Wednesday, September 19, 2012

dears and deers

  The week is half done and what a week it’s been so far. This weekend Chase and I had the pleasure of relaxing and spending time up at the Ross cabin. I call it Lauryn’s- but it really isn’t hers till she inherits it when her beloved parents kick it- which won’t be for 60+ years since they are excercising machines! Well that’s morbid. But I still can’t help but call it Lauryn’s cabin. All the hard works she put into it building it and climbing scaffolding and nailing and painting and saving her money. You know!
       Anyways. Yes, the game was last weekend. Let's just give it a short amount of attention.... BYU lost the game against the Utes. I admit it. But the last five minutes were so intense that I was just remembering the craziness rather than the heartache. But working for BYU football- I’ve been reminded all week of the major bummer!
        Sunday we went to Myton to see my cousin Spencer give his fairwell talk. He is in the MTC now (today actually!) and ready for South Korea! He gave a great talk and hearing the speakers use analogies of ranches, goats, and farming- it just shows me that people from all walks of life can gain a testimony in this gospel and personalize their Savior Jesus Christ. It was a great day to be with family and support missionary work. I need to get started on my baked deliveries for him and all his district in the mtc these next 10 weeks! anyways. i'm exhausted and need to pick up chase from work and go to sleep.

pics first :)
i take too many pics. everyone knows it. doesn't stop me.

i work out. it doesn't show! and i know it. 
it will! and i have been the same weight 
for prolly 2 years but that's gonna change soon!

this one i did not take- this is a lovely pic i received from t. 
my dad socializing it up in the middle of the street! 
my example in life!

in roosevelt. between spencer's farewell talk and the farewell lunch.

pic with the cousin babe. weird angle for my bod. that's nice. and l's eyes are closed. sexy beasts.

at spencer's farewell lunch. colt was loving on chase like crazy. he didn't like my love as much. but cutest baby nonetheless and cutest future baby daddy!

he sweeps me off my feet.
up at laur's cabin. the pic spot!

fourwheeling with my dear and some deers and two other dears (l&d)
up at the cabin

this was the pic we sent to becca for her happy birthday surprise. lucky girl. 
been spending lots of time with that girlie and i'm lovin' it!

chase broke yet ANOTHER pair of my sunglasses.
broke my fav parisien sunglasses three years ago on one of our first dates.... and some in between.... and now my virginia beach sunglasses! 
well it's a nice excuse to do some shopping! i have the green flag from the money keeper. he gave me more allowance. thanks chase. hahahahaha

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