Sunday, September 23, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like halloween

yesterday i had a wonderful time. friday i had done all my homework for all week until NEXT next monday. so that left my saturday open to get together with my girls while chase was at work and get our craft on. halloween is chase's favorite holiday and i finally have a home where i can festivate! 
halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and easter is where it is at. 
this is the first holiday decoration attempt and it was a success! becca, annie, and i had a great time. and later i got to hang out all evening with my lauryn!! 
happy halloween season! haunted houses. scary movies. pumpkin carvings. fall baking. unlimited candy. dress up costumes. parties. etc!
my favorite part is the clothes line bat fiasco! i can change it up for different holidays!

i don't care for the spider webs. i had more in the house and i've already ripped them down because they creep me out. this is the only one that can stay for a while.

for the neighborhood view

little baby painted pumpkins that can hopefully last until thanksgiving :)

the cheesecloth ghosts that turned out quite well but were a disaster to craft.

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Kelly said...

wait why were the bats a fiasco? they look great.