Thursday, August 9, 2012

a feminine not-so-feminist

                Sometimes, when I get on Chase's case for not opening my car door or bringing home flowers or taking out the garbage like a man should or killing a spider or this or that, he replies, “ you’re the one who wanted feminists’ rights.” Classic. And then I look at him and say, “no I didn’t, don’t, and am not. I’d rather have you treat me like a lady than have my feminist rights.” Hahahahahaha.  Obviously my male-chauvinistic husband should still treat me like a lady even if I was a hardcore feminist. But to me, being a feminist isn’t being very feminine. They should rename it to a masculinist But to each their own
I’m not against other women being feminists, wanting careers, and wanting to make the world equal and fair as they see fit. I, personally, however, am content with getting my degree, being a stay-at-home-mom, and depending on my husband in many ways. 
I personally would be okay with not even voting (I know blasphemy) because Chase and I happen to vote the same so he can vote for the both of us. But as I do have the right to vote, of course I’ll vote and take great advantage of my right to vote. I know every couple isn’t in unison in politics or even want to discuss it or want politics in there relationship, so I see that woman should have suffrage. But I’m just saying it ain’t the end of the world for me not to have those rights (but maybe I just feel that way because I do have those rights and I’ve never known what it’s like to be suppressed and go on in this life without those rights.)
 I support other women wanting to protest, have a voice, and participate in any career they want. I’m just not one of them. I want to be a school teacher if I have to work outside the home (that’s been a woman’s domain for forever anyways so..... I think even back in the 1700’s I coulda been a school teacher) but I look forward to being a full-time home-maker! Anyways. This all has spawned from the wonderful Sloane’s blog and my Marketing class. Marketing is over now (yay!!! finals are over! the semester is complete!) but this summer semester we talked a lot about how women play a role in the work force and what percent they influence in advertising and this and that. We also talked about how women can’t have it all. i repeat. CANNOT have it all. Women are naturally the child-bearers. That means something in the work force and in the home force. You have to take a break (even if it’s just for the delivery)…. Men don’t. anyways. We talked about a lot of different issues and reasons and culture and nature and etc. My teacher gave some powerful examples- of the hardcore feminist who have admitted they can’t have it all and end up leaving their careers (parliament, the senate, CEO, etc) to be at home more. 

also a little doctrine for you:
It is well-nigh impossible to be a full-time homemaker and a full-time employee.
—President Gordon B. Hinckley ( i trust him!)
Anyways, being a feminist is fine, I’m just grateful I have that natural inkling in me to want to be a stay-at-home mom and I revel in nurturing, molding, and raising children. I believe some of this desire is my natural spirit’s way. And I also believe some of this desire is being raised by a strong, super intelligent, productive stay-at-home mom! Having a dad that could provide, help us feel secure, and never belittle my mom's important role! And of course being LDS doesn’t hurt. Anyways- those are my personal views and study of this subject. You’re welcome (copyright “Awkward”)


Kelly said...

chase does not bring you flowers every day? why are you still married to him?

ok the not voting thing. STOP. chase cannot vote for two people. my blood pressure is rising.

also. i would never be a stay-at-home mom. not nearly rewarding enough. plus, be dependent on lance? no thank you.

taryn said...

this annoyed me.

Claire said...

I have no idea what being a feminist has to do with not being feminine. If you want to look through my wardrobe and see how long I spend on my hair everyday, we could probably agree that I'm not masculine.

AND guess what- you can be a feminist and a stay at home mom. Being a feminist is about wanting every woman to be able to make the choice she wants for herself and her family.

It's not one or the other, no matter what people try and tell you. It's not a choice between bra-burning, man-hating bitchiness or sandwich-making child-bearing servitude. But the fact that so many think it is...that's why we need feminism. Because women should be able to make choices about how they live their lives without society demeaning them.

Lucy Crazy Face said...

Right on.