Monday, August 6, 2012

screams, snakes, and slides!

this past saturday was super fun!!! fun and scary! let's take it back! we went up to alpine/american fork area and tried to find this natural waterslide waterfall i went to three years ago. needless to say- we got lost. a lot. but as you can see above. we finally did get there.
on one of our lost adventures, bryton and i had some scary run-ins! i heard a river down below in the forest. so i decided to climb down to the river. i get scared and yell for bryton to come with me. we get down to the river and are in the serious forest. we are walking up and hoping that as we follow the river up we will find this waterfall. well bryton is leading the way. steps up this hill and ssssssssssssssssss!!! he upsets a snake! a rattle snake. i scream! LOUD! bryton is on one side of the snake and i'm on the other side of the snake. i look up the hill and see chase tumbling down the hill thinkin' i'm dying (what a sweetie. i gave him a heart attack that little love of mine!) i did feel like i was dying- hence the gut-curdling scream!  i couldn't stop shaking. i knew i shouldn't run. (apparently you're not supposed to scream either when you see a rattlesnake!) but i also did know that rattlesnakes traveled in packs so i was scared on all sides of me. i was frozen and close to tears. bryton was calm, collected, and tough. he tells me to walk around the tree slowly and climb up to where he was. chase is standing up on the hill, watching, and chaperoning this horror. i finally reach bryton and bryton ends up carrying me out of the forest. i had flip flops on. he had closed toed shoes. i justified that he needed to carry me. flip flops. smart!
i was still shaking a good five minutes after i was away from the danger. i seriously am not scared of snakes. i've seen many and been fine- but with it hissing and propped up ready to strike- i felt that phobia really hit!!! phobia of dying more than the phobia of a snake! death and snake are synonyms in this situation i suppose! thank you bryton for saving me (he declared how scared he really was after we were far away but was holding himself together for me) and thank you for chase for rushing to my aid!
anyways- afterwards...... we decided to stay on legit paths and 20 minutes later we did find the waterfall :) what adventures!
fun times with nathan, ciara, chase, bryton, and hannah! thanks to hannah for the pics!
this is nathan sporting the ciara face and ciara stance! we aren't sure why she does this. she's serious about it! hahaha we love you, ciara. and love to be like you... in a mocking way :) 
and then of course ciara got hurt. when she came down the slide her last time- she cut her foot and a couple hours later we fond out she actually had a huge rock up her foot, too. thanks nurse corey for fixing her up! and nathan for trying to carry her back the 20 minute hike down. hahah it lasted 1 minute! what a sweet boyfriend! i figured ciara or me (aka the clutz'es of the group) would get hurt! i'm glad it wasn't nathan or hannah- we didn't wanna hear from their parents :) but overall the event was FUN and SAFE and FUN!!! and freezing. oh boy was it freezing!!! we went at 8:30 AM so the sun wasn't really out and we were in the shade!! plus the water was straight from the mountain glaciers!!! still worth it :) we'll make another trip in the afternoon sometime- come if you're wanting a fun time!

boom-ba-boom-da-boom. aka the onomatopoeia of thunder thighs. but i'm okay with that :)

here is a lovely video of chase and i going down in our mini-train. as you can see at the very last second of the clip- i fell over chase's face and on top of me. aka he hurt his back- got some good battle scar scrapes!! nice wifey! and the dramatic screaming is because (1) i need attention (2) i am dramatic (3) the water is unbearably cold.

another video later that day. we love to mess with ciara. chase got me with this video last month and it was terrifying. 
you are concentrating so hard on getting this dot through this maze without touching the sides (like the game operation) so as you're focusing hard on the screen...... hence

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