Saturday, September 29, 2012

happier tone

happier tone this time around for the blogpost. my sickness is practically gone and i'm about to hop, skip, jump to the gym- i've missed it all week. i heard "rest" is important when you are trying to fight a cold. psh! anyways! off to the gym i'll go. aka drive this new baby there.

yes we got a new car. new to us! it was a steal, from a reliable source, and just what we were looking for! you see the suzuki is technically my dad's and will be going to taylor the-soon-rm (aka when he gets home from his mission. b/c  it's the "kids at college" car. so we share like good siblings!) 
but also- april brings graduation for me :) and means we'll be getting a newer, better car then. this ford taurus will also get us by and then in april, we'll have two cars that are officially ours. we are such adults- full of responsibility and important belongings! and for now- we have two cars to drive as it gets colder and our schedules get crazier, until tii-man gets home. 

today i'm also in a better mood because it's this little one's birthday. she is two! it was a blast at chuck e. cheese today. 
yes she was opinionated and honory (how do you spell that word- where little kids are frustrated, irritated, and kinda bratty) anyways.....but she was still cute and her opinionated independence made her even more cuter. like a mini teenager. she still grabbed my hand and made me go everywhere with her- but she was the driver and boss! she had an agenda! she wouldn't even open presents b/c she was so intrigued with chuck e's entertainment. 
i showed her the Belle barbie (my fav princess- yes so i got it for her) while she was screaming b/c we made her sit at the table to get open her presents and she grabbed it (box and all) and ran off to play, ditching us all. hahaha. man she is a dollface! she sure is growing up and i'm excited for the terrible twos! honestly! millie time is always a good time!

remember that one time when i was crazy and being a little mean to chase. and i used sickness as a crutch....... well one night we were having those post-honeymoon-stage-is-over little bickerings and i left to go get something from the store and i took a little longer than necessary to get a breather. and when i came home- i saw this when i drove up......
what a sweetie. fav part is the way he spelled "dumb".... on purpose..... of course. 
i seriously have an unconditional loving, too-good-for-me, amazing husband!

football season is in full swing. this was my friday night. chase worked, too, but at chuck. 
i worked. mine was easier. i had to work the cougar club pregame for two hours before the game started. and then got to watch the game on a big screen under the stadium (guarding a room from vandalizers) while doing homework and getting paid the whole time! 
good life. good game, too! shut out against hawaii!

well life is good! i'm off to the gym! which will make it even better! too many exclamations? meh! never!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I've been sicker than a dog, which means I"ve been acting like one of those unpleasant, profane dogs (that woman-and men- can be) I haven't been complaining about being sick, just taking it out on those around me. aka Chase. what a saint!

Along with my coincidental flu- I’ve also had doctor’s appointments for chronic issues and just… how annoying! But at least we do have modern medicine. When upon life’s billows.... you know the rest.

fyi: Definition of BILLOW
: wave; especially : a great wave or surge of water
: a rolling mass (as of flame or smoke) that resembles a high wave


....grateful for doctors. well as much as I trust doctors these days. 

Note to self: no more blogging when i have nothing nice to say. my mamma taught me better.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like halloween

yesterday i had a wonderful time. friday i had done all my homework for all week until NEXT next monday. so that left my saturday open to get together with my girls while chase was at work and get our craft on. halloween is chase's favorite holiday and i finally have a home where i can festivate! 
halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and easter is where it is at. 
this is the first holiday decoration attempt and it was a success! becca, annie, and i had a great time. and later i got to hang out all evening with my lauryn!! 
happy halloween season! haunted houses. scary movies. pumpkin carvings. fall baking. unlimited candy. dress up costumes. parties. etc!
my favorite part is the clothes line bat fiasco! i can change it up for different holidays!

i don't care for the spider webs. i had more in the house and i've already ripped them down because they creep me out. this is the only one that can stay for a while.

for the neighborhood view

little baby painted pumpkins that can hopefully last until thanksgiving :)

the cheesecloth ghosts that turned out quite well but were a disaster to craft.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

dears and deers

  The week is half done and what a week it’s been so far. This weekend Chase and I had the pleasure of relaxing and spending time up at the Ross cabin. I call it Lauryn’s- but it really isn’t hers till she inherits it when her beloved parents kick it- which won’t be for 60+ years since they are excercising machines! Well that’s morbid. But I still can’t help but call it Lauryn’s cabin. All the hard works she put into it building it and climbing scaffolding and nailing and painting and saving her money. You know!
       Anyways. Yes, the game was last weekend. Let's just give it a short amount of attention.... BYU lost the game against the Utes. I admit it. But the last five minutes were so intense that I was just remembering the craziness rather than the heartache. But working for BYU football- I’ve been reminded all week of the major bummer!
        Sunday we went to Myton to see my cousin Spencer give his fairwell talk. He is in the MTC now (today actually!) and ready for South Korea! He gave a great talk and hearing the speakers use analogies of ranches, goats, and farming- it just shows me that people from all walks of life can gain a testimony in this gospel and personalize their Savior Jesus Christ. It was a great day to be with family and support missionary work. I need to get started on my baked deliveries for him and all his district in the mtc these next 10 weeks! anyways. i'm exhausted and need to pick up chase from work and go to sleep.

pics first :)
i take too many pics. everyone knows it. doesn't stop me.

i work out. it doesn't show! and i know it. 
it will! and i have been the same weight 
for prolly 2 years but that's gonna change soon!

this one i did not take- this is a lovely pic i received from t. 
my dad socializing it up in the middle of the street! 
my example in life!

in roosevelt. between spencer's farewell talk and the farewell lunch.

pic with the cousin babe. weird angle for my bod. that's nice. and l's eyes are closed. sexy beasts.

at spencer's farewell lunch. colt was loving on chase like crazy. he didn't like my love as much. but cutest baby nonetheless and cutest future baby daddy!

he sweeps me off my feet.
up at laur's cabin. the pic spot!

fourwheeling with my dear and some deers and two other dears (l&d)
up at the cabin

this was the pic we sent to becca for her happy birthday surprise. lucky girl. 
been spending lots of time with that girlie and i'm lovin' it!

chase broke yet ANOTHER pair of my sunglasses.
broke my fav parisien sunglasses three years ago on one of our first dates.... and some in between.... and now my virginia beach sunglasses! 
well it's a nice excuse to do some shopping! i have the green flag from the money keeper. he gave me more allowance. thanks chase. hahahahaha

Friday, September 14, 2012

family pics

 fun family pictures we took last month. the in-laws :) gonna costco canvas this baby and get a schroedter family picture so it's a set of my family :) love them!

chronic stress

I'm just relaxing on my couch after a crazy week. Mills and Els are here......
Millie doesn't like hanging out with me when she has her fun older sister around but it's cute! They're coloring right now as the Grinch is on- fav Christmas movie! elsie picked it out! we are prematurely excited for Christmas! oh this movie! hilarious! anyways.

today i am inspired to blog about my amazing husband. i think he is really amazing. does he think i'm amazing? sometimes.  
last week he diagnosed me with chronic stress. and then every couple of hours he'd ask me "are you feeling stressed right now?" we are riding in the car, we are laying in bed, i'm making dinner, i'm doing hw, i'm doing whatever, i walk in from the gym....... and he chimes "you're feeling stressed aren't you?" hahahahahah thanks honey. you are too kind. 
i do admit that i'm an overachiever, a crazy prioritizer, very clean, a little controlling, and tightly wound and yes maybe a little stressed. but chronic stress? it's called being productive and succesful. hahaha. sometimes. so i thought after a couple days that was the end of it. well this week he furthers his theory....... so he had three classes of Biology 100 and he thinks he is a doctor. he says- I now know why you are so stressed. 
and he expands "you see. those who have really nurturing mothers have loose, calm dna and are more unstressed individuals. those who have less nurturing mothers have more tightly wound dna and it releases the stress hormone more. therefore, because your mother didn't hug you as much as mine, let you rub her feet, cry with you as much, and what not- you are a more stressed individual." oh that's nice. my mom is flattered. did i tell her my theory? yes. hahaha
hahaha i then replied, "if there is any parent to blame for my stress, it is my dad because i inhereted his overanalzying, overcaring, sympathetic, overbooking personality trait" hahaha but chase can believe what he likes.
we do have opposite mothers. Julie is a tender hearted, emotional, constant attention-giving, very concerned, loving mother! Michele is more independent teaching, tough love, let's not cry, you can do it just fine without me, be strong, loving too mother! I like things about both of them and it'll be interesting to see what kind of mother I'll be :) I am more like my Dad, who is different than either of them, but admire just as much about my mother. Nobody can be a clean-cut stereotype but just saying... our mothers are two opposite extremes! I love the way I was raised and think it's ideal! I love the way Chase was raised and who he has grown up to be! 

Ok moving on.
P.S. update on my cooking life. been doing quite well! improving everyday! i'm a new wife. hence the direction this blog is going! i made pulled pork in the crockpot- delicious! the rest is freezing for a later date! i have all the spices for indian chicken makani and i'm excited to try that. i'm getting adventorous and my kitchen is being put to good use. Today i went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with Becca (alliteration) and I realize I am officially a wife who finds it exciting to shop there and go to a grocery store and do other domestic things. oh boy! hahaha.

What else is on my mind? I've been going to the gym everyday for three weeks (minus Sundays)! constant and hard core! been doing Zumba class, 7 miles on the eliptical, 100 stories on the steps, 3 mile run, weights, ab classes, etc. (variation of those activities. obviously not all every time) for 45 minutes to 1 hour everyday! cardio cardio cardio! and have i lost ANY weight? ONE POUND! and that coulda been because i was bloated when i weighed in the first time. so basically NO i have not lost weight. but has it been w......... [oh crap. elsie was giving millie a piggie back and was bending down and millie flipped over elsie's head and landed on her neck! i almost had a heart attack. i ran over there but made sure millie could get up by herself to see that there was no serious damage! i'm serious. i can't breathe! but now they're snuggling on the love sack and doing good....] ok back to my excercise story. anyways. it's been worth it (even though i've cut out all sweets and chocolates) because i feel so active and good about myself and my pants are looser..... but seriously!!! i just really want more results on the scale!
my birth control has put ulcerative colitis in remission- first time ever- which is nice but it's changed my weight and my hormones and what not. basically i'm a normal 23 year old woman now.... i'm gonna have to remove this implanon if i can't lose weight better! i dont know if it's worth it. hahahahaha. tmi. anyways. just telling you some marissa problems. as you can see my life is pretty good and what i complain about is minor.
i think i'm okay with my weight but before baby time i wanna be my skinniest, most tone, and best!!!

P.p.s. excited to go to the cabin tomorrow!!! and Spencer's fairwell on Sunday! South Korea! He's gonna rock it! and................... THE UTAH VS. BYU GAME ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!! me and chase have 4 million riding on it. you see every time chase and i argue over a fact of life or a truth or doctrine or something.... we bet a million. well i take risks a lot and am 3 million in the hole..... so this game will get me out of the hole and Chase in the hole!!!!!!!!! I am confident. and if the impossible comes true (aka we lose)... i can't promise that i'll talk pleasantly to my ute husband for a quite some time. at least till the sacrament the next day.
last year (let's not remember that game) i said that i def wanted to be married to chase by the game this year just to make sure i don't do something crazy and cut him off!! if we get demolished! hahahaha. well we're sealed now! so the game is important but not critical to what's most important. hahahah!!! OH!!!!! I LOVE BYU!!
i'm breeding a little byu fan as we speak! jammies!!!
 Yes Chase is a Ute. but he goes to BYU- so enough said! I love him so much! He's learning the ropes of a hard university and I'm so proud of him for his hard work, studying, and dedication to our future! Him going to college means so much to me! I love talking and spending time with Chase! We talk about everything, anything, and are a random fun pair! He listens to me and really intakes what I say- he will apply it and try it and give me feedback! Our communication is great (even though communication is overrated- Christlike love is more important! the world thinks communication is most important but we know different!) anyways. good communication. check. and he makes me laugh like NO other!! even though we have been together a while, his humor is always new and refreshing to me! it can be a good and bad thing ( when i'm trying to stay mad- he gets a smile outta me without fail!)
anyways. i've been giving some perspective and advice to my friend Hailey about relationships and it has just inspired me to really share all the greatness of Chase! Since we've been married, I've been obsessed with constant cleanliness and keeping our house a certain way- and Chase is right there cleaning, learning, and taking the initiative! Chase never gives up on me- even with my mood swings and craziness! His unconditional love, romance, and fun is so endearing! He loves the outdoors (not so much the sun) and to camp, fourwheel, and be in the mountains! And yet, he is content snuggling on the couch reading or watching tv or doing nothing on Friday night, too! He leaves me precious notes, buys me flowers, make the bed, fills up my water bottle a hundred times a day, loves Millie oodles, loves Halloween (it's his fav- coincidence that his bday is 3 days earlier? meh not really hahah), wants to travel and move around too, loves our families, jollies over to the temple with me often, and enjoys my cooking! These are some of my favorite things. (yes song quote) He has such a strong testimony, and has no problem sharing it with others and loving others! Our family is starting off so right and I feel so loved, blessed, and happy to be with Chase.

ok well this has gone on long enough :) i must roll around, tickle, and tease these little baby precious girls! until next time! hopefully i have good news about the most important football game that is occuring tomorrow- 8 pm mountain west time! don't miss it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

nightmare interpreter

i had the strangest dream aka NIGHTMARE last night.
in fact the past month- i have had horrible, weird, disturbing, detailed, never ending (hint this is a long dream post), always different ( never repeat the nightmare again) NIGHTMARES.

it starts my morning off even more grumpy (not a morning person) and seriously wigging out.
they are so detailed and emotional that i feel like i'm living multiple lives!
so on the way to work today while i was dropping chase off at school, i shared with him my nightmare from last night. ever since i retold it, i've been analyzing it.
i always do that with my dreams/ nightmares- try to figure out where they stemmed from and how this one dream came from many combinations of my life. they are always a mix of a thousand things made into one story.
so here's a rundown of the dream:
i just married chase and then got called on a mission to Germany.
i'm in Germany, learning the language, doing my best, only understanding like 70% of the German, and missing Chase.
some elders in the mission had an uprising and killed the mission presidency in Germany- then they appointed themselves to be the new mission presidency.
then they made a new rule. every transfer, one of us missionaries would be killed.
i work even harder to learn the language and share the gospel- so there would be no target on my back next transfer.
we all meet for transfer meeting and we are on top of a cliff. on the edge behind the new mission presidency are somebody bags (which contain the old mission presidency) the new elder mission presidency then say they are going to throw off these bodies and the one person they have selected to die this transfer. they say Sister Anderson. luckily there are like 5 Sister Andersons so i hope they mean someone else. but of course they meant Sister Marissa Anderson.
So i step forward like i'm going to comply..... and then just take off running and dive off the cliff into the ocean. i started swimming for the other shoreline like crazy. the second counselor of the presidency (the huge trained guy from district 1 from hunger games) starts shooting me in the water and throwing ninja stars and chucking an axe at me. the axe hits me in the shin and there is a huge gash. but i keep swimming.
but i still make it to austria (apparently there is a body of water between germany and austria now) luckily some people in austria speak german and i am able to get by and survive. i'm wandering around in a jewish ghetto and trying to get a hold of Chase via my iphone. (while still searching for people to share the gospel with)
I finally get a hold of Chase and he keeps saying he's busy and i need to focus on the mission- i'm trying to explain to him that the mission has gone apostate! i'm freaking out and he says the reception is bad and he can't hear me. he hangs up on me. so i call my mom's cell phone and chase answers (apparently he is staying with my parents while i'm gone- ok......) and he won't give the phone to my mom and says the reception is too bad and to call later. i am freaking out and getting so livid with him! the church has gone corrupt and people are trying to kill me!
i finally decide to head back to germany and try to steal a plane ticket from the mission office (ok?!) and just fend for myself since the church is unaware of our problem, none of the other missionaries are freaking out like me, and chase can't hear me via phone. i get to the mission office and i bump into another transfer meeting going on. everyone is eating lunch and socializing. i try to blend in and sneak by. but then, i see the third counselor of the mission president and run up to him (smart!).
 i ask him why they chose me and what i could do to get this target off my back?
this is what he said "does the name shelby ring a bell?" and i'm flabbergasted: "this is about my sister?"
and he says "yes."
and i say "how could she possibly be related to this desire to kill me?"
and he spits back at me "she dated all of our older brothers. she broke their hearts. and the mission president's older brother ended up killing himself because of his heartache over her."
and i start screaming "that's not my fault. and besides, shelby is a different person now. she's not that high school girl. she'd never do that anymore. and i'm sure she'd call all your brothers and apologize if it meant saving my life and healing their hearts."
and then he screams "she stole their virtue"
and i retort "that is a lie because she kept the law of chastity until she got married. she's happily married now and so am i- can we please have some mercy."
and cody brading (hahahah i hope shelby is reading this. what the? from second grade for me and middle school age for her?? ) cody brading, who is the third counselor that i've been talking to this whole time but just now realized it was actually him, says "well i'm glad you two are happy while our brothers are depressed."
and i start crying! i say- "what if i just leave the mission and you never see my face again- won't that be better than killing me? you don't wanna break commandments!"
cody said "you'd leave a mission early just to save your life? how disgraceful to God"
and i say "i'd do it!"
and he leaves me in the room (like from the The First 48 questioning police interrogation room) and says he'll talk to the rest of the presidency and then he will come back and tell me their verdict.
AND THEN I WOKE UP! what happened to me? what was my fate? what was their verdict? i'll never know. because i hardly ever repeat dreams.

let me break some of it down for you.
1. germany: i was struggling with german and that's how i feel with French nowadays
2. i was called to a mission SO close to France but still not French speaking at all. showing my inner desire to go to a french speaking mission! but never obtaining it.
3. I watched monte cristo (chateau d’if)- so that is where the 'throwing bodies off the cliff' scenario came from
4. when we had a bonfire last friday with chad- we were afraid the axe was going to go into his shin as he chopped wood- hence the axe going into my shin
5. the holocaust museum from Washington d.c. brought up the whole jewish ghetto scenario in austria
6. chase always losing his phone and not being available when i need to get a hold of him- my frustrated subconscious shining through
7. chase and me playing reversed roles as I served a mission and he stayed close with my family while I was gone (which is what i did with his family while he was in brazil)
8. the Shelby scenario- I don’t even know. Maybe I need to forgive and forget more of her past and our past? Haha what the heck? But why do I care that she was a dating machine back in the day? So was I in high school. Idk strange. I’m still figuring that one out. that really threw me for a loop in the dream. it came out of left field- which makes it that much more funny!
9. those depressed ex boyfriends? I believe a lot of ppl from small towns  have a hard time of letting go of the past because they don't really move away and it's always in their face- so these ex boyfriends of Shelby still act like she is their whole world 15 years later after the fact and clearly she has moved on. Bahaha.
10. I watch The First 48 too much and am scared of ever being interrogated by the police because they trick you with your words all the time.
11. like every nightmare- like always- hunger games is thrown in there. always.
oh the hunger games. good movie. terrifying nightmares.
12. lastly- the comment of the third counselor saying it is a disgrace leaving a mission early to help your own life (health)- not hard to see where that insecurity stems from.

Those are some of my interpretations. It’s crazy! 
the craziest part is how 12 different aspects of my past, my life, and my thoughts are thrown together in one bizarre dream! hahahaha. now that i've been awake for four hours and it's not so real and fresh in my mind- i can laugh at it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

je blogue

has anyone ever failed those "i wanna make sure you're not a robot so fill in these number and letters  before you can post your comment or do wtv on the internet" tests. i'm serious! the other day i failed putting my comment post like five times because the letters were impossible. just now i tried to comment on the beloved lacey's blog and the code to type out was impossible! good thing i was dedicated. finally after 10 minutes- i answered one correctly.
first copy this impossible text. what? you couldn't do it? you, ROBOT! fail.

now retype what this barcode says in the red box. what's wrong with you?

make sure you type these numbers in the order you see them.

and then copy these letters.
now have a nice day with lower self esteem and a hit to the IQ confidence.

anyways. i got on here to blog about something completely different, but after catching up on lacey's blog and trying to comment. i was inspired. 
what i really wanted to get on here for was to give some updates and share a thought.
this evening, chase is working hard at work, and i was busy watching Elder Holland's CES fireside (they said it was for young married couples, too. justified) and yes i actually was busy. the house was a mess and there was this pile of crumbs in the kitchen (not pointing fingers. but only two people live here and it wasn't me.) and i was cleaning. at one point i eve got out the vacuum to get that pile of crumbs up! what the heck?? is this a joke? no. i was having a martha moment (when i should have been a mary). the vacuum? really? i couldn't even hear the words- let alone sit down and actually soak in the message. i repented and realized- it's good to be clean but let's be prioritizing the mary within us. 
p.s. i just had to google which one was the righteous listener at jesus's feet and which one was rushing around serving (aka i need to read my scriptures more, as well. oh so many kinds of personal revelations today) and i came across this funny link in google. interesting. i'm gonna look into this book a bit more. 

alright so let's just share some pictures and some of my heart. 

been with this little angel baby face millie moo all week! i was really worried how i was gonna handle and work and balance it with my work schedule and school schedule but it turned out great. i'm the kinda girl who does her hw for the whole week on the weekends so during the week i don't have that much hw piling on the table. but anyways. we had a great time! 
park runs. bath time. building blocks. singing songs. learning letters and numbers. trip to gma and gpa anderson (i know they aren't her grandparents but meh) but they have dogs, horses, jazzy chairs, slides (multiple), fire pits, and toys galore! it's way better than my house :) and we watched great gma hanks while dave and julie went out for their anniversary. it was a good time! the whole week was really enjoyable. i care so much for this little neice of mine!
 and i had an interesting discussion with my uncle this week- i really am getting attached to this little girl. it could burn later on but for now- i know i'm doing the right thing for her and me and us (chase and i)- i'm doing all i can to spend time with her and be as much as i can for this little girl of perfection!
i know she is a child of God and He has a plan for her :) hopefully that means i'm in her life forever every day every week but nothing is guaranteed- where will we live, what will happen, i ain't not fortune teller. so i am trusting in Him and loving my time with this niece of mine. she is such a blessing in my life and giving me great experience for when chase and i expand our family even more. she brings me so much joy to our lives! i love her so much!

friday night my bro surprised me and took little mills so it was great being carefree adults. we went to l and d's for a little bit and then annie's reception. congrats!!! didn't even snap a picture. barnacles. maybe annie will get in her dress one more time for me and my photo wishes. what recent bride doesn't love wearing her dress? i wish i could wear mine more. ehhh i guess just in the bathroom every night in front of my full length mirror will suffice for now. anyways. after annie's reception we went up to american fork canyon with chad, kina, and ci. it was hilarious! hot dogs, smores, fire, hysterical conversation THEN there is a RUSTLE IN THE BUSHES. we think nothing of it. then it gets louder and more fierce. we take off running- the men, too, mind you! i hide in the car. 
this pic above is chad (on the right with his handgun with a lazer) and chase on the left. i swear he was going to accidently shoot chase as they roamed around looking for the monster. it was terrifying. let's just say we packed up soon after and left. i stayed in the car the whole time. chad was just telling us of this little boy that got attacked by a bear down the road. so heart wrenching and terrifying. luckily. i'm still here kicking it- bloggin about the tale. nobody but me believes it was a bear but i plan and fear for the worst!  

after i worked the byu vs weber state football game. chase and i realized that he actually worked saturday DAY which gave us another weekend night together :) we went on a hike trail up by squaw peak in the evening! it was so beautiful! the leaves are changing- stewart falls trail will be calling in our name in another week or two :) utah is so beautiful. the mountains (tied with byu) are by far my favorite part of utah! people don't count- they are mobile.
this is chase getting fed up with nature, the sun (he really hates the sun- he says it's from the mish where he was beaten up by the sun everyday every second- i'm the opposite! how can you hate the tanning warming sun?! esp in utah where it's a snowman's land!)  anyways he's ready to go to dinner and get off this mountain. i did secretly video him complaining but i'll save that for my personal stash and not for the blog. hahaha

like i said. ready to go. but i didn't drive all the way up to the top of this mountain with MAJOR car sickness to only stay up top for five minutes :) so he waited patiently with some paparazzi moments while i took it all in and looked out on the valley:)

mmmm....mmm....mmm.... then off to a most delicious fabulous indian (dots not feathers) restaurant. i have such a strong spot for indian food in my hungry obese heart :) i made na'an bread the other day. it turned out great! also, i was looking up how to make chicken makhani and other indian specialties- ummm....... intense foreign spices. i'll see what i can do :) my word i love this place! it's located around 90 w on center st. in provo. hitch a ride over there asap.

then we came home, watched the count of monte cristo, and passed out. 
another treasure rediscovered that night. i forgot how much i love that movie! and also learning more about napoleon bonaparte and the french revolution/monarchy/revolution/monarchy issue back in the day in my french class in depth this past summer- the movie became even better!!!
ok well that's all for now my beloved readers- thank you for listening to this too personal, journal-like, random blog of mine!
jusqu'à ce que la prochaine fois que je blogue! tchao! 
(p.s. apparently there is a french word for blog. i looked it up! hahaha!)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

chit chat

Let's just chit chat.
A funny story Chase witnessed this week...... he was driving home and saw a girl our age running. She was all serious and running like she was training for a marathon. Up ahead there was an old lady with her poodle dog. Chase is there and sees this in slow motion: the runner lost her footing, tripped over nothing, and noooooooooooo she fell. and then the dog pulled loose from the old lady. and attacked the runner! the runner is face first and smashed up on the sidewalk and the dog pounced on her and chomp chomp chomped on her face- for quite some time. the old lady is too crippled to get to her dog and take a hold of the situation. that poor runner but perfect timing for chase to witness it all. hahahahaha.

also- another great experience this week. so i was all over the place and getting crazy and an emotional wreck about graduation and my oral exam for french and this and that. well i had my weekly volunteering with the mtc missionaries. and they reminded me of exactly what God was wanting to keep me in check with-
was christ really happy? with all his sorrow and hardships, was he happy? YES! a sound YES! why? because he was always serving outwardly and never focusing on himself and his personal problems. (then my dad reminded me that didn't mean Christ never reached out for help- he asked his apostles why they couldn't stay awak for an hour for him?) anyways- Christ wanted to help others and that's how he stayed happy with himself. it was simple and sweet that the missionaries shared that with my "inactive self" this message (ps it's hard to be an inactive) but it was just what i needed to hear.
once i got organized, made my decision to graduate in april with my bachelor in french and minor in business, and serve others! serve serve serve serve- everything has been falling into place. now i feel like i can actually live with this life and be happy about it!

also loved canning julie's famous salsa with the fam yesterday! jars and jars and jars!
and lovin' my first tutoring sesh with lindy for french on friday- she's a saint!!! it was a huge step and yet nothing new. i'm gonna need and like this set up!  it's just good for me to feel uncomfortable- maybe i'll finally break through and feel uncomfortable enough to finally speak often in class :) these next two semesters are gonna kick my butt but the light is at the end of the tunnel! a real tunnel! a real light!

ok this blog is random :) let's show some random pics! xoxox gonna go see lauryn's new house tonight! i'm stoked to see those lovebirds and their lovenest!

polygy family car bumper sticker! welcome to utah :) actually in provo- not bluffdale

a typical day 

loved spending the weekend with this bay-bay!!!