Saturday, September 29, 2012

happier tone

happier tone this time around for the blogpost. my sickness is practically gone and i'm about to hop, skip, jump to the gym- i've missed it all week. i heard "rest" is important when you are trying to fight a cold. psh! anyways! off to the gym i'll go. aka drive this new baby there.

yes we got a new car. new to us! it was a steal, from a reliable source, and just what we were looking for! you see the suzuki is technically my dad's and will be going to taylor the-soon-rm (aka when he gets home from his mission. b/c  it's the "kids at college" car. so we share like good siblings!) 
but also- april brings graduation for me :) and means we'll be getting a newer, better car then. this ford taurus will also get us by and then in april, we'll have two cars that are officially ours. we are such adults- full of responsibility and important belongings! and for now- we have two cars to drive as it gets colder and our schedules get crazier, until tii-man gets home. 

today i'm also in a better mood because it's this little one's birthday. she is two! it was a blast at chuck e. cheese today. 
yes she was opinionated and honory (how do you spell that word- where little kids are frustrated, irritated, and kinda bratty) anyways.....but she was still cute and her opinionated independence made her even more cuter. like a mini teenager. she still grabbed my hand and made me go everywhere with her- but she was the driver and boss! she had an agenda! she wouldn't even open presents b/c she was so intrigued with chuck e's entertainment. 
i showed her the Belle barbie (my fav princess- yes so i got it for her) while she was screaming b/c we made her sit at the table to get open her presents and she grabbed it (box and all) and ran off to play, ditching us all. hahaha. man she is a dollface! she sure is growing up and i'm excited for the terrible twos! honestly! millie time is always a good time!

remember that one time when i was crazy and being a little mean to chase. and i used sickness as a crutch....... well one night we were having those post-honeymoon-stage-is-over little bickerings and i left to go get something from the store and i took a little longer than necessary to get a breather. and when i came home- i saw this when i drove up......
what a sweetie. fav part is the way he spelled "dumb".... on purpose..... of course. 
i seriously have an unconditional loving, too-good-for-me, amazing husband!

football season is in full swing. this was my friday night. chase worked, too, but at chuck. 
i worked. mine was easier. i had to work the cougar club pregame for two hours before the game started. and then got to watch the game on a big screen under the stadium (guarding a room from vandalizers) while doing homework and getting paid the whole time! 
good life. good game, too! shut out against hawaii!

well life is good! i'm off to the gym! which will make it even better! too many exclamations? meh! never!