Monday, July 9, 2012

hurting on the outside

yes that's right. 5th time. hiking mountain timpinogas!!! it was amazing. going up was actually quite enjoyable! loved sharing it with chase!!! mountains are where holy men would go to talk with god in the olden times and i felt that! so much love and beauty from Heavenly Father! also, i especially felt so much divine love for chase! it was empowering!! hiking with chase and grant, dad, and tar! it was great! excited for tay to come next year, too! i can't think about next year yet cuz i'm still burning in all joints, muscles, and nerves! i got up the mountain in 6 hours. fastest time yet!! impressive considering i feel most outta shape this year!
however, coming down...... not so grand. let's just give you a snap shot: raining aka mudslide going straight off cliffs, dad's knee going out, 40 lbs backpack, more than 5.5 hours, and the boys went on ahead to get chase to work on time and got down in 2.5 hours.
but we bonded!! it was super amazing! and a quick BIG dinner at chuck.a.rama afterwards was delicious and we all looked as if we were 80 year old invalids struggling around getting all our food.... (except chase had to work that shift- hiking all day then standing for a 7 hour shift. poor guy! so hardworking) 
anyways. i seriously don't feel like bloggin! i'm makin' dinner and about to clean the house! then study for midterms. gotta catchya later!!! xoxox gossip girl!

tribute to taylor! see ya up there next year bud! he waves everywhere. or planks! unique mish pics!

chase wrote and took this! artsy cutie!

my kissin' love!

love that these two are besties

and i just like this pic of me and mills. look at her smile!! hahahahaha. she loves running to me these days! and givin' kisses! and being in this tree in my front yard!

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