Thursday, October 11, 2012

baby echols

the beloved becca had a healthy perfect baby boy yesterday in the early mornings! 10/10!
how exciting!!!

he is so healthy. beautiful. and perfect.
i can't wait to see him again tonight.
me and millie will stop by their house (not hospital) today! baby jimmy is two days old and going home! that's quick! everything was ideal for her delivery and i'm so happy jimmy is here and they're both healthy!
yesterday chase, millie, and i went to the hospital to visit them. annie was already at the hospital! we all were just amazed at how perfect this little baby is! i am so fascinated and full of questions when it comes to my friends having babies! i'm learning a lot and some of it is terrifying. hahaha but worth it. what a MIRACLE of life! 
i'll miss becca as a walking buddy in the evenings and as someone i can hang out with at the drop of a hat- since she lives just down the street! but it's worth it for this amazing addition to her household! let's be honest- all of my friends that have babies- i end up becoming bffs with their babies and just say i want to see them as an excuse! (jk kelly and mary and now becca.... sorta) xoxoxoxo

love these dolls! 
so much love in that room! 
life is about progression! 
and oh boy (pun intended), we have all progressed oodles already!

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