Sunday, September 9, 2012

je blogue

has anyone ever failed those "i wanna make sure you're not a robot so fill in these number and letters  before you can post your comment or do wtv on the internet" tests. i'm serious! the other day i failed putting my comment post like five times because the letters were impossible. just now i tried to comment on the beloved lacey's blog and the code to type out was impossible! good thing i was dedicated. finally after 10 minutes- i answered one correctly.
first copy this impossible text. what? you couldn't do it? you, ROBOT! fail.

now retype what this barcode says in the red box. what's wrong with you?

make sure you type these numbers in the order you see them.

and then copy these letters.
now have a nice day with lower self esteem and a hit to the IQ confidence.

anyways. i got on here to blog about something completely different, but after catching up on lacey's blog and trying to comment. i was inspired. 
what i really wanted to get on here for was to give some updates and share a thought.
this evening, chase is working hard at work, and i was busy watching Elder Holland's CES fireside (they said it was for young married couples, too. justified) and yes i actually was busy. the house was a mess and there was this pile of crumbs in the kitchen (not pointing fingers. but only two people live here and it wasn't me.) and i was cleaning. at one point i eve got out the vacuum to get that pile of crumbs up! what the heck?? is this a joke? no. i was having a martha moment (when i should have been a mary). the vacuum? really? i couldn't even hear the words- let alone sit down and actually soak in the message. i repented and realized- it's good to be clean but let's be prioritizing the mary within us. 
p.s. i just had to google which one was the righteous listener at jesus's feet and which one was rushing around serving (aka i need to read my scriptures more, as well. oh so many kinds of personal revelations today) and i came across this funny link in google. interesting. i'm gonna look into this book a bit more. 

alright so let's just share some pictures and some of my heart. 

been with this little angel baby face millie moo all week! i was really worried how i was gonna handle and work and balance it with my work schedule and school schedule but it turned out great. i'm the kinda girl who does her hw for the whole week on the weekends so during the week i don't have that much hw piling on the table. but anyways. we had a great time! 
park runs. bath time. building blocks. singing songs. learning letters and numbers. trip to gma and gpa anderson (i know they aren't her grandparents but meh) but they have dogs, horses, jazzy chairs, slides (multiple), fire pits, and toys galore! it's way better than my house :) and we watched great gma hanks while dave and julie went out for their anniversary. it was a good time! the whole week was really enjoyable. i care so much for this little neice of mine!
 and i had an interesting discussion with my uncle this week- i really am getting attached to this little girl. it could burn later on but for now- i know i'm doing the right thing for her and me and us (chase and i)- i'm doing all i can to spend time with her and be as much as i can for this little girl of perfection!
i know she is a child of God and He has a plan for her :) hopefully that means i'm in her life forever every day every week but nothing is guaranteed- where will we live, what will happen, i ain't not fortune teller. so i am trusting in Him and loving my time with this niece of mine. she is such a blessing in my life and giving me great experience for when chase and i expand our family even more. she brings me so much joy to our lives! i love her so much!

friday night my bro surprised me and took little mills so it was great being carefree adults. we went to l and d's for a little bit and then annie's reception. congrats!!! didn't even snap a picture. barnacles. maybe annie will get in her dress one more time for me and my photo wishes. what recent bride doesn't love wearing her dress? i wish i could wear mine more. ehhh i guess just in the bathroom every night in front of my full length mirror will suffice for now. anyways. after annie's reception we went up to american fork canyon with chad, kina, and ci. it was hilarious! hot dogs, smores, fire, hysterical conversation THEN there is a RUSTLE IN THE BUSHES. we think nothing of it. then it gets louder and more fierce. we take off running- the men, too, mind you! i hide in the car. 
this pic above is chad (on the right with his handgun with a lazer) and chase on the left. i swear he was going to accidently shoot chase as they roamed around looking for the monster. it was terrifying. let's just say we packed up soon after and left. i stayed in the car the whole time. chad was just telling us of this little boy that got attacked by a bear down the road. so heart wrenching and terrifying. luckily. i'm still here kicking it- bloggin about the tale. nobody but me believes it was a bear but i plan and fear for the worst!  

after i worked the byu vs weber state football game. chase and i realized that he actually worked saturday DAY which gave us another weekend night together :) we went on a hike trail up by squaw peak in the evening! it was so beautiful! the leaves are changing- stewart falls trail will be calling in our name in another week or two :) utah is so beautiful. the mountains (tied with byu) are by far my favorite part of utah! people don't count- they are mobile.
this is chase getting fed up with nature, the sun (he really hates the sun- he says it's from the mish where he was beaten up by the sun everyday every second- i'm the opposite! how can you hate the tanning warming sun?! esp in utah where it's a snowman's land!)  anyways he's ready to go to dinner and get off this mountain. i did secretly video him complaining but i'll save that for my personal stash and not for the blog. hahaha

like i said. ready to go. but i didn't drive all the way up to the top of this mountain with MAJOR car sickness to only stay up top for five minutes :) so he waited patiently with some paparazzi moments while i took it all in and looked out on the valley:)

mmmm....mmm....mmm.... then off to a most delicious fabulous indian (dots not feathers) restaurant. i have such a strong spot for indian food in my hungry obese heart :) i made na'an bread the other day. it turned out great! also, i was looking up how to make chicken makhani and other indian specialties- ummm....... intense foreign spices. i'll see what i can do :) my word i love this place! it's located around 90 w on center st. in provo. hitch a ride over there asap.

then we came home, watched the count of monte cristo, and passed out. 
another treasure rediscovered that night. i forgot how much i love that movie! and also learning more about napoleon bonaparte and the french revolution/monarchy/revolution/monarchy issue back in the day in my french class in depth this past summer- the movie became even better!!!
ok well that's all for now my beloved readers- thank you for listening to this too personal, journal-like, random blog of mine!
jusqu'√† ce que la prochaine fois que je blogue! tchao! 
(p.s. apparently there is a french word for blog. i looked it up! hahaha!)


Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Well, thank you for persisting with your comment :) Always appreciated! "Barnacles"?! I loved that!

Kelly said...

hahah dots not feathers. good to know i still rub off.

Sloane Phillips said...

Hahaha- I totally have that same problem. And I can forsee that it is going to happen to me right now as the letters are so blurry I can't even begin to tell what they are without robot eyes. Love you!