Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I've been sicker than a dog, which means I"ve been acting like one of those unpleasant, profane dogs (that woman-and men- can be) I haven't been complaining about being sick, just taking it out on those around me. aka Chase. what a saint!

Along with my coincidental flu- I’ve also had doctor’s appointments for chronic issues and just… how annoying! But at least we do have modern medicine. When upon life’s billows.... you know the rest.

fyi: Definition of BILLOW
: wave; especially : a great wave or surge of water
: a rolling mass (as of flame or smoke) that resembles a high wave


....grateful for doctors. well as much as I trust doctors these days. 

Note to self: no more blogging when i have nothing nice to say. my mamma taught me better.


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