Saturday, July 14, 2012

tour the maison!

 Let's take a tour! No i'm not back on Temple Square but I am at my beautiful maison!! I think it's finally all settled in. My family left this morning for the long drive back to Texas and so I've cleaned, decluttered, and am ready to take pics. I'm missing my fam- it's a weird sadness but I got a promising yes from the mother and father for Oct 22 :) why? Oct 23 is the day my favorite missionary returns with honor from Romania!!! Anyways- this morning, i also got through the melancholy mood by  cleaning the whole house and seeing Brave with Chase. Now Chase is napping- so it's my chance to blog!! Ok ready go! Get ready for the pics to show you around! A lot of pictures!
so you pull up to our house and most likely Chase and I will be waiting on the steps or in the tree or cartwheeling on the driveway to welcome you! I love our long driveway- you can fit three cars and we have space on the street in front of us, too! So we need to throw a party- eh sometime. anyways. let's go inside! 
you walk into the front door and you'll see something like this! What a beautiful living room!
another angle!
and another!
my wonderful mother made this for me and chase (per my request!) 
my mom is a great cross-stitcher and i like having things from her in my new abode!! it feels like home! oh and you can see our mayan mask we bought on our honeymoon! we have a strong theme at our house- aka anything goes!

so when you are in the living room, the kitchen is on the right and the mini-hallway/rest-of-the-rooms are on the left. 
let's go to the kitchen first!
well, hello!!! i'm about to start baking cookies for our ctr 5 class tomorrow!! but bloggin' takes priority of course!!!
another lovely angle of my clean delicious kitchen. oh i mean our kitchen- even though chase doesn't do much work in here- he reminds me that it's where i belong. hahaha. he'll get a kick outta that one!
oh and here's a lovely pantry! 
 and outside the window above the kitchen sink- you can see our backyard. ps i tried to plant a garden in that dirt- ummmmmm maybe next year..... and you see that modern storage unit to the left- that's where we keep our most valuable treasures- psych! but honestly- we do keep some stuff in there and i fear they will be pilfered any and every day! it's been safe so far! cross your fingers!
alright so if you exit the kitchen- you will see this mini-hallway! two doors on the right. one door on the left. another couple of cupboards on the left and the great closet straight ahead!
ah yes! the game closet + iron + my shoe closet!!! this is a special place!! when i have that party i was talking about who-knows-when, we can play games! and lots of 'em!
so that first door on the right: welcome to the bathroom! and the washer and dryer- our most expensive possessions! minus the car- which isn't even really in my name. so yeah the washer and dryer take the cake!
the second door on the right! the bedroom. oh and don't mind chase trying to sleep!
maybe, i did kick him out so i could get a good pic. ps all the furniture in our bedroom (besides the box spring and mattress) got on ksl for $150! steal!! oh and in the right bottom corner you can see my primary bag! you can see i'm excited about teaching primary tomorrow!!!!!!
another angle of the room! i had my handyman aka chase take the squeaky doors of the closet cuz they were bugging me and i couldn't enjoy my clothes the way i like! 
disclaimer: i take up 98% of that closet- chase doesn't whine though!

and across the hall aka the door on the left- is the spare bedroom. aka future baby room- far future. but for now it's a desk/extra wedding re-gift present corner/hamper/vacuum/coat closet room!!! 

well!!! thank you for coming! come again- next time get a tour in person! but for now i must wake chase up and pester him to help me bake the cookies for the kiddos! 
chase has a date tonight with work and i have a date tonight with a pile of homework! we are living it up here in ptown!
ahhhhhh (the comfortable exhale onomatopoeia, not the i'm scared ahhhh kind of ahhhhhh)!!!!!! now i'm just gazin out my window and watching people come and go to the mailbox!! creeper status medium!

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