Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Texas celebrations!

what a glorious weekend we have had! we traveled to texas and met up with the WHOLE schroedter family in honor of Elder Taylor Schroedter's return from Romania and mom's 50th bday (and chase's 23rd bday on the side!!!) it's the first time we've all been together (ever since millie and andrew were born and chase joined the fam) and besides that it's still been about 3.5 years for all the siblings! my favorite thing about this weekend = we all got along. i was nervous but it was for nothing! we had such a relaxing, delicious (food), fun (games- indoors and outdoors), and loving time! the laughs were loud, the smiles were big, the tension was minimal, and the memories are everlasting! it was just what chase and i needed- to get away!! it makes me even more excited for christmas now- even if it's still some time away! texas is where it is at!! 
being back with taylor was awesome!!!! i had numbed myself to how much i missed him and how big of a hole was missing from my life!! he's back and in january, he will really be back in PROVO!! with me!! and chase, garr, kristi, millie, and taryn!!
now for some pictures to tell you the stories of this weekend!
this is millie and me at the SLC airport. i ran around the terminal with her for an hour before our flight. i was trying to tucker her out- it didn't work. she was still a lively little toddler on the plane.

chase and i sat right behind her, garr, and kristi. we just got toys chucked at us over the seats the whole time. the poor man who was sitting next to me. hahaha. he never got hit in the face but i'm sure he was nervous the whole time to even fall asleep with the toys flying. she was really quite good the whole flight 
and julie had driven us to the airport and given us a goodie bag of halloween stuff for her- it kept her entertained! i just love millie to pieces and we really are just best little friends! the airport in SLC was even a fun reunion because my grandparents were there to fly out to texas with us, too. 
so we have the ross grandparents, me, chase, millie, garr, and kristi! all on one flight!
we didn't get off the plane right away when we landed because medics had to come on and assist someone- my grandparents were in first class and the medics went straight to first class- i thought "Oh heavens!! this weekend will be a hospital visit!" but luckily for us and unluckily for the ppl sitting right behind my grandparents- it was them and not gramps and grams who had to be wheeled off on a stretcher!

the first of many reunited pics. the classic "tii" wave.
we then went to La Finka (sp?) for a delicious mexican feast. the louds from california met us there and our family was officially together! and dad had surprised mom with a couple of families from the ward, too. it was quite the gathering! we sang happy birthday to mi madre multiple times and just had a good old time! being with andrew and aubrey again was fantastic! (even if andrew had the most massive blow out and me and taryn volunteered to change him! naked chunky baby getting a bath in the restroom!) hahah. i love being an aunt!
 yes the nieces look a little transfixed or sleepy- but i take what i can get when posing with two toddlers. and i look fine so i'm posting it :) classic!
does she not melt your heart? i loved playing all weekend with aubrey! chalk sidewalk. trampoline. four square. wall ball. knock out. play grounds. hide and seek. duck duck goose. etc.!!
another blessing = millie warmed right up to everyone. she just voluntarily plopped down next to taryn in this photo and it was adorable!
we didn't play as many boxed games as i thought but we still were full of playful games. we had a contest who could do the most push ups. grant won. but taylor did do the one handed push ups which was just as impressive. i could only do 14 (man push ups) and i've been working out my arms. aka i still have a long way to go. grant did over 50. this is chase and i airplaning it up! it takes abs- be impressed. we also had leg wrestles. normal wrestling. 
you know. the normal routines of a big family.
this lovely present from my grandmother to my mother. you see my mom has a little fetish for veggie/fruit animals. and frankly- i hide them, switch their order, etc. 
it drives my mom crazy but it's our little tradition. however, i do quite like this tomato pig. it's cute and clever. the cutest one so far.
there will be a whole post for fam pics to come but this a little preview. it's hard to get children and adults of this number to smile and all look good. but it was fun! and good memories will be remembered in these photos!
and some cake for the birthday boy! taylor gave a great homecoming talk on sunday, too! we enjoyed church and family/friend time after church! happy birthday, my love!
 then monday, chase and i walked these kiddos to the park! we needed to enjoy the houston weather (no sarcasm for once!) and just get some kiddo time! 
my dad showed up later with andrew and it was a precious time! like i said, i love being an aunt. it gets me so excited to be a mom!
one of our many game nights! lots of people! crazy times! man, i miss these clowns already!
 also, we went to chick-fil-a. DELICIOUS. and stopped at this park. well there was a little swamp nearby (in the middle of the neighborhood) and we saw two alligators and two turtles! a good find in the middle of the city! the kids were loving it. i was terrified that they would be a scooby snack for the gators!
the whole trip was such a success! the only sad part was my mom and grandma's new york trip got cancelled cuz of hurricane sandy- but that's selfish considering how many ppl were actually impacted in their own homes on the east coast!
so on the airplane back chase and i got bumped to first class. i traded with garrett. 
millie and i had our own row! we had tons of fun and she was an angel!!! they came around with drinks. i filled her cup up with apple juice, told her to lay down and stare at the buttons on the ceiling ---> BOOM she fell asleep! i'm a magician. then i got some shut eye, too! a perfect ending to a perfect weekend!
also last night, chase and i went to his parents house for another birthday celebration! delicious bday dinner for chase, desert, carving pumpkins, and hot tubbing! all smiles here! my pumpkin carving skills need to be majorly improved. i tried to spiral around my pumpkin- it broke all up so i ended up having a huge hole where i just put a littler, painted pumpkin inside. it was a fail and i didn't even want to take a pic b/c it was so lame. but the rest of the crew did a great job. especially chad- you see that giant quasimodo pumpkin eating the baby pumpkin with the brains coming out. impressive! 
 family time is precious and we are so grateful to have our big, loving, crazy, caring, fun families!

and today is the great holiday of halloween! Happy Halloween!


Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Wow! Nice pumpkins! Looks like y'all had a good time in Texas!

Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

I still can't believe how much Millie looks like you! It's trippy! So glad to have your fam back together again. Yay!