Sunday, September 2, 2012

chit chat

Let's just chit chat.
A funny story Chase witnessed this week...... he was driving home and saw a girl our age running. She was all serious and running like she was training for a marathon. Up ahead there was an old lady with her poodle dog. Chase is there and sees this in slow motion: the runner lost her footing, tripped over nothing, and noooooooooooo she fell. and then the dog pulled loose from the old lady. and attacked the runner! the runner is face first and smashed up on the sidewalk and the dog pounced on her and chomp chomp chomped on her face- for quite some time. the old lady is too crippled to get to her dog and take a hold of the situation. that poor runner but perfect timing for chase to witness it all. hahahahaha.

also- another great experience this week. so i was all over the place and getting crazy and an emotional wreck about graduation and my oral exam for french and this and that. well i had my weekly volunteering with the mtc missionaries. and they reminded me of exactly what God was wanting to keep me in check with-
was christ really happy? with all his sorrow and hardships, was he happy? YES! a sound YES! why? because he was always serving outwardly and never focusing on himself and his personal problems. (then my dad reminded me that didn't mean Christ never reached out for help- he asked his apostles why they couldn't stay awak for an hour for him?) anyways- Christ wanted to help others and that's how he stayed happy with himself. it was simple and sweet that the missionaries shared that with my "inactive self" this message (ps it's hard to be an inactive) but it was just what i needed to hear.
once i got organized, made my decision to graduate in april with my bachelor in french and minor in business, and serve others! serve serve serve serve- everything has been falling into place. now i feel like i can actually live with this life and be happy about it!

also loved canning julie's famous salsa with the fam yesterday! jars and jars and jars!
and lovin' my first tutoring sesh with lindy for french on friday- she's a saint!!! it was a huge step and yet nothing new. i'm gonna need and like this set up!  it's just good for me to feel uncomfortable- maybe i'll finally break through and feel uncomfortable enough to finally speak often in class :) these next two semesters are gonna kick my butt but the light is at the end of the tunnel! a real tunnel! a real light!

ok this blog is random :) let's show some random pics! xoxox gonna go see lauryn's new house tonight! i'm stoked to see those lovebirds and their lovenest!

polygy family car bumper sticker! welcome to utah :) actually in provo- not bluffdale

a typical day 

loved spending the weekend with this bay-bay!!!


Kelly said...

youre not majoring in education anymore?

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Bon chance avec l'examen oral!