Thursday, October 18, 2012

taylor's returning soon!!!

hip hip hurray!!! jump for joy! this grown almost rm elder baby bro always there for me mr amazing is COMING HOME!!!!! in 5 days and a few hours!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have missed taylor sooooooooooooooooo much.
so much has happened for us both in the two years he has been gone and i can't wait to have late night talks, late night game nights, late night fun and early night fun and midday fun and afternoon fun and fun fun fun fun!!!
taylor and i have always been close- well except when we were babies.... you know how it is when your older siblings pick on you. i admit at one point (i was 4 years old- don't judge me) i did turn on taylor  because i'd rather have been with shelby and garr then against them. but still!!! that just strengthened our siblinghood.... or taught taylor forgiveness early in life. what a stud!!!! besides those early hiccups- we've been at each other's sides playing nicely our whole lives!
some of my greatest blessings for having tay as a bro. (1) kentuckiana. enough said (2) fall 2009. enough said. (3) chase left on his mission. aka he became my replacement bf (4) all our inside jokes (5) his good character is always inspiring me to be better (6) good genes (7) his many comments and snide remarks and entertaining voice (8) super talented and teaching me always (9) his mission service AND THE LIST GOES ON!!
i cannot wait! i'll be seeing him and the whole schroedter clan with their spouses, kids, etc. and my ross grandparents next friday!!!! it's going to be epic!
you're welcome mom
we just love! just love!
"idiot, pull up" at the exact location of NAME THAT MOVIE

taking him to the mtc. he's so courageous and valiant! he's grown a foot or two and he's ready!
the hardest moment. but worth it!

oh i cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

now for the rest of my thoughts!
i take way to many pics of millie. i need to get more diverse in my pics. but i love her and her face!!
she was outta control yesterday (in a good way). just SUPER hyper and all over the place with a tinge of attitude and i was exhausted. i was just not in the mood to be catching her and throwing her in the air and what not. i did it, but i wasn't having fun. sacrifice right :) hahahah i guess it's a little window of how motherhood can beat you up. still good times though. 
also yesterday (even when i was "exhausted") i was thinking of how i get the same amount of sleep if not less than what i did on the mission, yet i'm healthier, less stressed, and have more energy. strange! there is not exhaustion comparative to mission exhaustion. well so far in my life. i'll let you know if newborn babies compete! that terrifies me! those first three months. after that- i think i'll be more in my element and comfortable! anyways. the mission is such a unique experience that i am so grateful i got to experience it first hand. not to mention all the blessings and serving you do for others, too!
she's a diva! and a cuddly machine! love spending time with her! i take pics like this everyday of her. millie pic collages. and she's perfecting her many faces! 

another day.... look familiar? need to get a hold of myself!

been catching up with lots of friends this week! 
this is us at kelly's. reagan and her were working out their sharing issues. the whole trip was a great time! even when lance shut down my picture taking wants. hahaha. 

also spent time with sam and aud. 
watched the debate with some varvel crew. 
got to spend much needed time with mary and myles :) 
and future friend dates to come. what a blessing! 

blogging was good. it helped me forget a disturbing dream i had last night about Chase. high school. Indiana. Mom. Etc.
yes, mother- look forward to a phone call. i'll be calling you with tmi and deets of the dream!
ok that's all for now. you know you'll hear from me sooner than later!

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It is sometimes scary how your brain works!!!