Friday, July 27, 2012

a french investigator!

Yesterday was quite a beautiful day! After work, I took some of the beautiful bday money and we went to Braza Express. I personally favor it 10000 x more than tucanos because it gives me just the right amount of meat with other items that fill up a good hefty plate for a decent price of 7.99 unlike the 25 at tucanos! And the quality and ambiance of Braza Express is fantastic! Winner winner chicken dinner!
Also had my marketing class- then I shuttled over quick quick to the MTC to be a French investigator for two hours! It was so amazing. It’s now on my weekly schedule officially! It helped me gain confidence with my own French and those sweet elders Paris-bound were amazing. And they do learn a lot in the MTC- it’s the spirit mixed with inspired teaching skills and 24/7 learning!! The Spirit was strong, the gospel messages were incredible, and being reminded how precious every child of God was- that was profound! I really loved it and know I was guided to implant this in my life. It made me miss the MTC. It was me with a companionship of three each time and it reminded my good times with Sis Nichols and Alejandro! I really did love the MTC. When I was a mish,  I almost loved it as much as the square! I grew so much and the Spirit is so overwhelming in that sacred place! It helped me hear a bunch of things I need to work on and needed to cherish again! After the MTC, while waiting for Chase to pick me up- I walked to sit on the Provo temple grounds. Overheard three ROMANIAN-bound missionaries and talked with them! They said they hope Tii is their trainer and I said they’d be lucky dogs for that blessing! It was just a day of blessings yesterday! 

Then the beautiful Ashley and Clark (sans picture- freaks nasty!) had a beautiful reception up in Saratoga Springs- gonna be getting a dinner/game night together with them- another Provo couple!  
getting gas after the reception. exciting stuff! what a responsible beauty to clean the windows!! the real reason i took this picture was because he was dancing and trying to bring a lot of attention on himself as he did it- seems like something my dad likes to do, too. i love that they share that hilarious quality!

Furthermore, Chase introduced me to his fav movie last night- Malibu’s Most Wanted. It was seriously hilarious. I am buying it! It’s a mix between White Chicks and Eminem and Diary of a Mad Black Woman! As you can see 2/3 of what I just mentioned are my favorite movies! They aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I was drinking up that movie! So hilarious!
I’m so happy this semester is almost over and I can truly dive into my book collection! I was reading a little last night and this was patient Chase- hahaha. 
It lasted three minutes before he forced me to turn the lights off. 
The end is in sight of this "summer semester" aka it's not really feeling like summer :) oh the end!! and then I have two week of summer again!

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Lindy said...

Hey Gorgeous! How are you? So this blog caught my attention because... you were a french investigator yesterday!? How did I not see you? I'm an MTC teacher right now (and lovin it) so next Thursday when you're there you need to hunt me down. Compris? :) Can't wait to see you!