Thursday, July 12, 2012


you see my mother hates the word tinkle. why? it's just a weird peeve of her. but we make it worse! because we overuse it in our family to bug her. we say
"mom/michele, i need to tinkle!" or
"i'm off to the bathroom to tinkle" or
"i drank a lot of water and i need to tinkle."
even though the word tinkle is in the scriptures "the tinkling of feet" (you know from bangles or jewelry. anyways.) she still despises it. remember that next time you need to tell her you have to use the loo. anyways!!! what does this have to do with today? let me tell you- it is quite simple!
today has been a full day. full day of laughs and fun!
work, midterm, trafalga, indian palace restaurant, shopping, etc!
so by now we're home and just met with the primary president (ps we got our calling- joint teachers for CTR 5!!! we are so excited! start this sunday! we'll have treats, chaos, and let them know God loves them!! and it's gonna be an adventure!) anyways. so the primary president left and we continued to play jenga.
we= taryn, chase, and i.
so we've played about 6 times. then chase suggests we make it into a dare for whoever loses this round. well the terms were that whoever loses has to pee in the backyard. yeah that's barbaric and judge us later but thankfully chase lost!! so it's nbd. well for some reason all day we've all been bustin' up laughing over and over and louder and louder! so...... taryn and i are laughing are heads off taking this pic of chase......
we thought it was sooooo hilarious!!! we were laughing
then- this happens.

YES THAT'S RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! TARYN PEED HER PANTS! hahahahahahahahahaha. from laughter! she runs out the back door and is standing all criss-crossed. once i stop watching chase and look over at taryn- i lose it to! well not pee my pants, too, but just cannot breathe from laughter! can you believe it!!!!? don't worry the laundry is going as i'm typing!!
oh man we have good times over in our neck of the woods. it's an acquired taste these "good times"!
actually, we were just talking during an earlier session of jenga how people would find us so strange. well i'd say so!

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taryn said...

i'm not ashamed. this was the most hilarious day. so delirious! i should be ticked at you for posting this but xoxoxo