Saturday, August 11, 2012

ottoman mischief

finally a little breather!! i've been watching the great millie cakes all week and she is finally down for a nap. yes i had to let her cry it out for like 10 minutes (i wonder where the neighbors think i got this screaming baby) but she was tired and needed a nap. necessary.
now i have a couple hours! i've cleaned, done my primary lesson for tomorrow, showered, and now blogging. oh i also called the three ladies i am visiting teaching. this will be my first appointment and meeting with them so i was nervous to call them. but i really need to do better at visiting teaching. the few months before my mission i was in this new ward just for summer semester- i didn't do my visit teaching or get taught the three months i was there and i still feel bad that i didn't serve the women i was assigned to and been there help if they were going through a hard time! so i've repented and forgiven myself but i haven't forgotten what i've learned- visiting teaching is important! be selfless and mourn with those that mourn, share the gospel, and laugh with new friends!
it's unlike me to be nervous to call up the ladies and make the appointments. i think i am/was just intimidated because they are older and have been in the ward for a while and i am a newbie. but the appointments are set, the contacts have been made, there is no turning back! well i guess i could be a no show but i wouldn't do that. i'll bake some treats and go over!
i'm not really nervous about going over- it was the initial phone call that made me nervous.
this week has been nice- getting done with finals on tuesday and just working and babysitting mills since then.
p.s. hilarious reaction to my last blog post. take it easy! hahahaha. freedom of speech though- so i say text, comment, and bring it on!
yesterday we all (chase, garr, mills, and i) went to seven peaks in the evening and it was a blast!! they upgraded those slides that are about 4 stories high and go straight down! added extra siding- i actually do feel more secure! and you can even go on a mat face first  (the tall orange one is my fav- you know!) but i didn't do the mat thing. i just went on my back. i was too chicken to go face-first, straight-down on a mat that made you go even faster! but chase did and he said it was AWESOME and a little  painful on a.... certain area..... but he liked the mat idea!
and today millie and i have been playing, cleaning, and dancing!
she did get in a little bit of trouble when i was fixing her a sandwich and looked over and saw what she was doing! she was filling her whole mouth with milk from her sippy cup and then spitting the milk into the little divets in my ottoman. she had done it to four of the six divots before i stopped her!
at first when i saw her i thought she was just resting her head on the ottoman cuz she was getting tired, so i kept making her the sandwich and cutting up the apple. then she kept moving over and laying her head down. moving over and laying her head down. she looked up at my every once in a while to see if i was noticing her..... she knew what she was doing that little rascal!! hahahaha. anyways. so she had to sit against the wall for 2 minutes while i cleaned it up. she didn't cry. she just sat there looking up at me with her hair covering her face. her chest was moving up and down quickly because she was huffing and puffing. her face was so guilty. it was actually adorable but i kept a stern face and didn't crack a smile. oh toddlers! gosh i love her! after i cleaned the couch, she came up and gave the couch a kiss and a patty-pat-pat. then gave me a kiss and a hug! what a sweet girl.
oh other news on the front- we got netflix ($7/month) yes please. so now i am catching up on season 8 and 9 of one tree hill- i got behind on the mission. priorities! anyways! i am going to scamper off here and see how brooke and julian handle married life!

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