Saturday, July 21, 2012


yesterday was my birthday! happy post birthday :) thank you! i am now officially 23 and older than chase! well i always am but my age shows it for 3 months!!! the great thing with a birthday- is now i look older! i'm officially lookin' like a 13 year old now! i'm moving up in the world! yesterday was the best day! i don't have many pictures but i have a few!
well this is a random pic from my birthday eve!! but look at this lil couch potato! truly the niece of her aunt! i don't like to sit her in front of the tv........ we were playing with the jenga blocks (i don't have many baby toys so i have to get creative), all my bangles, my high heels, and my stuffed animal dog (also known as Butterface). she was having a great time. 
then she snuggled up on the couch and made it known she was in the mood for some tv! she had never seen little mermaid before ( well i don't know that for a fact but she was acting like she never had seen it) she was into it and she was gasping when ursala would appear. and say "she sad" everytime ariel cried (which i realized for the first time that ariel is kind of a cry baby- too much crying for a children's movie!) hahahahah. always good times with millie mills! 
i love this little baby cheeks! love her!

ok now to my actual birthday day!
i woke up at 6:30 am for work and rolled over. chase is mia. i heard him grab the keys and leave the house. he's up to something! so i got ready and emerged later when he had returned!!  he had gone out to get milk! and he had set this up! [scroll down] what a beautiful site!

it was early- earlier than i normally eat breakfast!!! but soooooo delicious so i ate it up! and it was a nice treat to share breakfast with my chasie chaser!! 
i usually wait to have a fruit once i've been at work for an hour or so and am truly awake!
  it was a nice mixin'-it-up to have a hearty breakfast! and the absolute sweetest for chase to prepare this at the crack of dawn! delicious! kelly's buttermilk syrup recipe. my grandma's special waffles (no narcotic reference). and scrambled eggs (my favorite!) what a wonderful husband i have!
also, he handed me a few of my presents. a custom made shirt with a lovely message- it's a PJ kinda shirt. not for public. and another personal present. and a dvd cleaner (if you know me- that's a practical great gift!) 

then i had work in the morning. 
and for lunch: dave (the father-in-law) and chase enjoyed zupas with me! thanks davey! 
it was delicious. lauryn popped in for a quick sec and gave me a birthday hug and picked up some mail i had for her! 
oh what a delicious lunch! 
then i had french class- which was enjoyable! i really like this french civilization class with prof sprenger. (the husband not the wife)

after my french class, chase picked me up and took me for a surprise! BEST EVENING EVER! we went to squatters for dinner (in park city!) yes a pub was the perfect ambiance! the food was delicious and the company was even better! i just feel so blessed to have chase with me all the time! and on my birthday, all i really wanted was just his undivided attention and some alone time! it was really the best present! this is the only picture i got in park city! stud trying to pick his choice of dinner! 

then after dinner he took me to the outlets and told me to go crazy!!! you don't have to tell me twice! we walked the whole outlets! i got some amazing deals and purchases. chase did some shopping of his own (i don't think he hated it :)!!!) and it was a glorious 2 hours and chase didn't complain once! what a gift! then we were going to do an alpine slide run but the weather kept changing its mind on rain-no rain-rain-no rain. so we didn't wanna risk it and were tired and just excited to get home! we redboxed the latest sherlock holmes movie and had fresh baked cookies and icecream! does that not sound like a day in heaven? what a lucky birthday girl!!!

also i had some lovely phone calls and texts!! thanks mom for birthing me and dad for staying awake during my whole laborsome birth! and thanks for people remembering it's my bday (aka facebook reminders!!) and for little aubrey's birthday song! i also am excited for my amazon purchase (thanks mom and dad) to get here in the next couple weeks! 
  1. girl, interrupted
  2. nothing to envy: ordinary lives in north korea
  3. jane eyre
  4. the life of pi
  5. carrie (by stephen king)
  6. farhenheit 9/11
  7. keep sweet (yes another polygamist autobiography)
  8. anne frank
  9. atonement (by ian mcewan- not an LDS book) 
yes that is a lot of culture and i'm excited to open my mind, read about other cultures, and reconfirm my own stances, beliefs, values, and morals!

anyways- back to thanking my parents!! also for their shopping spree $$$$ that i am saving for later!! i coulda spent it at park city easily but i wanna really save it so i can shop later and not feel guilty. as a new married couple- it's not like it used to be. i can't just go shopping whenever i have that impulse! i have to be responsible! but not with my birthday money :) 
oh and kina family got me ANOTHER justin bieber movie. i'm excited!!! in fact, after i finish my homework- perhaps i shall put that baby in!!  anyways! i'm just so grateful and have lots to smile about this weekend! 

it's been a busy day! chase is at work (hence why i could get away with watching the bieb's movie).
we woke up early to clean the church (it's a relief society saturday to clean- didn't know they had those- but chase came along, too! what a charitable sweetie!) 
and then went to walmart (i'm a fan) for some serious grocery shopping. we normally don't drive all the way over there but when refilling detergent and paper towels and things like that are concerned- wallie world is the preferred choice. anyways. wow i'm a married woman- thinking this stuff is interesting to the rest of the world. i can't imagine how boring i'll be once there is a little crazy anderson running around. how i'll blog about all the diaper deals i snagged and the blessing of the baby not spitting up anymore. hahahaha. anyways. then i deep cleaned the whole house! and now need to get crackin on my homework! because once chase is home- it's off to see the dark knight rises with garr, nick, laur, and dall!!!! it's going to be epic! 

p.s. not to end on a depressing note but i would like to write a whole post on the horrible colorado movie theater shooting, but sometimes i feel fake because.........i am upset, dissapointed, sad, angry, horrified, and what not- yet what am i really going to do about it? how helpless am i or how do i enable myself when thinking i'm helpless? it's horrible but it's still too common. i wish we could prevent this in a more reassuring way! i wish my prayers alone could heal and help this country and world! how can i truly express or give the situation the weight it deserves? i am grateful my personal life wasn't effected but i know the value of a life and feel for those who were. they had families. they had plans. they had no idea the nightmare they would experience! i AM grateful i know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and why God let's bad things happen to good people- he gave us all our agency- even the wicked. and their actions will be a testimony for them on the other side. for good or bad. and i feel a little fake and guilty because yesterday when i found out about it, i still had a good day.....but many who dealt with the aftermaths- they aren't as fortunate. there is a lot of despair. but there is a lot of hope, too.

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