Tuesday, October 2, 2012

fhe date

good morning. 
right now, i am sitting here with a clean house, homework done, breakfast in my belly, and blogging with some gg (gg normally means gilmore girls to me but right now it means gossip girl). 
i didn't have to work this morning :) b/c of the football game friday night that i have to work. and i only am allowed to work so many hours a week. i am actually loving football season. i've heard from past co-workers it was tough and busy- which it can be- but i like it more than non-football season. 
i mean hello....mornings off! oh yah! 
now it's off to the hair salon, dmv, gym, and post office before class. what a perfectly productive day. 
so good morning! good morning :)
a good morning is usually followed by a good night :)
last night i had an fhe (family home evening) date with my family aka chase. we've been doing better at the daily spiritual/weekly strengthenings that we need in our lives and hearts. so fhe was one of those moments that help our little family grow closer to God! and this fhe was extra special because we made it into a date night, too! 
we had a nice dinner, walked around the mall, and went to Hotel Transylvania.
I wanted to see it because
1. Transylvania reminds me of Romania aka Taylor
2. It looked cute
3. I like it when movies combine many characters into one (aka ex. Once Upon A Time)
4. I do love a good animated movie (Tangled, Emperor's New Groove,  etc.)
It was awesome. I'm serious. I'm buying that baby on DVD. I'm taking all the kids I know and then I'll still go by myself. again and again. aka I vouch for it. It's hilarious, cute, entertaining, and a success! then we came home and had a delicious dessert. cinnamon rolls! like i've said before- i get too proud of myself for being a good cook of the house. it's pretty much what is expected of me, but when something turns out above and beyond delicious- i can't help but be giddy! 
i feel content right now and i'm excited for the rest of the day and our temple night tonight which will just be the icing on the cinnamon roll!
the lovely date pic  
i can smell them through the computer.... and the fact that i still have some on the counter.
ps of course i gave all of them away except 6 of them. you're welcome becca and spencer :) no way am i gonna ruin my pre-pregger body plan by scarfing all of these down.

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Cam said...

You and Chase are so cute!! Keep up the cuteness! :)