Sunday, October 21, 2012

ctr 5 & bday week

 Today was our grand primary program! Our kids did a splendid job. This is our petite class and they are so awesome. We had a lax sunday school lesson because the program and singing time was a lot! Some funny one liners from today: 
"A" grabbed Chase's arm and starting humming the wedding march song. hahaha. I think she has a little crush. 
"A": I'm going to draw a baby Jesus in the manger with shepherds standing on the camels. 
some of their masterpieces
"T": You know this boy in my class at school has a crush on me. Correction- two boys in my class have crushes on me. Don' you dare tell anyone or I'll.... I'll.... do something.
"G": you look so beautiful today. so beautiful with your hair. 
hahaha they're funnier in person and with their sweet little voices. Kids say the darnest things. 
I asked what school's mascot is the cougar and they knew- BYU. they are smarties and make good choices. We did a survey in our class: who likes byu? EVERYONE. 
chase couldn't even brainwash them.
We'll miss them next week when we're in Texas! but they'll be just fine as a butterfly, witch, and superman trick or treating around!

Last night was wonderfully fantastic. We started celebrating Chase's birthday week!  Here are some celebrations we want to share with you 
some sidewalk chalk done by yours truly and garr and millie!
up to SoJo for a most delicious thai meal! leftovers for us to enjoy, too! 
great company and great service! xoxox   

we were supposed to  go to the haunted forest
but birthday boy chose to get some choc molten cakes from chili's and relax at home instead of going to the haunted forest. he works hard and was so tired. so we took a break from my busy planned night for him. so here are ! food to go! delicious!

then we walked up to campus for "humor u" and it was sold out (we got there 30 minutes early? what!) . i've never been! crap! and who knew byu was so popular on a saturday night? i guess we'll go next time they put on a show :) but hey! we got a late night walk out of it. 
i feel so blessed to have chase all to myself and love all of his love. it is overflowing with blessings and so amazing oh this life of mine! happy birthday week to the most loving husband that i love!

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Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Happy birthday Chase! Your primary class is adorable!