Tuesday, October 9, 2012

i'm lovin' it.

duh duh dah daaah dah (yes that is the melody for mcdonald's) that's not what i'm lovin' though. i'm lovin' the conference memories. 
also mcdonalds is the opposite of what our household is lovin' because me and chase got a personal trainer yesterday (6 month contract) and i can't lift my arms. good thing the keyboard is below me and not above my head. thomas reminded us that 70% of our weight and health is what we eat. it was good for us to hear it from a professional. so don't come over to our house for delicious treats- unless you consider yams and broccoli a delicious treat- cuz that's what's up! we have one freebie day a week so you can come that day. it was pretty scary how much of risk i am for cancer and chase is for diabetes. i know they try to scare you and stuff like that but the family diabetes thing for chase is legit and me with cancer- esp colon cancer- um yeah that's happening. thanks family genes. 
but anyways. that will be more in depth for another post in a few more weeks when we have some baby results. we're excited and very sore. apparently lifting weights ( with a little cardio)  is better for your health and muscles and skinny-desires than just running and doing hard core cardio. i wasn't optimizing my gym time. also- i don't know how to do weights- so these training seshes will be good and educational. weights are way harder for me. i'd rather run three miles straight and fast than do the weight-sets i did yesterday! but i'll get better and improve my attitude starting today :) why am i still talking about this? moving on.

so being in the conference center saturday morning was such a blessing. what a moment in history!!
some personal spiritual moments for me and my life hit me hard this weekend and especially saturday morning. i was streaming tears on and off like crazy all weekend. I've had some pretty intense prayers with Heavenly Father lately and He (through Conference) spoke to me strongly.
1. When should I be a mother? How can we have security? What kind of mother should I be? 
2. How can my little fragile broken heart cope with my perfect niece Millie's life and all the drama? What is God's plan for her? What would He have me do? in the long run? on this very day?
3. When will I not have sorrow when missions or missionary work is mentioned? Will this hurting & longing ever go away in this life?
Those are some pretty intense questions and some pretty personal issues laid out there. But it's important to know that God knows each of our personal issues and each of his children.
Other things I got from Conference:
  • Can you see Christ running around with a to-do list?
  • Is a busy life a sign of success?
  • Hold your tongue and forgive unconditionally
  • Know you have hard times ahead in life
  • The spiritual immune system of civilization is wounded
  • God will hold men accountable for every tear that their wife sheds
  • The Holy Ghost can be in a room of thousands and still comforting each individually
  • I need to stay close to God. For myself and others. As I'm close to God this will help me cope with this world and give me strength to help his children.
  • My life has a purpose and plan- it began before birth. And this applies to every child of God and I need to trust that more.
This weekend was amazing for my Spirit. Also, Chase and I really got over some bumps in the road. and I got some great time with family. Let's share some pics now.

at conference. didn't even get a pic with thornley and his date. crud!

is that a protester sign down there? no zoom in closer.

"marry me summer" it was hard to get a clear pic. and yes we wasted 30 minutes on the roof to get a glimpse of the proposal. how exciting and presh! even if i don't prefer public proposals.

 this little angel knows how to chow down. she loved being at the andersons and lauryn's. she was a hoot with her fascination/fear with dallin.

 this is the face of angel. she was just reprimanded for hitting me in the face (on purpose). her shame face. she won't look you in the eye and pouts her lip. cute!!!!!!! and it's hard to keep a straight face and be stern when she comes at you with this face! 

artistic photo by lauryn :) we're loving fall

and now.... i found this new group "mormonprobs" on instagram and i'm loving them.

some can do it! many are waiting and few will marry! holla!

this sunbeam one is my fav! 
what the?! hahahahahaha just intimidating and terrifying for little a 3 year old! fantastic!

and i will end with this one. amen. amen.


Kelly said...


ps. after the cruise, we are being healthy too!!!

Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Congrats on getting a trainer! Weights are my fav - even more than running - and they will be yours too (just give it 2-3 weeks)!!! ;) Don't give up on running either though because I would love someone who'll run marathons with me. It gets so lonely... :(

Genevieve Larsen said...

Please tell me your trainer is Thomas Singleton. Please. The world will be a perfect Mormon Kevin Bacon scenario.