Wednesday, July 4, 2012

rodeo muddin'

happy fourth of july. i'm sitting here- unwinding from a long afternoon of homework. that's exciting! i'm trying to get the strength to clean the whole house and be ready for chase to come home from work but i'm feeling beat up!
why? because i voluntarily hopped on a leather hide behind a fourwheeler twice today and got drug around. rocks and mud flying in my face! busting up my knee and tweaking my ankle. joyful! hahaha. scratched, scraped, bruised, and sore! what a good feeling. no but really it was freakin' awesome!
we went to chase's parents for breakfast and then over to the riverton fair and then visited grandma hanks (with less toes).
at the fair, we watched chad participate in a bunch of atv/fourwheeling races and then me and chase entered the pull hide one! bryton and chad beat us but it was still a blast!
trading the helmet after my run so bryton could get mudded up!

get crazy! classic!


Sloane Phillips said...

Looks like you had a great Fourth! Love ya! :)

Kelly said...

less toes?