Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to school

back to school. back to school. to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool! I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope i don't get in a fight. ohhhh back to school.

so yesterday i walked into one of my superior's office at work and he was watching this clip on youtube- hilarious. he said "i  need to memorize this song." who knows why? but the sad thing was- that i did have that song memorized already. oh billy madison.
but this song applies directly to how i'm feeling this week. my Dad plays a HUGE role in my school. not only supporting me mentally and financially- but he (and my mom) has instilled in me that a woman in our society must get an education. we must have that to fall back on even if we want to be a "stay-at-home-mom." we cannot depend on a man to be there for every circumstance God might have in store. my dad has many sisters. he has seen how important it is now for his daughters to have education. some pressure comes from him but i put most of the pressure on myself (because i know what i want and i know what others want from me.) but to be honest- at this point...... i am soooooooo frustrated with school. people (aka faculty) keep telling me i should do this and this and it puts off graduation for another semester. then another semester.
i can admit that i used to be fired up and stoked to be a high school teacher for five years at least when i graduated. but at this point. i just want my diploma so i can move on from byu, have this degree in my pocket as a backup plan, and start a family. i am excited to have children! but i'm trying to fulfill some of my plan, too. why do my plans never work! classic. i've been in school since June 2007! yes i took a year break in 2009 (study abroad doesn't help you get towards graduation p.s...... but it was totally worth it!) and a year break the next fall 2010- winter 2011 for the mission. but regardless- i feel i should be out of school already and last night i was a wreck. poor chase- he has the flu and his silly wife was balling and spiraling out of control. so he was the one comforting me. i'm tired of not being up to par in my french. i work hard, i get tutors, i listen to the french radio, i volunteer at the mtc for french, i buy tons of french movies, i study like crazy, etc. etc. but i never seem to succeed the way i wish. i had a baby breakthrough yesterday with my way of thinking. i was in the jkb bathroom and praying/crying. i finally realized that my whole life i've been the best at most things. a lot comes from watching my siblings be amazing and just knowing that was the standard (caleb is a hiccup- hahaha jk i love that kid. but he is unique :) aren't we all though!) always thinking you are the best and should be the best..... that is a form of pride. but more than that- i have let my self esteem be reflected on being the smartest, the fastest at soccer, having more experience, having the best grades, being the most cultured, having this and that. and so- this french struggle has rocked my world. yes it's important to get A+'s but it doesn't define me- i just am going to need to work even harder, know i did MY best, and have more faith in God. He's fluent in French, you know. Amen.
anyways. there's my little rant. and that is LITTLE compared to the earful chase got yesterday. he is such a good husband and has the patience of (whatever animal/example has the most patience......) a POW. that's a good one! anyways. let's lighten this post up.
p.s. it's only day 3. i normally do feel overwhelmed the first week of classes- but i'll get back to you in a couple weeks and i'm sure i'll feel right at home. i guess talking to madame thompson can always be intimidating and shake a person up.i have a meeting with the director of french teaching so hopefully that gives me some more answers and solid plans.

so this week has been so crazy that i haven't even blogged about sunday night! which was amazing!
I went to church by my lonesome cuz poor chase was sick. That was interesting to sit alone in sacramanet! my CTR 5 class was adorable! Just two girls came and they were all over me and cuddling during sharing time. I was trying to get them to be reverent in their own chairs but i was a magnet. then that brought some sunbeams over to wanna sit on my lap. but it wasn't too disruptive. i finally bribed them with the CTR rings i brought for them - so they would sing during singing time and get ready for our primary program next month!
our lesson was on love one another. so we wrote cards to those we love.
really cute in opening program. i told them Brother Anderson couldn't come today because he was very sick. and  in the prayer someone blessed the sick and they gasped and opened their eyes to stare at me. then in class they said "i know Brother Anderson will get better because Dustin prayed to God he would." simple faith. amazing.
anyways. so i came home sunday. chase was on his death bed.... yet i still had planned for kelly, annie, becca, and their husbands to come over. so i told him he could stay in the room but the party must go on. he ended up popping his head out for a little bit (he couldn't resist taboo, zero, and the game of things) hahaha. but yeah. it was a blast. i loved the laughs, games, and friendship! and our husbands were all enjoying themselves, too. it was my first time seeing annie since the wedding! wow time flies! and then us girls took a long walk (prolly about an hour) and had some girl talk! so great! reagan missed her mom and needed to get home to sleep so we eventually had to come back and the party dispersed! i am so grateful for these girls and all the growth, progress, and strength we have had over the years! they really do make my byu experience what it is!
 i will end with this note. yes my nails look like this now! chase woke up this morning (from his nyquil trance) and drooled over them he thought they were so cute. hahaha that shocked me. p.s. we've been going to bed anywhere from 9-930 this week (cuz chase is sick and takes nyquil) and i've quite enjoyed it! i feel so refreshed by 6-630 that i wake up and don't have to be too rushed to get to work on time :)!! hopefully this habit continues even once chase recovers)
after all the gratitude, insecurities, and struggles in this post- these nails cheer me up!
i do know who i am. and need never to forget who that really is! that comes from a spiritual foundation.
and there are some things that are just "so marissa" aka wild colors and fearless weirdness in style!
but my standing with God and my husband and family- those come first! school is important, too. i'll figure this out. so until next time! adieu.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Washington D.C.
District of Columbia
The Capital!

This trip was one of the best vacations! It actually reminded me a lot of Paris. So many beautiful buildings, museums, and history. I've read so much about this place and now got to experience it! Walking the streets and making these memories were fantastic. I loved how the historical city was in walking distance! We had the most perfect weather. The summer in D.C. has been one of the worst but when we were there it was overcast and 80 degrees and just perfection!
I am exhausted from our 13 hour day of travelling yesterday so let's just go day-by-day and post pictures!

We left August 17, Friday at 4:30 am for Atlanta and then to Newsport News!
We got to our timeshare condominium. It's awesome! It has a gym, indoor and outdoor pool, lakes, haunted manor, and other things. Also, we had a hot tub in our condo. So we just settled in, ate dinner, got in the hot tub, and passed out!

The next day, we went to Jamestown on Saturday. That was incredible! Learning about early America, John Smith, England, Pocahontas, Powhatans,  the ships, the trades, the cannons, etc!

then we went to Williamsburg. 
the first college:  College of Williams & Mary.
where the Declaration of Independence was first read.
big part of the Revolutionary War
then on our night walk.... we went down to the lake and to the gazebo. what did we find??? well this- and we caught bugs to throw into its web. we watched it eat. it was quicker than lightning. terrifying. 

we went to our LDS church. then to a Presbyterian church. i think it's good for the soul to experience other religions. I've been to my fair share but some of the Andersons had never been to another faith's worship. So we gave it a go. It was great!! we were the only youth around. Everyone else was on social security but the message was strong, the music was hoppin, and the comparing and contrasting was good for the testimony!
then home for some naps. then checked out the outlets- they had promise but we all were empty handed.
we also ate at this mom and pop chinese place- it was delicious! but it was another reminder that we hardly met any friendly people in virginia and dc. they all seemed like angry south pole elfs. strange! but i kept a persistent bubbly persona to them even when they rebuffed me.  prolly annoyed them more! killing them with kindness :)

this was one of my favorite days! we went to D.C. 
the big cahoona (obv sp ain't right. je sais pas)! 
oh DC!!! the reason for the trip!
we went to the Smithsonian: Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, National History Museum 
the Washington Monument, the WWII memorial, the Vientma War Memorial, and Abraham Lincoln Memorial.
Air and Space Museum
Natural History Museum. this is a legit shark jaw from a couple thousand years ago!! taller than chase! it was crazy!
where the Declaration and Constitution is held
delicious lunch that kept us full for 10 minutes! local hot dog stand!

ope story time. we just finished our hotdogs and are munching on some peanuts that Julie had packed. We are walking towards the next museum. 
There are hundreds of squirrels in DC. They prolly know they won't be hunted so they just roam free. Well Bryton and Chase start throwing peanuts at this one monster squirrel. We get bored so we keep walking on. Except Bryton. He is still messing around. Ciara, Chase, and I turn around and catch the perfect storm.
 Bryton was trying to hand feed the squirrel from HIS BARE HAND. He had about 10 peanuts in his hand. The squirrel inched closer, didn't give a crap about the peanuts, and latched right onto Bryton's finger. Bryton lifts his hand with the squirrel still attached. He's trying to shake it off and we are all about to pee our pants. He screams and finally ditches the squirrel. Julie just squeezes out the blood and calls it good. Good thing he didn't get rabies. 
And then Bryton tried to argue that he never heard that squirrels bite..... and he claims he watches youtube all the time and has NEVER seen a squirrel attack. Psh. freekin' hilarious though! what a nut!!

my fav pic of the trip!
Proud to be Americans. Chase kiss.
at the WWII memorial
"Here we mark the price of freedom"
the whole crew at the Washington Monument.
ps you can see the weather. overcast (so it was cool and good for pics) but never rained!!
with my love. 
these grass champs and fountains remind me of paris. champ du mars and what not!
onward to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.
we saw Segway tours. only $65 for 2 hours. not bad! i wanna do one someday!
bryton, ciara, me, chase 
Four Score and Seven Years Ago......
the view looking out from the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. You can see the Washington Monument and even farther down the Capitol Building. This is the exact spot where Martin Luther King gave his "I Have A Dream" speech! Such history and incredible monumental monuments!
the Vietnam War memorial
"Freedom Is Not Free"
we can kiss with this freedom

p.s. we ate at crackel barrel that night (chase's first time) he's officially converted. i forgot how delicious that place is and homey and fun with their checkers and triangle peg game!

we went to Virginia Beach!! that was epic! we body surfed. i was scared of sharks. 
we bicycled around. went shopping! then we came home. got in the condo pool. 
watched some This Means War. 

oh quick story. I had been chatting about sharks the whole ride to the beach. We had watched specific episodes on Shark Week of attacks at Virginia Beach. Anyways. 
We're all out body surfing and Julie is spectating from the beach. She starts screaming and waving for us to get back to the beach! She says she saw a shark fin. We all looked out and saw it. I almost started hyperventilating. It went right towards these people to the right of us. It popped outta water 3 times. Julie said it was right by our heads when we took in that last wave! I couldn't see it anymore and everyone else encouraged me that the odds of shark attack is slim. Finally I decide to get back in the water. Then in the next hour we saw many fins! We now believe it was a dolphin. We saw over 100 dolphins! No joke! Dolphins are a good sign that no sharks are around! Says mythbusters shark week.
i am just wearing this hoodie cuz i just bought it. virginia beach hoodie with a peace sign. done. the beach was perfect temperature and still got some sun through the over casted clouds!
the pier
bicycling around
found this treasure on our bike ride. King Poseidon! God of the Sea. according to the Greeks- not according to the Mormons. but i still loved this statue. his hand placed on a sea turtle! 
ps my tailbone is still sore from the seats of the bike. 

another DC day. 
toured the Capitol, the National Library, the Holocaust Museum, the Ford Theater, the White House, and ate at the delicious popular restaurant: the Old Ebbitt Grill and the food was divine!
the National Library
the Capitol
the Rotunda in the Capitol. 
George Washington in judgment seat- surrounded by his 13 ladies (aka original states)
the White House

We went to view Yorktown! aka Chesepeak bay- where the Revolutionary was won with the beloved French! 
also- bought boogie boards and went back to Virginia Beach. It was a little overcast and stormy (minus the storm) so the waves were huge and it was amazing! we spent hours in the waves! and i loved reading on the beach! 3 books read this trip! that is the life! 
I didn't take any pictures this day but we've had enough pictures :) 

Then yesterday (Friday) we flew back through Atlanta, Memphis, and to SLC. Yes I was airsick (or with child) the whole time! Man it was grotty. The whole trip was amazing though- being sick during the actual travel is worth it for the trip!!!! The cities, the family time, the growth! Loved it!

Monday, August 13, 2012

random unimportance to anyone but me

in church yesterday, this lady the same age as me (with twin 3-year old daughters- strong woman. worst nightmare. the two daughters part. and the twin part) gave a really great, honest, sincere talk. she was speaking on unity in the family. she gave some good and not-so-good examples in her own family and also shared something REALLY profound that touched me. i wrote it in my scripts (aka scriptures). that means i thought it was extra good!
she said children need to be validated and told that they are loved by their family members- yes yes agreed. she said if this is really true we'd see this in the scriptures. she gave modern scriptures (aka words of the prophets in these days from general conference and what not) and then my eyes were opened to a moment in the scriptures i've heard over and over and taught over and over.
Heavenly Father introduces Jesus Christ a few times in the scriptures. and what does he say? "This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." This is telling His son and His audience that He loves His son (aka beloved) and validating Christ's place in His father's heart (aka in whom i am well pleased.) I thought that was a great example and I loved seeing that sacred moment of introduction in a new way! We are all so lucky to have Heavenly Father as our perfect parent!

Also on a not so spiritual Sunday note- when Chase got home from work last night- we stayed up past midnight watching Jim Gaffigan on netflix. oh man we are loving netflix and can't believe we went without it all summer. i can see this spiraling out of control but luckily fall will be here soon and we won't even have the time. anyways. Jim Gaffigan!!!! i love my abs hurting from so much laughter! that was fantastic. I have never had someone motivate me to want to eat McDonalds. i normally am one of those snobs who doesn't eat mcdonals (except maybe a hashbrown in the early morning) and i pride myself (inappropriate) on being anti-super-size-me. but last night. Jim Gaffigan changed my heart- just for an hour!! hahaha. what a powerful, funny speaker!
It was so great just being with Chase all weekend and staying in Provo and doing our own thing- I needed that time with him! Finally a relaxed, low-key weekend (well as relaxed as watching a toddler can be, too!)

I really am loving our ward. Making some great friends to pop over since we all live on the same block. Having great visiting teachees and a vt companion. Loving our primary class- except we're losing our best 6 yr old boy who really belts his little heart out in singing time. More like shouts than sings. Treyton is the best!!
oh yesterday was great! even this morning being tired- i don't regret it! because I didn't get much sleep last night.... I hurt my upper back. I know it's hard to prove but i SWEAR that every time I get less than my 8-9 hours of sleep, I throw out my neck or upper back. So I did just that  and was hurting this morning. So I put icy-hot on my shoulder blades and heated up the rice bag in the microwave and laid down with it heating up my muscles. It was burning like crazy but i told myself it was good to loosen my muscles this way. Well two hours later, I checked the mirrors at work and VOILA. i have a third degree burn on my upper back (my shirt does not cover it but my hair kinda does) the size of my hand in the shape of Texas. that's nice! but on the upside- my upper back isn't really hurting in the muscle region anymore- just the skin! upgrade!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

ottoman mischief

finally a little breather!! i've been watching the great millie cakes all week and she is finally down for a nap. yes i had to let her cry it out for like 10 minutes (i wonder where the neighbors think i got this screaming baby) but she was tired and needed a nap. necessary.
now i have a couple hours! i've cleaned, done my primary lesson for tomorrow, showered, and now blogging. oh i also called the three ladies i am visiting teaching. this will be my first appointment and meeting with them so i was nervous to call them. but i really need to do better at visiting teaching. the few months before my mission i was in this new ward just for summer semester- i didn't do my visit teaching or get taught the three months i was there and i still feel bad that i didn't serve the women i was assigned to and been there help if they were going through a hard time! so i've repented and forgiven myself but i haven't forgotten what i've learned- visiting teaching is important! be selfless and mourn with those that mourn, share the gospel, and laugh with new friends!
it's unlike me to be nervous to call up the ladies and make the appointments. i think i am/was just intimidated because they are older and have been in the ward for a while and i am a newbie. but the appointments are set, the contacts have been made, there is no turning back! well i guess i could be a no show but i wouldn't do that. i'll bake some treats and go over!
i'm not really nervous about going over- it was the initial phone call that made me nervous.
this week has been nice- getting done with finals on tuesday and just working and babysitting mills since then.
p.s. hilarious reaction to my last blog post. take it easy! hahahaha. freedom of speech though- so i say text, comment, and bring it on!
yesterday we all (chase, garr, mills, and i) went to seven peaks in the evening and it was a blast!! they upgraded those slides that are about 4 stories high and go straight down! added extra siding- i actually do feel more secure! and you can even go on a mat face first  (the tall orange one is my fav- you know!) but i didn't do the mat thing. i just went on my back. i was too chicken to go face-first, straight-down on a mat that made you go even faster! but chase did and he said it was AWESOME and a little  painful on a.... certain area..... but he liked the mat idea!
and today millie and i have been playing, cleaning, and dancing!
she did get in a little bit of trouble when i was fixing her a sandwich and looked over and saw what she was doing! she was filling her whole mouth with milk from her sippy cup and then spitting the milk into the little divets in my ottoman. she had done it to four of the six divots before i stopped her!
at first when i saw her i thought she was just resting her head on the ottoman cuz she was getting tired, so i kept making her the sandwich and cutting up the apple. then she kept moving over and laying her head down. moving over and laying her head down. she looked up at my every once in a while to see if i was noticing her..... she knew what she was doing that little rascal!! hahahaha. anyways. so she had to sit against the wall for 2 minutes while i cleaned it up. she didn't cry. she just sat there looking up at me with her hair covering her face. her chest was moving up and down quickly because she was huffing and puffing. her face was so guilty. it was actually adorable but i kept a stern face and didn't crack a smile. oh toddlers! gosh i love her! after i cleaned the couch, she came up and gave the couch a kiss and a patty-pat-pat. then gave me a kiss and a hug! what a sweet girl.
oh other news on the front- we got netflix ($7/month) yes please. so now i am catching up on season 8 and 9 of one tree hill- i got behind on the mission. priorities! anyways! i am going to scamper off here and see how brooke and julian handle married life!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

a feminine not-so-feminist

                Sometimes, when I get on Chase's case for not opening my car door or bringing home flowers or taking out the garbage like a man should or killing a spider or this or that, he replies, “ you’re the one who wanted feminists’ rights.” Classic. And then I look at him and say, “no I didn’t, don’t, and am not. I’d rather have you treat me like a lady than have my feminist rights.” Hahahahahaha.  Obviously my male-chauvinistic husband should still treat me like a lady even if I was a hardcore feminist. But to me, being a feminist isn’t being very feminine. They should rename it to a masculinist But to each their own
I’m not against other women being feminists, wanting careers, and wanting to make the world equal and fair as they see fit. I, personally, however, am content with getting my degree, being a stay-at-home-mom, and depending on my husband in many ways. 
I personally would be okay with not even voting (I know blasphemy) because Chase and I happen to vote the same so he can vote for the both of us. But as I do have the right to vote, of course I’ll vote and take great advantage of my right to vote. I know every couple isn’t in unison in politics or even want to discuss it or want politics in there relationship, so I see that woman should have suffrage. But I’m just saying it ain’t the end of the world for me not to have those rights (but maybe I just feel that way because I do have those rights and I’ve never known what it’s like to be suppressed and go on in this life without those rights.)
 I support other women wanting to protest, have a voice, and participate in any career they want. I’m just not one of them. I want to be a school teacher if I have to work outside the home (that’s been a woman’s domain for forever anyways so..... I think even back in the 1700’s I coulda been a school teacher) but I look forward to being a full-time home-maker! Anyways. This all has spawned from the wonderful Sloane’s blog and my Marketing class. Marketing is over now (yay!!! finals are over! the semester is complete!) but this summer semester we talked a lot about how women play a role in the work force and what percent they influence in advertising and this and that. We also talked about how women can’t have it all. i repeat. CANNOT have it all. Women are naturally the child-bearers. That means something in the work force and in the home force. You have to take a break (even if it’s just for the delivery)…. Men don’t. anyways. We talked about a lot of different issues and reasons and culture and nature and etc. My teacher gave some powerful examples- of the hardcore feminist who have admitted they can’t have it all and end up leaving their careers (parliament, the senate, CEO, etc) to be at home more. 

also a little doctrine for you:
It is well-nigh impossible to be a full-time homemaker and a full-time employee.
—President Gordon B. Hinckley ( i trust him!)
Anyways, being a feminist is fine, I’m just grateful I have that natural inkling in me to want to be a stay-at-home mom and I revel in nurturing, molding, and raising children. I believe some of this desire is my natural spirit’s way. And I also believe some of this desire is being raised by a strong, super intelligent, productive stay-at-home mom! Having a dad that could provide, help us feel secure, and never belittle my mom's important role! And of course being LDS doesn’t hurt. Anyways- those are my personal views and study of this subject. You’re welcome (copyright “Awkward”)

Monday, August 6, 2012

screams, snakes, and slides!

this past saturday was super fun!!! fun and scary! let's take it back! we went up to alpine/american fork area and tried to find this natural waterslide waterfall i went to three years ago. needless to say- we got lost. a lot. but as you can see above. we finally did get there.
on one of our lost adventures, bryton and i had some scary run-ins! i heard a river down below in the forest. so i decided to climb down to the river. i get scared and yell for bryton to come with me. we get down to the river and are in the serious forest. we are walking up and hoping that as we follow the river up we will find this waterfall. well bryton is leading the way. steps up this hill and ssssssssssssssssss!!! he upsets a snake! a rattle snake. i scream! LOUD! bryton is on one side of the snake and i'm on the other side of the snake. i look up the hill and see chase tumbling down the hill thinkin' i'm dying (what a sweetie. i gave him a heart attack that little love of mine!) i did feel like i was dying- hence the gut-curdling scream!  i couldn't stop shaking. i knew i shouldn't run. (apparently you're not supposed to scream either when you see a rattlesnake!) but i also did know that rattlesnakes traveled in packs so i was scared on all sides of me. i was frozen and close to tears. bryton was calm, collected, and tough. he tells me to walk around the tree slowly and climb up to where he was. chase is standing up on the hill, watching, and chaperoning this horror. i finally reach bryton and bryton ends up carrying me out of the forest. i had flip flops on. he had closed toed shoes. i justified that he needed to carry me. flip flops. smart!
i was still shaking a good five minutes after i was away from the danger. i seriously am not scared of snakes. i've seen many and been fine- but with it hissing and propped up ready to strike- i felt that phobia really hit!!! phobia of dying more than the phobia of a snake! death and snake are synonyms in this situation i suppose! thank you bryton for saving me (he declared how scared he really was after we were far away but was holding himself together for me) and thank you for chase for rushing to my aid!
anyways- afterwards...... we decided to stay on legit paths and 20 minutes later we did find the waterfall :) what adventures!
fun times with nathan, ciara, chase, bryton, and hannah! thanks to hannah for the pics!
this is nathan sporting the ciara face and ciara stance! we aren't sure why she does this. she's serious about it! hahaha we love you, ciara. and love to be like you... in a mocking way :) 
and then of course ciara got hurt. when she came down the slide her last time- she cut her foot and a couple hours later we fond out she actually had a huge rock up her foot, too. thanks nurse corey for fixing her up! and nathan for trying to carry her back the 20 minute hike down. hahah it lasted 1 minute! what a sweet boyfriend! i figured ciara or me (aka the clutz'es of the group) would get hurt! i'm glad it wasn't nathan or hannah- we didn't wanna hear from their parents :) but overall the event was FUN and SAFE and FUN!!! and freezing. oh boy was it freezing!!! we went at 8:30 AM so the sun wasn't really out and we were in the shade!! plus the water was straight from the mountain glaciers!!! still worth it :) we'll make another trip in the afternoon sometime- come if you're wanting a fun time!

boom-ba-boom-da-boom. aka the onomatopoeia of thunder thighs. but i'm okay with that :)

here is a lovely video of chase and i going down in our mini-train. as you can see at the very last second of the clip- i fell over chase's face and on top of me. aka he hurt his back- got some good battle scar scrapes!! nice wifey! and the dramatic screaming is because (1) i need attention (2) i am dramatic (3) the water is unbearably cold.

another video later that day. we love to mess with ciara. chase got me with this video last month and it was terrifying. 
you are concentrating so hard on getting this dot through this maze without touching the sides (like the game operation) so as you're focusing hard on the screen...... hence