Tuesday, July 24, 2012

not as tired as a pioneer

i am not as tired as a pioneer but i am pretty dang tired! today is pioneer day- aka a public holiday in good ole utah! it is July 24. and in the year 1847 it is the day that they came down into the Salt Lake Valley and white folk settled utah- well the indians were here but you know how history is told.  i love the pioneers. i love their strength and dedication to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and their faith in Jesus Christ! they had guts! they had strength! they had courage! they had muscles!
oh pioneer day!
so last night Chase and I took it upon ourselves to sleep on the streets (aka 900 s) of salt lake city. we didn't even get to see the parade in the morning (because chase had to work) so we basically just did it to chaperone ciara and bryton and their friends camping out! luckily, it didn't rain- which thank goodness because tents weren't allowed. but yet we still couldn't get any sleep. why? because there were these drunk, profane imbeciles next to us YELLING. now i realize when you sleep on the street you aren't going to get much sleep. and you don't even have to be quiet. but do you have to be YELLING down the block at each other. cussing up a storm when there are little children all around! and sharing your  intimate stories a little TOO loudly! mother of pearl! if i thought i coulda taken 'em- i woulda said something. if i thought chase coulda taken em- i woulda let him say something. but there were about 15 of them- huge college students and just one of chase, one of me, and a bunch of high school kids (grant it they're all bigger than me but still- they don't have the fighting experience i do. hahahah.) so we had to just lay there- putting curses on them in our minds. we opted for no sleep and it was a blast! not. i just wanted ONE hour of uninterrupted sleep. ONE HOUR!! i got the most sleep outta everyone because i'm a DEEP-hardcore-KNOCK OUT kinda sleeper and we brought our air mattress, but it still wasn't a night of sleeping on clouds.
we still had some fun though- dominoes pizza, the dice/skittle game, talking and laughing, etc!!!
when we got home this morning- chase took a quick nap and i knocked out for 3 hours. i coulda kept sleeping but i wanna sleep tonight.
let's see what are some other events of the night? oh yes right in the middle of the street (not more than 10 yard away) at around 3 AM a man got pulled over, removed from his car, handcuffed, pics taken of his tattoos, and declared that he had stolen the car and had drugs with him. then was put in a cop car, then another lady came a little later and removed the car. that was exciting! the pioneers woulda been proud of our night. aka no.
well i'm exhausted (poor chase is at work), and i'm cooking, doing laundry, done with the hw, and waiting for chase- it's a good time to read and then watch footloose (the new one!) again! here are some pictures! enjoy!
 chase and i got to kina's mom's property first and so we staked out the place and guarded our good parade street spot! it took everyone forever to meet us- like 3 hours. but we just enjoyed looking at the sky, talking, playing the song pop app, making a blue lemon run (mmmmm their sweet potato fries are to steal for!),  and most of all- enjoying each other's company and just being in love with each other. hahahah. i'm serious though! it was so relaxing. the weather was perfect. just got done raining so it was cooled down and about 70 degrees. 

a little view from our air mattress! 

it was all quite wonderful- oh except when i did destroy an ant hill and they ferociously attacked our belongings but that'll teach me to break and enter into an ant's place!
some of our prime camping spots! 

so i think i tried to sleep at around 1 am. prolly got 2 hours total throughout the night. then by 5 everyone had quieted down, but that's when chad showed up because he had just dropped kina off at her half-marathon!!! 
well, actually what chad did was drop charlotte on me as i was knocked out- that was nice. i think i shocked little Char when i was a little rough and tossed her off me. i can't be held responsible for what i do in REM sleep. hahahaha but none of it was as funny as when chase and chad woke up ciara: chad took ciara's hands and chase took ciara's feet and they picked her up, swung her back and forth, and her face was one of pure terror and confusion! that's a terrifying way to be awoken!

then sydney and ciara are putting on make-up at 6:00 am before the boys wake up. of course. 

then chad pulled a cop over to ask him where the half-marathoners would be finishing. 
and we didn't even have to move! here kina comes at 7:06 AM!!!!!! She had to wait 12 extra minutes to get her starting place but she finished so strong and with an amazing time! She has had the most amazing year! and she inspires me- yet i'm sitting here with 5 krispee kreme donuts in my belly from this morning and absolutely exhausted and not wanting to get up! SO PROUD OF YOU KINA! you rock! 
we had a little discussion about how i heard that marathons take years off of the runners' life and the funny thing is the fact that we were sitting there on our butts eating and chad drinking an energy drink. yeah i think i know who was taking more years off their lives :) i need to get it together!
some more runners! there were 10,000 of 'em
p.s. we wanna start running marathons. $80 per person and you just give $1500 to the first place winner. and a few snack and drinks along the way! you make bank! new business plan!

well that's all folks!  

oh psych hold up- p.s. on sunday we got called up by a random cute couple in the ward to play games- well of course we were engrossed in the bachelorette finale and could not accept their invitation but it was a great little answer to prayers because i've been wanting to make more friends in this neck of the woods and in our ward! they just saw us in primary (because they were pioneer guest speakers) and thought we looked fun. and the husband said "my wife is obsessed with games!" okay match made in friendship heaven!! so we rescheduled and are meeting up with them tonight!
this week is a busy little week! 
tomorrow is becca's baby shower. 
thursday is ashley's reception and my mtc appointment with french-bound missionaries. 
friday is analane's reception. 
saturday we have anderson family pictures and a temple square massive reunion! 
oh the joys of life! and the semester is ALMOST over!!!! i have officially gotten ahead and done all the hw for the semester! and my projects done! i do have to embrace the finals but besides that- i'm home free! and then it's a week of work and relaxing. and then off to washington d.c. for the first time- bucket list check! stoked! so stoked!

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