Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pinterest at work

i did succumb to pinterest. but i wanna do it FOR REAL! so i decided 99% of everything i pin- i will do! so today was one of those attack pinterest days and it smells delicious in here and kinda hot since the oven has been in full use and my air has been chugging along trying to keep up!
sidenote.... boy oh boy, we have some smart entrepreuners in our society. facebook. pinterest. redbox. drive-thrus. ipads. aircon. windshield wiper fluid contraption - these are just a few of the inventions in this world that impress me! ok back to my pinterest :)
this is the pinterest pic (up above!) doesn't that look simple (which is good for digestive systems) and colorful/healthy-ish and delicious! mmmmmm it was! my picy pics below! i used natural green beans but canned beans work, too!
before! all salted, peppered, buttered and ready to be tinfoiled and to bask in the oven!
ah yes! it's finished!!! complete with rhodes rolls! and i also have some leftovers in a tupperware for lunch tomorrow!!! oh what a blessing! since chase ate @ good ole chuck!!! more for me :) he had some bites and approves though! 
new family meal :) schroedter tradition i brought into my anderson fam avec chase!!! we like to repeat and stick to what we know for the most part for our dinner meals! we have weekly meals and daily expectations!!! yes it's new and now made it onto our list! delicious!
 then a couple hours later i attempted this pinterest pic (below)
this one didn't turn out so pretty- appearance wise- but it was still delicious and a nice little snack! pie crust and hershey kisses :) sprinkled with egg white and sugar! my skill sbelow!

ah yes! two are in my tummy right now! yummmmaaarrrrooooo!! thanks pinterest :)

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