Saturday, August 25, 2012


Washington D.C.
District of Columbia
The Capital!

This trip was one of the best vacations! It actually reminded me a lot of Paris. So many beautiful buildings, museums, and history. I've read so much about this place and now got to experience it! Walking the streets and making these memories were fantastic. I loved how the historical city was in walking distance! We had the most perfect weather. The summer in D.C. has been one of the worst but when we were there it was overcast and 80 degrees and just perfection!
I am exhausted from our 13 hour day of travelling yesterday so let's just go day-by-day and post pictures!

We left August 17, Friday at 4:30 am for Atlanta and then to Newsport News!
We got to our timeshare condominium. It's awesome! It has a gym, indoor and outdoor pool, lakes, haunted manor, and other things. Also, we had a hot tub in our condo. So we just settled in, ate dinner, got in the hot tub, and passed out!

The next day, we went to Jamestown on Saturday. That was incredible! Learning about early America, John Smith, England, Pocahontas, Powhatans,  the ships, the trades, the cannons, etc!

then we went to Williamsburg. 
the first college:  College of Williams & Mary.
where the Declaration of Independence was first read.
big part of the Revolutionary War
then on our night walk.... we went down to the lake and to the gazebo. what did we find??? well this- and we caught bugs to throw into its web. we watched it eat. it was quicker than lightning. terrifying. 

we went to our LDS church. then to a Presbyterian church. i think it's good for the soul to experience other religions. I've been to my fair share but some of the Andersons had never been to another faith's worship. So we gave it a go. It was great!! we were the only youth around. Everyone else was on social security but the message was strong, the music was hoppin, and the comparing and contrasting was good for the testimony!
then home for some naps. then checked out the outlets- they had promise but we all were empty handed.
we also ate at this mom and pop chinese place- it was delicious! but it was another reminder that we hardly met any friendly people in virginia and dc. they all seemed like angry south pole elfs. strange! but i kept a persistent bubbly persona to them even when they rebuffed me.  prolly annoyed them more! killing them with kindness :)

this was one of my favorite days! we went to D.C. 
the big cahoona (obv sp ain't right. je sais pas)! 
oh DC!!! the reason for the trip!
we went to the Smithsonian: Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, National History Museum 
the Washington Monument, the WWII memorial, the Vientma War Memorial, and Abraham Lincoln Memorial.
Air and Space Museum
Natural History Museum. this is a legit shark jaw from a couple thousand years ago!! taller than chase! it was crazy!
where the Declaration and Constitution is held
delicious lunch that kept us full for 10 minutes! local hot dog stand!

ope story time. we just finished our hotdogs and are munching on some peanuts that Julie had packed. We are walking towards the next museum. 
There are hundreds of squirrels in DC. They prolly know they won't be hunted so they just roam free. Well Bryton and Chase start throwing peanuts at this one monster squirrel. We get bored so we keep walking on. Except Bryton. He is still messing around. Ciara, Chase, and I turn around and catch the perfect storm.
 Bryton was trying to hand feed the squirrel from HIS BARE HAND. He had about 10 peanuts in his hand. The squirrel inched closer, didn't give a crap about the peanuts, and latched right onto Bryton's finger. Bryton lifts his hand with the squirrel still attached. He's trying to shake it off and we are all about to pee our pants. He screams and finally ditches the squirrel. Julie just squeezes out the blood and calls it good. Good thing he didn't get rabies. 
And then Bryton tried to argue that he never heard that squirrels bite..... and he claims he watches youtube all the time and has NEVER seen a squirrel attack. Psh. freekin' hilarious though! what a nut!!

my fav pic of the trip!
Proud to be Americans. Chase kiss.
at the WWII memorial
"Here we mark the price of freedom"
the whole crew at the Washington Monument.
ps you can see the weather. overcast (so it was cool and good for pics) but never rained!!
with my love. 
these grass champs and fountains remind me of paris. champ du mars and what not!
onward to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.
we saw Segway tours. only $65 for 2 hours. not bad! i wanna do one someday!
bryton, ciara, me, chase 
Four Score and Seven Years Ago......
the view looking out from the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. You can see the Washington Monument and even farther down the Capitol Building. This is the exact spot where Martin Luther King gave his "I Have A Dream" speech! Such history and incredible monumental monuments!
the Vietnam War memorial
"Freedom Is Not Free"
we can kiss with this freedom

p.s. we ate at crackel barrel that night (chase's first time) he's officially converted. i forgot how delicious that place is and homey and fun with their checkers and triangle peg game!

we went to Virginia Beach!! that was epic! we body surfed. i was scared of sharks. 
we bicycled around. went shopping! then we came home. got in the condo pool. 
watched some This Means War. 

oh quick story. I had been chatting about sharks the whole ride to the beach. We had watched specific episodes on Shark Week of attacks at Virginia Beach. Anyways. 
We're all out body surfing and Julie is spectating from the beach. She starts screaming and waving for us to get back to the beach! She says she saw a shark fin. We all looked out and saw it. I almost started hyperventilating. It went right towards these people to the right of us. It popped outta water 3 times. Julie said it was right by our heads when we took in that last wave! I couldn't see it anymore and everyone else encouraged me that the odds of shark attack is slim. Finally I decide to get back in the water. Then in the next hour we saw many fins! We now believe it was a dolphin. We saw over 100 dolphins! No joke! Dolphins are a good sign that no sharks are around! Says mythbusters shark week.
i am just wearing this hoodie cuz i just bought it. virginia beach hoodie with a peace sign. done. the beach was perfect temperature and still got some sun through the over casted clouds!
the pier
bicycling around
found this treasure on our bike ride. King Poseidon! God of the Sea. according to the Greeks- not according to the Mormons. but i still loved this statue. his hand placed on a sea turtle! 
ps my tailbone is still sore from the seats of the bike. 

another DC day. 
toured the Capitol, the National Library, the Holocaust Museum, the Ford Theater, the White House, and ate at the delicious popular restaurant: the Old Ebbitt Grill and the food was divine!
the National Library
the Capitol
the Rotunda in the Capitol. 
George Washington in judgment seat- surrounded by his 13 ladies (aka original states)
the White House

We went to view Yorktown! aka Chesepeak bay- where the Revolutionary was won with the beloved French! 
also- bought boogie boards and went back to Virginia Beach. It was a little overcast and stormy (minus the storm) so the waves were huge and it was amazing! we spent hours in the waves! and i loved reading on the beach! 3 books read this trip! that is the life! 
I didn't take any pictures this day but we've had enough pictures :) 

Then yesterday (Friday) we flew back through Atlanta, Memphis, and to SLC. Yes I was airsick (or with child) the whole time! Man it was grotty. The whole trip was amazing though- being sick during the actual travel is worth it for the trip!!!! The cities, the family time, the growth! Loved it!

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Yay! I love that I can count on you to give us a vacay update. Looked like it was a blast! Wish we could have been there, but what's this about "being with child"??? :)