Friday, September 14, 2012

chronic stress

I'm just relaxing on my couch after a crazy week. Mills and Els are here......
Millie doesn't like hanging out with me when she has her fun older sister around but it's cute! They're coloring right now as the Grinch is on- fav Christmas movie! elsie picked it out! we are prematurely excited for Christmas! oh this movie! hilarious! anyways.

today i am inspired to blog about my amazing husband. i think he is really amazing. does he think i'm amazing? sometimes.  
last week he diagnosed me with chronic stress. and then every couple of hours he'd ask me "are you feeling stressed right now?" we are riding in the car, we are laying in bed, i'm making dinner, i'm doing hw, i'm doing whatever, i walk in from the gym....... and he chimes "you're feeling stressed aren't you?" hahahahahah thanks honey. you are too kind. 
i do admit that i'm an overachiever, a crazy prioritizer, very clean, a little controlling, and tightly wound and yes maybe a little stressed. but chronic stress? it's called being productive and succesful. hahaha. sometimes. so i thought after a couple days that was the end of it. well this week he furthers his theory....... so he had three classes of Biology 100 and he thinks he is a doctor. he says- I now know why you are so stressed. 
and he expands "you see. those who have really nurturing mothers have loose, calm dna and are more unstressed individuals. those who have less nurturing mothers have more tightly wound dna and it releases the stress hormone more. therefore, because your mother didn't hug you as much as mine, let you rub her feet, cry with you as much, and what not- you are a more stressed individual." oh that's nice. my mom is flattered. did i tell her my theory? yes. hahaha
hahaha i then replied, "if there is any parent to blame for my stress, it is my dad because i inhereted his overanalzying, overcaring, sympathetic, overbooking personality trait" hahaha but chase can believe what he likes.
we do have opposite mothers. Julie is a tender hearted, emotional, constant attention-giving, very concerned, loving mother! Michele is more independent teaching, tough love, let's not cry, you can do it just fine without me, be strong, loving too mother! I like things about both of them and it'll be interesting to see what kind of mother I'll be :) I am more like my Dad, who is different than either of them, but admire just as much about my mother. Nobody can be a clean-cut stereotype but just saying... our mothers are two opposite extremes! I love the way I was raised and think it's ideal! I love the way Chase was raised and who he has grown up to be! 

Ok moving on.
P.S. update on my cooking life. been doing quite well! improving everyday! i'm a new wife. hence the direction this blog is going! i made pulled pork in the crockpot- delicious! the rest is freezing for a later date! i have all the spices for indian chicken makani and i'm excited to try that. i'm getting adventorous and my kitchen is being put to good use. Today i went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with Becca (alliteration) and I realize I am officially a wife who finds it exciting to shop there and go to a grocery store and do other domestic things. oh boy! hahaha.

What else is on my mind? I've been going to the gym everyday for three weeks (minus Sundays)! constant and hard core! been doing Zumba class, 7 miles on the eliptical, 100 stories on the steps, 3 mile run, weights, ab classes, etc. (variation of those activities. obviously not all every time) for 45 minutes to 1 hour everyday! cardio cardio cardio! and have i lost ANY weight? ONE POUND! and that coulda been because i was bloated when i weighed in the first time. so basically NO i have not lost weight. but has it been w......... [oh crap. elsie was giving millie a piggie back and was bending down and millie flipped over elsie's head and landed on her neck! i almost had a heart attack. i ran over there but made sure millie could get up by herself to see that there was no serious damage! i'm serious. i can't breathe! but now they're snuggling on the love sack and doing good....] ok back to my excercise story. anyways. it's been worth it (even though i've cut out all sweets and chocolates) because i feel so active and good about myself and my pants are looser..... but seriously!!! i just really want more results on the scale!
my birth control has put ulcerative colitis in remission- first time ever- which is nice but it's changed my weight and my hormones and what not. basically i'm a normal 23 year old woman now.... i'm gonna have to remove this implanon if i can't lose weight better! i dont know if it's worth it. hahahahaha. tmi. anyways. just telling you some marissa problems. as you can see my life is pretty good and what i complain about is minor.
i think i'm okay with my weight but before baby time i wanna be my skinniest, most tone, and best!!!

P.p.s. excited to go to the cabin tomorrow!!! and Spencer's fairwell on Sunday! South Korea! He's gonna rock it! and................... THE UTAH VS. BYU GAME ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!! me and chase have 4 million riding on it. you see every time chase and i argue over a fact of life or a truth or doctrine or something.... we bet a million. well i take risks a lot and am 3 million in the hole..... so this game will get me out of the hole and Chase in the hole!!!!!!!!! I am confident. and if the impossible comes true (aka we lose)... i can't promise that i'll talk pleasantly to my ute husband for a quite some time. at least till the sacrament the next day.
last year (let's not remember that game) i said that i def wanted to be married to chase by the game this year just to make sure i don't do something crazy and cut him off!! if we get demolished! hahahaha. well we're sealed now! so the game is important but not critical to what's most important. hahahah!!! OH!!!!! I LOVE BYU!!
i'm breeding a little byu fan as we speak! jammies!!!
 Yes Chase is a Ute. but he goes to BYU- so enough said! I love him so much! He's learning the ropes of a hard university and I'm so proud of him for his hard work, studying, and dedication to our future! Him going to college means so much to me! I love talking and spending time with Chase! We talk about everything, anything, and are a random fun pair! He listens to me and really intakes what I say- he will apply it and try it and give me feedback! Our communication is great (even though communication is overrated- Christlike love is more important! the world thinks communication is most important but we know different!) anyways. good communication. check. and he makes me laugh like NO other!! even though we have been together a while, his humor is always new and refreshing to me! it can be a good and bad thing ( when i'm trying to stay mad- he gets a smile outta me without fail!)
anyways. i've been giving some perspective and advice to my friend Hailey about relationships and it has just inspired me to really share all the greatness of Chase! Since we've been married, I've been obsessed with constant cleanliness and keeping our house a certain way- and Chase is right there cleaning, learning, and taking the initiative! Chase never gives up on me- even with my mood swings and craziness! His unconditional love, romance, and fun is so endearing! He loves the outdoors (not so much the sun) and to camp, fourwheel, and be in the mountains! And yet, he is content snuggling on the couch reading or watching tv or doing nothing on Friday night, too! He leaves me precious notes, buys me flowers, make the bed, fills up my water bottle a hundred times a day, loves Millie oodles, loves Halloween (it's his fav- coincidence that his bday is 3 days earlier? meh not really hahah), wants to travel and move around too, loves our families, jollies over to the temple with me often, and enjoys my cooking! These are some of my favorite things. (yes song quote) He has such a strong testimony, and has no problem sharing it with others and loving others! Our family is starting off so right and I feel so loved, blessed, and happy to be with Chase.

ok well this has gone on long enough :) i must roll around, tickle, and tease these little baby precious girls! until next time! hopefully i have good news about the most important football game that is occuring tomorrow- 8 pm mountain west time! don't miss it!


Kelly said...

whats the song quote? also, you should not take such financial risks.

srichards said...

I am totally your mother. No wonder Darbs is a stress case. Comforting.