Thursday, July 26, 2012

sucker punched

i have been having the worst headaches lately. i'm guessing it is because of some of my health problems and pulling that all-nighter on the salt lake streets. 
but recently i have a new theory. 
you see, my husband has been punching me in the face in the dead of night the past couple nights. 
the first time it happened i woke up with a jolt! he had rolled over and elbowed me right in the snoz! 
he has the weight and mass and density and volume and height advantage and i was just completely taken aback in my deep sleep. i woke up spinning, grabbed my nose, and started crying. idk why i started crying- the pain was intense but not THAT intense. i was prolly just confused from being woken up and scared! 
did chase even wake up? or remember it the next morning? no. well it happened again last night! i'm just in a deep sleep (deeper than normal because i bought these new curtains at bed, bath, and beyond- so now our room is extra dark!) 
and lo and behold- BOOM- another fierce elbow to the face! 
so what did i do? i cocked my arm back and punched chase in the arm as hard as i could! maybe that wasn't the most loving thing to do but he had to know he was beating up his wife! so he woke up and said- "i just gotchya in the nose again didn't i?!" yes he did!!! 
and then this morning, he was all dazed and sleepy and he mutters "did i hit you in the face again last night?" at least he remembered this time! i don't know what i'm going to do! 
this has never happened before (normally, once we're asleep we have minimal cuddling and stay on our sides of the bed and sleep through the whole night!) but now it's happening consecutively. 
we may have to be an "i love lucy" couple who sleeps in different beds. sad. 
but then again maybe not- he remembered this morning so that's a good step- recognition. and maybe if i keep punching him in the arm- then like pavlov's dog- he will be trained to not roll over to my side with his elbow flying! i'll keep you posted :) oh i just love this husband of mine! if the worse abuse i get is subconscious sleeping attacks- i'll take it!i really do have so much love for him- right now he's running to my old landlords house to drop off my old key. what a sweetie who does errands and shows his wifey a lot of love! i am blessed (with a hurt face and nose) pls don't make the "does your face hurt? cuz it's killing me" joke. it really does hurt! bruised to the bone!!

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