Thursday, October 4, 2012

Go Mitt Romney!

Yesterday was the first Presidential debate between Obama and Romney. P.s. what is Mitt short for? Mitchell? Is it just Mitt? Anywho. The Presidentail Debate! Now I’ve debated posting this post since then. But hey, it’s my blog. If you get offended- feel free to come back once you’ve forgiven me.
Now I am voting for Romney- some say its taboo to talk about politics and talk about who you are voting for.  But who am I voting for? Is it hard to decipher? Look at me? Daughter of an Exxon Mobil guru, attends to BYU, Republican…. Are you surprised?
First disclaimer: I love all of God’s children and this doesn’t mean I don’t like you if you like Obama. I can think of VERY CLOSE good friends (my facebook makes it known) that are crazy for Obama- hey we still talk and love each other.
I do love many things about Romney. He knows how to save money, make money, stands for his beliefs (which religiously are similar to me), has an education plan, good health care ideas, and wants to see America strong.
Furthermore, I’d prolly vote for any other candidate except Obama- it’s just a great blessing that someone as great as Romney is his opponent.
Disclaimer number two: most of my information comes from four sources- my father, my father-in-law, skimming the news, and BYU. So I can admit that it’s all pro-Romney, but that’s not hard to do.
I think America has proven that we have come a long way since the days of MLK. There was a poll done by a psychologist that said most Obama voters voted last term because that had something to prove- that they aren’t a racist America anymore. However, how could a study like that actually be done and proven? but wtv. And even I thought it was a good milestone that we had a black president.
Anyways, Congratulations to America- we elected a black president. It was a good run- now let’s just vote for the best president (not race, not popularity contest, not who is the most attractive [even though they both are handsome older men], etc. etc.) Let’s look at their plans and their credentials.
The speeches aren’t even that important because Obama is a dang good public speaker- he is. He has that “it” factor that makes him charismatic and can win people over even without making logical sense. Not saying last night’s debate helped him shine, but he is a great speaker. Sidenote: yesterday Romney was better.
If you are an Obama fan, I do not mean to offend you with my next statement but it probably will- so look away. Five reasons why you’d be an Obama fan ( you may not be all these things but you are probably one of them!):
1.       1. You are not from America. I’m serious and don’t even mean it as a bad thing. I’m talking legitimately from another country. Maybe you don’t want America to be a big dog like they've been anymore. You are from another country that has different ways of running government and different values- Obama could fit in just fine there. But not here- with traditional American values.
2.   2.  You do not understand (or have ever been educated on) free-market, economics, or how to logically decrease the deficit.
3.   3. You do not like Republicans, business men, Mormons, people that are richer than you, or another random grudging reason that doesn’t relate to his abilities as a President.
4.   4.  You want there to be more and more federal government presence, control, and involvement.
5.   5. You think there are bigger issues out there than the present economic crisis- and that’s fine, too. Because so far all we’ve really heard about are their economic plans.
They stand for a lot of other things and want to accomplish a lot of other things. (however, don’t be fooled by what they say out of the blue during campaigning season just to get your vote.) So if you think those “other things” are more important and have more weight than the negative consequence of Mr. President tail spinning the economy even further into the ground- than yeah- Obama could be your king. And I don’t mean that lightly.  
Well, that is enough to chew on for now.
I must re-read this a thousand times and make sure I don’t lose my true friends out there for being too hateful. I’m not hating. I’m stating.

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Taylor Schroedter said...

I am voting for Obama. Thanks for helping me decide.