facebook. pinterest. redbox. drive-thrus. ipads. aircon. windshield wiper fluid contraption - these are just a few of the inventions in this world that impress me! ok back to my pinterest :)
this is the pinterest pic (up above!) doesn't that look simple (which is good for digestive systems) and colorful/healthy-ish and delicious! mmmmmm it was! my picy pics below! i used natural green beans but canned beans work, too!
before! all salted, peppered, buttered and ready to be tinfoiled and to bask in the oven!
ah yes! it's finished!!! complete with rhodes rolls! and i also have some leftovers in a tupperware for lunch tomorrow!!! oh what a blessing! since chase ate @ good ole chuck!!! more for me :) he had some bites and approves though! 
new family meal :) schroedter tradition i brought into my anderson fam avec chase!!! we like to repeat and stick to what we know for the most part for our dinner meals! we have weekly meals and daily expectations!!! yes it's new and now made it onto our list! delicious!
 then a couple hours later i attempted this pinterest pic (below)
this one didn't turn out so pretty- appearance wise- but it was still delicious and a nice little snack! pie crust and hershey kisses :) sprinkled with egg white and sugar! my skill sbelow!

ah yes! two are in my tummy right now! yummmmaaarrrrooooo!! thanks pinterest :)

not as tired as a pioneer

i am not as tired as a pioneer but i am pretty dang tired! today is pioneer day- aka a public holiday in good ole utah! it is July 24. and in the year 1847 it is the day that they came down into the Salt Lake Valley and white folk settled utah- well the indians were here but you know how history is told.  i love the pioneers. i love their strength and dedication to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and their faith in Jesus Christ! they had guts! they had strength! they had courage! they had muscles!
oh pioneer day!
so last night Chase and I took it upon ourselves to sleep on the streets (aka 900 s) of salt lake city. we didn't even get to see the parade in the morning (because chase had to work) so we basically just did it to chaperone ciara and bryton and their friends camping out! luckily, it didn't rain- which thank goodness because tents weren't allowed. but yet we still couldn't get any sleep. why? because there were these drunk, profane imbeciles next to us YELLING. now i realize when you sleep on the street you aren't going to get much sleep. and you don't even have to be quiet. but do you have to be YELLING down the block at each other. cussing up a storm when there are little children all around! and sharing your  intimate stories a little TOO loudly! mother of pearl! if i thought i coulda taken 'em- i woulda said something. if i thought chase coulda taken em- i woulda let him say something. but there were about 15 of them- huge college students and just one of chase, one of me, and a bunch of high school kids (grant it they're all bigger than me but still- they don't have the fighting experience i do. hahahah.) so we had to just lay there- putting curses on them in our minds. we opted for no sleep and it was a blast! not. i just wanted ONE hour of uninterrupted sleep. ONE HOUR!! i got the most sleep outta everyone because i'm a DEEP-hardcore-KNOCK OUT kinda sleeper and we brought our air mattress, but it still wasn't a night of sleeping on clouds.
we still had some fun though- dominoes pizza, the dice/skittle game, talking and laughing, etc!!!
when we got home this morning- chase took a quick nap and i knocked out for 3 hours. i coulda kept sleeping but i wanna sleep tonight.
let's see what are some other events of the night? oh yes right in the middle of the street (not more than 10 yard away) at around 3 AM a man got pulled over, removed from his car, handcuffed, pics taken of his tattoos, and declared that he had stolen the car and had drugs with him. then was put in a cop car, then another lady came a little later and removed the car. that was exciting! the pioneers woulda been proud of our night. aka no.
well i'm exhausted (poor chase is at work), and i'm cooking, doing laundry, done with the hw, and waiting for chase- it's a good time to read and then watch footloose (the new one!) again! here are some pictures! enjoy!
 chase and i got to kina's mom's property first and so we staked out the place and guarded our good parade street spot! it took everyone forever to meet us- like 3 hours. but we just enjoyed looking at the sky, talking, playing the song pop app, making a blue lemon run (mmmmm their sweet potato fries are to steal for!),  and most of all- enjoying each other's company and just being in love with each other. hahahah. i'm serious though! it was so relaxing. the weather was perfect. just got done raining so it was cooled down and about 70 degrees. 

a little view from our air mattress! 

it was all quite wonderful- oh except when i did destroy an ant hill and they ferociously attacked our belongings but that'll teach me to break and enter into an ant's place!
some of our prime camping spots! 

so i think i tried to sleep at around 1 am. prolly got 2 hours total throughout the night. then by 5 everyone had quieted down, but that's when chad showed up because he had just dropped kina off at her half-marathon!!! 
well, actually what chad did was drop charlotte on me as i was knocked out- that was nice. i think i shocked little Char when i was a little rough and tossed her off me. i can't be held responsible for what i do in REM sleep. hahahaha but none of it was as funny as when chase and chad woke up ciara: chad took ciara's hands and chase took ciara's feet and they picked her up, swung her back and forth, and her face was one of pure terror and confusion! that's a terrifying way to be awoken!

then sydney and ciara are putting on make-up at 6:00 am before the boys wake up. of course. 

then chad pulled a cop over to ask him where the half-marathoners would be finishing. 
and we didn't even have to move! here kina comes at 7:06 AM!!!!!! She had to wait 12 extra minutes to get her starting place but she finished so strong and with an amazing time! She has had the most amazing year! and she inspires me- yet i'm sitting here with 5 krispee kreme donuts in my belly from this morning and absolutely exhausted and not wanting to get up! SO PROUD OF YOU KINA! you rock! 
we had a little discussion about how i heard that marathons take years off of the runners' life and the funny thing is the fact that we were sitting there on our butts eating and chad drinking an energy drink. yeah i think i know who was taking more years off their lives :) i need to get it together!
some more runners! there were 10,000 of 'em
p.s. we wanna start running marathons. $80 per person and you just give $1500 to the first place winner. and a few snack and drinks along the way! you make bank! new business plan!

well that's all folks!  

oh psych hold up- p.s. on sunday we got called up by a random cute couple in the ward to play games- well of course we were engrossed in the bachelorette finale and could not accept their invitation but it was a great little answer to prayers because i've been wanting to make more friends in this neck of the woods and in our ward! they just saw us in primary (because they were pioneer guest speakers) and thought we looked fun. and the husband said "my wife is obsessed with games!" okay match made in friendship heaven!! so we rescheduled and are meeting up with them tonight!
this week is a busy little week! 
tomorrow is becca's baby shower. 
thursday is ashley's reception and my mtc appointment with french-bound missionaries. 
friday is analane's reception. 
saturday we have anderson family pictures and a temple square massive reunion! 
oh the joys of life! and the semester is ALMOST over!!!! i have officially gotten ahead and done all the hw for the semester! and my projects done! i do have to embrace the finals but besides that- i'm home free! and then it's a week of work and relaxing. and then off to washington d.c. for the first time- bucket list check! stoked! so stoked!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


yesterday was my birthday! happy post birthday :) thank you! i am now officially 23 and older than chase! well i always am but my age shows it for 3 months!!! the great thing with a birthday- is now i look older! i'm officially lookin' like a 13 year old now! i'm moving up in the world! yesterday was the best day! i don't have many pictures but i have a few!
well this is a random pic from my birthday eve!! but look at this lil couch potato! truly the niece of her aunt! i don't like to sit her in front of the tv........ we were playing with the jenga blocks (i don't have many baby toys so i have to get creative), all my bangles, my high heels, and my stuffed animal dog (also known as Butterface). she was having a great time. 
then she snuggled up on the couch and made it known she was in the mood for some tv! she had never seen little mermaid before ( well i don't know that for a fact but she was acting like she never had seen it) she was into it and she was gasping when ursala would appear. and say "she sad" everytime ariel cried (which i realized for the first time that ariel is kind of a cry baby- too much crying for a children's movie!) hahahahah. always good times with millie mills! 
i love this little baby cheeks! love her!

ok now to my actual birthday day!
i woke up at 6:30 am for work and rolled over. chase is mia. i heard him grab the keys and leave the house. he's up to something! so i got ready and emerged later when he had returned!!  he had gone out to get milk! and he had set this up! [scroll down] what a beautiful site!

it was early- earlier than i normally eat breakfast!!! but soooooo delicious so i ate it up! and it was a nice treat to share breakfast with my chasie chaser!! 
i usually wait to have a fruit once i've been at work for an hour or so and am truly awake!
  it was a nice mixin'-it-up to have a hearty breakfast! and the absolute sweetest for chase to prepare this at the crack of dawn! delicious! kelly's buttermilk syrup recipe. my grandma's special waffles (no narcotic reference). and scrambled eggs (my favorite!) what a wonderful husband i have!
also, he handed me a few of my presents. a custom made shirt with a lovely message- it's a PJ kinda shirt. not for public. and another personal present. and a dvd cleaner (if you know me- that's a practical great gift!) 

then i had work in the morning. 
and for lunch: dave (the father-in-law) and chase enjoyed zupas with me! thanks davey! 
it was delicious. lauryn popped in for a quick sec and gave me a birthday hug and picked up some mail i had for her! 
oh what a delicious lunch! 
then i had french class- which was enjoyable! i really like this french civilization class with prof sprenger. (the husband not the wife)

after my french class, chase picked me up and took me for a surprise! BEST EVENING EVER! we went to squatters for dinner (in park city!) yes a pub was the perfect ambiance! the food was delicious and the company was even better! i just feel so blessed to have chase with me all the time! and on my birthday, all i really wanted was just his undivided attention and some alone time! it was really the best present! this is the only picture i got in park city! stud trying to pick his choice of dinner! 

then after dinner he took me to the outlets and told me to go crazy!!! you don't have to tell me twice! we walked the whole outlets! i got some amazing deals and purchases. chase did some shopping of his own (i don't think he hated it :)!!!) and it was a glorious 2 hours and chase didn't complain once! what a gift! then we were going to do an alpine slide run but the weather kept changing its mind on rain-no rain-rain-no rain. so we didn't wanna risk it and were tired and just excited to get home! we redboxed the latest sherlock holmes movie and had fresh baked cookies and icecream! does that not sound like a day in heaven? what a lucky birthday girl!!!

also i had some lovely phone calls and texts!! thanks mom for birthing me and dad for staying awake during my whole laborsome birth! and thanks for people remembering it's my bday (aka facebook reminders!!) and for little aubrey's birthday song! i also am excited for my amazon purchase (thanks mom and dad) to get here in the next couple weeks! 
  1. girl, interrupted
  2. nothing to envy: ordinary lives in north korea
  3. jane eyre
  4. the life of pi
  5. carrie (by stephen king)
  6. farhenheit 9/11
  7. keep sweet (yes another polygamist autobiography)
  8. anne frank
  9. atonement (by ian mcewan- not an LDS book) 
yes that is a lot of culture and i'm excited to open my mind, read about other cultures, and reconfirm my own stances, beliefs, values, and morals!

anyways- back to thanking my parents!! also for their shopping spree $$$$ that i am saving for later!! i coulda spent it at park city easily but i wanna really save it so i can shop later and not feel guilty. as a new married couple- it's not like it used to be. i can't just go shopping whenever i have that impulse! i have to be responsible! but not with my birthday money :) 
oh and kina family got me ANOTHER justin bieber movie. i'm excited!!! in fact, after i finish my homework- perhaps i shall put that baby in!!  anyways! i'm just so grateful and have lots to smile about this weekend! 

it's been a busy day! chase is at work (hence why i could get away with watching the bieb's movie).
we woke up early to clean the church (it's a relief society saturday to clean- didn't know they had those- but chase came along, too! what a charitable sweetie!) 
and then went to walmart (i'm a fan) for some serious grocery shopping. we normally don't drive all the way over there but when refilling detergent and paper towels and things like that are concerned- wallie world is the preferred choice. anyways. wow i'm a married woman- thinking this stuff is interesting to the rest of the world. i can't imagine how boring i'll be once there is a little crazy anderson running around. how i'll blog about all the diaper deals i snagged and the blessing of the baby not spitting up anymore. hahahaha. anyways. then i deep cleaned the whole house! and now need to get crackin on my homework! because once chase is home- it's off to see the dark knight rises with garr, nick, laur, and dall!!!! it's going to be epic! 

p.s. not to end on a depressing note but i would like to write a whole post on the horrible colorado movie theater shooting, but sometimes i feel fake because.........i am upset, dissapointed, sad, angry, horrified, and what not- yet what am i really going to do about it? how helpless am i or how do i enable myself when thinking i'm helpless? it's horrible but it's still too common. i wish we could prevent this in a more reassuring way! i wish my prayers alone could heal and help this country and world! how can i truly express or give the situation the weight it deserves? i am grateful my personal life wasn't effected but i know the value of a life and feel for those who were. they had families. they had plans. they had no idea the nightmare they would experience! i AM grateful i know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and why God let's bad things happen to good people- he gave us all our agency- even the wicked. and their actions will be a testimony for them on the other side. for good or bad. and i feel a little fake and guilty because yesterday when i found out about it, i still had a good day.....but many who dealt with the aftermaths- they aren't as fortunate. there is a lot of despair. but there is a lot of hope, too.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

tour the maison!

 Let's take a tour! No i'm not back on Temple Square but I am at my beautiful maison!! I think it's finally all settled in. My family left this morning for the long drive back to Texas and so I've cleaned, decluttered, and am ready to take pics. I'm missing my fam- it's a weird sadness but I got a promising yes from the mother and father for Oct 22 :) why? Oct 23 is the day my favorite missionary returns with honor from Romania!!! Anyways- this morning, i also got through the melancholy mood by  cleaning the whole house and seeing Brave with Chase. Now Chase is napping- so it's my chance to blog!! Ok ready go! Get ready for the pics to show you around! A lot of pictures!
so you pull up to our house and most likely Chase and I will be waiting on the steps or in the tree or cartwheeling on the driveway to welcome you! I love our long driveway- you can fit three cars and we have space on the street in front of us, too! So we need to throw a party- eh sometime. anyways. let's go inside! 
you walk into the front door and you'll see something like this! What a beautiful living room!
another angle!
and another!
my wonderful mother made this for me and chase (per my request!) 
my mom is a great cross-stitcher and i like having things from her in my new abode!! it feels like home! oh and you can see our mayan mask we bought on our honeymoon! we have a strong theme at our house- aka anything goes!

so when you are in the living room, the kitchen is on the right and the mini-hallway/rest-of-the-rooms are on the left. 
let's go to the kitchen first!
well, hello!!! i'm about to start baking cookies for our ctr 5 class tomorrow!! but bloggin' takes priority of course!!!
another lovely angle of my clean delicious kitchen. oh i mean our kitchen- even though chase doesn't do much work in here- he reminds me that it's where i belong. hahaha. he'll get a kick outta that one!
oh and here's a lovely pantry! 
 and outside the window above the kitchen sink- you can see our backyard. ps i tried to plant a garden in that dirt- ummmmmm maybe next year..... and you see that modern storage unit to the left- that's where we keep our most valuable treasures- psych! but honestly- we do keep some stuff in there and i fear they will be pilfered any and every day! it's been safe so far! cross your fingers!
alright so if you exit the kitchen- you will see this mini-hallway! two doors on the right. one door on the left. another couple of cupboards on the left and the great closet straight ahead!
ah yes! the game closet + iron + my shoe closet!!! this is a special place!! when i have that party i was talking about who-knows-when, we can play games! and lots of 'em!
so that first door on the right: welcome to the bathroom! and the washer and dryer- our most expensive possessions! minus the car- which isn't even really in my name. so yeah the washer and dryer take the cake!
the second door on the right! the bedroom. oh and don't mind chase trying to sleep!
maybe, i did kick him out so i could get a good pic. ps all the furniture in our bedroom (besides the box spring and mattress) got on ksl for $150! steal!! oh and in the right bottom corner you can see my primary bag! you can see i'm excited about teaching primary tomorrow!!!!!!
another angle of the room! i had my handyman aka chase take the squeaky doors of the closet cuz they were bugging me and i couldn't enjoy my clothes the way i like! 
disclaimer: i take up 98% of that closet- chase doesn't whine though!

and across the hall aka the door on the left- is the spare bedroom. aka future baby room- far future. but for now it's a desk/extra wedding re-gift present corner/hamper/vacuum/coat closet room!!! 

well!!! thank you for coming! come again- next time get a tour in person! but for now i must wake chase up and pester him to help me bake the cookies for the kiddos! 
chase has a date tonight with work and i have a date tonight with a pile of homework! we are living it up here in ptown!
ahhhhhh (the comfortable exhale onomatopoeia, not the i'm scared ahhhh kind of ahhhhhh)!!!!!! now i'm just gazin out my window and watching people come and go to the mailbox!! creeper status medium!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


you see my mother hates the word tinkle. why? it's just a weird peeve of her. but we make it worse! because we overuse it in our family to bug her. we say
"mom/michele, i need to tinkle!" or
"i'm off to the bathroom to tinkle" or
"i drank a lot of water and i need to tinkle."
even though the word tinkle is in the scriptures "the tinkling of feet" (you know from bangles or jewelry. anyways.) she still despises it. remember that next time you need to tell her you have to use the loo. anyways!!! what does this have to do with today? let me tell you- it is quite simple!
today has been a full day. full day of laughs and fun!
work, midterm, trafalga, indian palace restaurant, shopping, etc!
so by now we're home and just met with the primary president (ps we got our calling- joint teachers for CTR 5!!! we are so excited! start this sunday! we'll have treats, chaos, and let them know God loves them!! and it's gonna be an adventure!) anyways. so the primary president left and we continued to play jenga.
we= taryn, chase, and i.
so we've played about 6 times. then chase suggests we make it into a dare for whoever loses this round. well the terms were that whoever loses has to pee in the backyard. yeah that's barbaric and judge us later but thankfully chase lost!! so it's nbd. well for some reason all day we've all been bustin' up laughing over and over and louder and louder! so...... taryn and i are laughing are heads off taking this pic of chase......
we thought it was sooooo hilarious!!! we were laughing
then- this happens.

YES THAT'S RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! TARYN PEED HER PANTS! hahahahahahahahahaha. from laughter! she runs out the back door and is standing all criss-crossed. once i stop watching chase and look over at taryn- i lose it to! well not pee my pants, too, but just cannot breathe from laughter! can you believe it!!!!? don't worry the laundry is going as i'm typing!!
oh man we have good times over in our neck of the woods. it's an acquired taste these "good times"!
actually, we were just talking during an earlier session of jenga how people would find us so strange. well i'd say so!

Monday, July 9, 2012

hurting on the inside

not me. but these guys.

hurting on the outside

yes that's right. 5th time. hiking mountain timpinogas!!! it was amazing. going up was actually quite enjoyable! loved sharing it with chase!!! mountains are where holy men would go to talk with god in the olden times and i felt that! so much love and beauty from Heavenly Father! also, i especially felt so much divine love for chase! it was empowering!! hiking with chase and grant, dad, and tar! it was great! excited for tay to come next year, too! i can't think about next year yet cuz i'm still burning in all joints, muscles, and nerves! i got up the mountain in 6 hours. fastest time yet!! impressive considering i feel most outta shape this year!
however, coming down...... not so grand. let's just give you a snap shot: raining aka mudslide going straight off cliffs, dad's knee going out, 40 lbs backpack, more than 5.5 hours, and the boys went on ahead to get chase to work on time and got down in 2.5 hours.
but we bonded!! it was super amazing! and a quick BIG dinner at chuck.a.rama afterwards was delicious and we all looked as if we were 80 year old invalids struggling around getting all our food.... (except chase had to work that shift- hiking all day then standing for a 7 hour shift. poor guy! so hardworking) 
anyways. i seriously don't feel like bloggin! i'm makin' dinner and about to clean the house! then study for midterms. gotta catchya later!!! xoxox gossip girl!

tribute to taylor! see ya up there next year bud! he waves everywhere. or planks! unique mish pics!

chase wrote and took this! artsy cutie!

my kissin' love!

love that these two are besties

and i just like this pic of me and mills. look at her smile!! hahahahaha. she loves running to me these days! and givin' kisses! and being in this tree in my front yard!