Thursday, October 11, 2012

hw break

I am stressed out of my mind for a big project I have to give at 3 today. aka in two hours. With graduation being around the corner, I take school with a thousand grains of salt! I cannot screw up a single class this semester! Anyways- so I just fried my brain practicing my presentation and I need a 10 minute break before i go back to more practicing! So hence! i love blogging. I feel like blogging is the perfect invention for me- i love to write and give tmi. blogging is therapeutic.

so today i had to go to a business lecture for one of my classes.
the VP of walmart (who got her masters at the byu Marriott school) was speaking. i was excited to hear from her about her journey, juggling a career and motherhood, and what not. i thought she was going to say how she always had these goals and nothing would stand in her way (like many corporate women have.) but instead she surprised me with her manner. She didn't go to school thinking she'd get a masters, work here, do that, etc. She didn't plan her every move and plan on not being a stay-at-home mom. she saw every chapter as something God gave her to grow. if she needed to stop working she would. she wasn't a controlling planner (something i could learn more about.)
i was humbled a lot. she works full-time and her husband is a stay at home dad. she is a woman who loves to work and her husband didn't enjoy working. they saw their kids needed them- they made a family personal decision. they found what worked best for their family.
they have a strong testimony in the doctrine of Jesus Christ. but that doesn't mean everyone in their wards have approved of their lifestyle. it's a blessing they (her husband and her) found each other so they could both find happiness and still have a happy united strong growing family. no one's situation is cookie cutter by the books. they are a cute couple with a cute story who truly love God.
now i must repent a little- i would like to improve my opinion about feminists. it's not the feminists that i dislike- i just dislike the common aura and connotation of the word feminists. I've met a lot of whiny, unhappy feminists.  They go on and on about their feminists' efforts and what's so wrong with the world.  They can be so close-minded to any other lifestyle than that of being publicly involved in worldly recognized success. On the flip side: non-feminists can be just as close-minded. They can be judgmental (guilty), naive, or complacent.
So i've come to a knew opinion from the inspiring andrea thomas: be a hardcore feminists or be a content non-feminists, either way just be open minded and care about the individual and their personal journey. That's the way Christ cares :)
generalizations are hardly ever appropriate. i'm guilty in many aspects of generalizing. it's human to generalize. this blog is for all my thoughts! my journal! my growth! my change AND my solidified consistencies! i'll get older, wiser, and better while still being me!

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