Monday, August 13, 2012

random unimportance to anyone but me

in church yesterday, this lady the same age as me (with twin 3-year old daughters- strong woman. worst nightmare. the two daughters part. and the twin part) gave a really great, honest, sincere talk. she was speaking on unity in the family. she gave some good and not-so-good examples in her own family and also shared something REALLY profound that touched me. i wrote it in my scripts (aka scriptures). that means i thought it was extra good!
she said children need to be validated and told that they are loved by their family members- yes yes agreed. she said if this is really true we'd see this in the scriptures. she gave modern scriptures (aka words of the prophets in these days from general conference and what not) and then my eyes were opened to a moment in the scriptures i've heard over and over and taught over and over.
Heavenly Father introduces Jesus Christ a few times in the scriptures. and what does he say? "This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." This is telling His son and His audience that He loves His son (aka beloved) and validating Christ's place in His father's heart (aka in whom i am well pleased.) I thought that was a great example and I loved seeing that sacred moment of introduction in a new way! We are all so lucky to have Heavenly Father as our perfect parent!

Also on a not so spiritual Sunday note- when Chase got home from work last night- we stayed up past midnight watching Jim Gaffigan on netflix. oh man we are loving netflix and can't believe we went without it all summer. i can see this spiraling out of control but luckily fall will be here soon and we won't even have the time. anyways. Jim Gaffigan!!!! i love my abs hurting from so much laughter! that was fantastic. I have never had someone motivate me to want to eat McDonalds. i normally am one of those snobs who doesn't eat mcdonals (except maybe a hashbrown in the early morning) and i pride myself (inappropriate) on being anti-super-size-me. but last night. Jim Gaffigan changed my heart- just for an hour!! hahaha. what a powerful, funny speaker!
It was so great just being with Chase all weekend and staying in Provo and doing our own thing- I needed that time with him! Finally a relaxed, low-key weekend (well as relaxed as watching a toddler can be, too!)

I really am loving our ward. Making some great friends to pop over since we all live on the same block. Having great visiting teachees and a vt companion. Loving our primary class- except we're losing our best 6 yr old boy who really belts his little heart out in singing time. More like shouts than sings. Treyton is the best!!
oh yesterday was great! even this morning being tired- i don't regret it! because I didn't get much sleep last night.... I hurt my upper back. I know it's hard to prove but i SWEAR that every time I get less than my 8-9 hours of sleep, I throw out my neck or upper back. So I did just that  and was hurting this morning. So I put icy-hot on my shoulder blades and heated up the rice bag in the microwave and laid down with it heating up my muscles. It was burning like crazy but i told myself it was good to loosen my muscles this way. Well two hours later, I checked the mirrors at work and VOILA. i have a third degree burn on my upper back (my shirt does not cover it but my hair kinda does) the size of my hand in the shape of Texas. that's nice! but on the upside- my upper back isn't really hurting in the muscle region anymore- just the skin! upgrade!


Kelly said...

having two daughters is your worst nightmare? i want twins so bad...

3rd degree burn???? your skin was charred off and bone was showing? that is bad! i cant believe you went to work!

Katie Johnson said...

MARISSA! So I just noticed... I'm on the side of your blog! That makes me happy :) I was going to write on your wall but it appears you don't have a facebook currently... hahaha anyway you're the best and I aspire to have a blog as awesome as yours!