Friday, November 30, 2012

25 days of Christmas!

25 days of Christmas starts TOMORROW!!! and i got this massive craft project done today! just in the old st. nick of time! sweetness.
i would say this was 80+ hours of craft work (each- for me and becca's trees) - if not more! it was intense!!! but my mamma has one and i want one for my own new little fam! and it's something i plan to have in my family and house forever! unless we have a fire or burglary. pls don't try to steal this!
so first we did this. cut out trees (not easy to make symmetrical) and then sewed on the "garnish" and the buttons for the ornaments and the trees. all onto a felt square (rectangle really).

then i cut individual green square and hand stitched the numbers! and then sowed those on to the rectangle red felt, too!
then put another red felt rectangle on the back and made a border with space for a dowel at the top. 
(border not on yet)

then i made ornaments. 
50% of them i just free handed then some started to look ugly so i scrapped those and googled some images.
then we had to sew on strings so they would be able to attach to the buttons on the trees. then put a back on each ornament and hand stitch each and put little details to make them extra cute! all made of felt :) some have little buttons on the ornament (the holly) or threaded details (the reindeer, the snowflake, etc.) but really simple materials!

and this is the final project. you can see all the cute little ornaments sticking out and ready for tomorrow!! i like them sticking out like that- it will help the children know what day we're on and it's going to be so great!
in my fam, every night we would read a chapter of the book of mormon, read a christmas tale (like the grinch or gift of the magi or the three little trees, etc.-- i'm going to work on compiling and binding a book of christmas stories now), and then a different kid each night would go up and hang an ornament- we rotated and would claim certain ornaments! and on christmas eve we'd read luke two! i love this tradition! the andersons shall carry it on! 
i also took a pic with them all hanging nicely so you really get to fall in love with the craft!
one funny thing- not until last night (after i've had crafts, ornaments, numbered squares, trees with 25 buttons, etc- chilling in the living room for about a month if not more!) did chase realize that this craft was interactive and how it worked! and what i was doing this whole time. hahahahahaha. he became really excited cuz he finally realized how awesome it is. hahahah. classic.
i love them all but here are some of my fav favs!
and this all wouldn't be possible without becca! her sewing machine and her company! and us working together really helped me enjoy this project and get it done in time- i'm not a crafter but i'm developing that talent i'd say! it was good to make more than just one- it was easier to crank 'em out that way!  hers is a little different- no 25 pockets but just one pocket and her ornaments and tree are bigger- but essentially- we did everything together and had a great time chit chatting, having many dinners, and watching OTH together!
in grunge clothes b/c we just spray painted a bunch of ornaments for becca's christmas wreath!
and of course little jimmy needs to be thanked too! because we couldn't have gotten so much done without him being so calm and content! napped a lot and was such a good baby! (and he looks like baby jesus here- swaddle that baby!) -what movie?
 christmas season is here and the crafts are fantastic, but the celebration of Christ is the most best!

Friday, November 23, 2012

decorate with love!

 this pic was taken one our way to chase's parents house! crazy amount of birds. 
our car got destroyed with bird poop! luckily my clean hair stayed clean! 
some people say this pic is creepy but i think it's fascinating in a good way!

It has been a great Thanksgiving break thus far. Except right now I'm missing Chase terribly. He's at work and it's a Friday night so he'll bring home the big bucks but still- I've been so sappy today and yesterday with missing him. It started yesterday when he had to work while we had our big family dinner up at his grandma sheryl's. It reminded me of those two years when I'd be a plus one with his family while he was far off in Brazil :) it was too deja vu!!! anywho- i'm so happy he's home. even though he missed a few hours of feasting- we still had some great thanksgiving day moments- some volltensocpong with the whole family! even julie got in on it! it was awesome! and we watched wreck it ralph. cute show.
anywho. i've gotten all my homework done during this shift of his tonight and i re-decorated the house!!! and tomorrow we'll be back up at the fam's! more game nights, food, and laughs! i am so grateful for family! i have such great in-laws!! and today i got to see garr, millie, and the browns! and i can't wait to see some of my fam during christmas!
also this break- we've fallen in love with racket ball. my first time playing since taking a racquetball class freshman year of byu (aka 5 years ago. woah!) and it was chase's first time. he really pummelled me! and he seriously loves it! luckily we have taylor's equipment and plan on keeping it even once tii moves up here. hahaha we'll see if we can get away with that! anywho- chase won! him and nathan were better matched, and i lost graciously..... of course.......
anywho- so like i said i redecorated some today. soooo.....some pics
i decorated the house for christmas before thanksgiving- yeah sue me! but it looks great. and i'm working on some more amazing christmas decorations but i'll save those for another post when they're 100% done. so for now- here's these:
some wall and window decorations! snowmen, ornaments, and snowflakes. presh!

also i've gotten my christmas presents early from my parents. and here they are!!! i love the canvas pictures!! 
let's get a closer look

and then a little to the right
we have these photos!!! my families!! andersons and schroedters <3>

also chase and i worked on this little project last week. we compiled the table center piece photos from our wedding to make this! (and thanks taryn for the "a"- sweet wedding pres :)!!)
in case you are wondering- that is chris keller from one tree hill on the tv being threatened by dan scott :) i'm watching too much of oth! but i love it! i need to watch gilmore girls again. i have that itch!
what a happy life! what fun photos to remind us!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

full of light

i'm feeling full of light. so i snapped this pic along with some others for this blog post. 
and i just did my hair.
it is officially thanksgiving break for me now and there's no better way to be grateful than by coming closer to God and appreciating the scriptures and the relationship i have with Him.  well i guess a better way is to actually share my testimony, too. so here's a little sharing via blog.

i feel as if this blog should show all sides of my life. so i need to take the time to share more of the spiritual part of my day- which is such an important part of who i am. the love i feel when i read the scriptures and pray to God is such a special love. being able to hear from God  and share with Him and express myself to Him and help Him answer others' prayers- amazing!
i was just thinking this morning at how amazing this love is and yet it's a different kind of love than I have for chase or for my family. the love of God and the feeling of the Holy Spirit is like nothing else. it is something that is irreplaceable. having the love of family is important, but it still doesn't fill that natural place in our hearts for God's love. because we are His children, everyone is instilled with that natural tendency to seek Him, need Him, and feel His love. it is so powerful. the perspective and peace it brings is irreplaceable. and having the love and eternal marriage with Chase makes it that much sweeter and more personal. i am not perfect at my relationship with Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit- but today I'm feeling it in the best way!
I found this quote in my scriptures that encourages me to be sitting on this couch and study, ponder, and pray tomorrow, too: Those little steps aren't hard. They're easy to do, but then again, they're also easy not to do. 
How hard is it to find 20 minutes to talk to God and hear His voice in your heart or in the scriptures? It's really not that hard. It's easy to do, but it's easy not to do, too. However, I'm never sorry when I put it as a priority. (just like I'm never sorry when I go to the gym. but that's another issue with the same principles)
I am feelin the Spirit and it is telling me to share what I know and love! In Preach My Gospel, it teaches that when you are truly converted and have a strong testimony in the Atonement, you cannot constrain yourself from sharing it with everyone. Well, this blog isn't everyone and I'd say 3% of the people that read this are not LDS but still- LDS or not- everyong needs to be uplifted- so here's my testimony! bloggin- it's one way! 

I was reading Alma Chapter 3 in the Book of Mormon. It's interesting to think about the intense doctrine of the Lamanite people being cursed with dark skin and how their personal righteousness can remove that curse or vise versa. It's a touchy subject for anti's or explaining it as a missionary but i still love learning about it and furthering my own understanding of God's ways. 
From their, I turned to Preach My Gospel where it discusses the Book of Mormon and it's importance. Some great principles that stick out to me
  • The Book of Mormon is true
  • The Book of Mormon "locks" (keystone) our testimony
  • The Book of Mormon can be understood, even by children
  • The Book of Mormon is a reminder to all of my testimony and testimonial experiences. When I read it, it brings the light back into my life and reminds me of my burning testimony and grows it even further.
  • Many people in the Book of Mormon saw Christ personally. Through the Book of Mormon, Christ is personal to me.
  • I need to share my living witness of the living Christ through the Book of Mormon. 
  • The Book of Mormon confirms the testimony of the Bible. 
  • Those who know little or nothing about the Savior will come to know Him by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon.
There is also an article in the General Conference Ensign edition that I was studying called "Being a More Christian Christian." by Elder Robert D. Hales. Amen.
Also, let's Amen some key points that are so true:
  • As Christians today, we have the opportunity to act straightway, immediately, and decisively, just as Peter and Andrew did. 
  • As we are made new in Christ, our very natures change and we no longer want to go back to our old ways.
  • The Lord's first disciples were all new members of the Church, newly converted to His gospel. Jesus patiently taught each one. He helped them fulfill their responsibilities. He called them His friends and laid down His life for them. And He has already done the same for you and for me.
as i look out my window, it's such a beautiful day and it brings a physical light into my home that i love.
and looking around my house, this drawing of Christ is such a beautiful reminder for what life is all about and how one can truly have love and show love.

oh pause! chase just rang the doorbell! and showed up from class with a surprise. he had my phone cuz he lost his and kristi called it and asked us to watch millie!!!!! she's here!! chase, too!!!! this will be fun with millie (2 year old!!) and becca and baby jimmy (needs to nurse every 5 seconds!) trying to get our crafts done later today!

well bloggin must be put to the side but i'm glad i shared this just in the nick of time! my hand is being pulled and she's turning my face with her little hand to pay attention to her! until next time :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

a turn around!!

Yesterday started off with a major frowny face. I searched everywhere for my dad’s car title and couldn’t find it. I thought the worst and overreacted! But still- I was nervous! Then, I was late to work. Then I got to work and realized I didn't have my phone. I lost my phone for four hours. I was a frazzled mess.
Well….. this just made me appreciate how awesome the day ended up turning around!
-Nobody cared that I was late for work. There were only a few people even in the office. They thought I had the day off.
-My mom text me and said they have the title in Texas
-And I searched and searched (went back and forth to my car a couple times, did the Find My Iphone app on my coworker’s ipad, called BYU Lost and Found, turned my bags inside out, etc.) Decided to pray and remembered on my walk from the car to work, I reached in my pocket and got my chapstick out. I went back to where I had gotten my chapstick out of my pocket and there, lying in the snow, was my frozen iphone! miracle! directly inspired from prayer. I warmed it up in my scarf on the way back to the building. By the time I got to my building- it was working just fine!!
-When I came into work again, I saw that we were having our monthly birthday lunch! Catered and delicious!
-My last class of the day (only 10 people showed up) so he told us some good news about our final paper and final exam and class ended early!
-This gave me more time to do my homework and free up my evening earlier!
-I went to the writing lab (and had worked really hard on my paper beforehand- for once. Normally I just write my paper in a hurry because I know they’ll correct all the mistakes. But this time I worked really hard because this writing lab Frenchman really ripped me a new one on how bad my paper was last time). At the writing lab, in a 6 page paper, he only found 15 mistakes and he said half of them weren’t even grammatical mistakes but he just suggested what would sound better! YES!!! More confidence restored in my French!
-I got home and I saw THIS:

This was absolutely the best part of the day. Even better than knowing I didn’t lose my dad’s car title or that moment I found my iphone! The love of Chase is definitely the best! Chase is such a sweetie and his random signs of love are just incredible. I love you, Mr. Snowman and Mr. Chase! What a pleasant visitor! Come to our doorstep anytime!
-Becca and Jimmy joined us for dinner at our place.
-Then we went shopping for Jimmy’s baby blessing outfit and went to Joan’s for our Christmas crafts!!! I am so excited to get started this weekend and I am so ready for December!!!
-Yes I’m excited for December but next week is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving break and Black Friday!

Yesterday started off sooooo sketch and I was hyperventilating all morning, but it turned around and was an amazing day and stress free!

Monday, November 12, 2012

social givings and thanks

This is the month of Thanks and Givings. I feel like I have a lot to be grateful for. Lately I have been wanting to be more social, find more opportunities to serve and share my testimony, have more laughter, and focus more on my daily spiritual feastings. Well- I haven’t just been praying for these opportunities. I’ve also been pushing myself and making the first moves. I’ve noticed a big difference as I’ve put more priorities on these goals and I’ve been feeling so grateful. To give and to give thanks- this is where real joy in life comes.
Saturday night I had to work the football game (aka guard the Cougar club room.) It was a late game and a long shift. Luckily, Chase worked the day shift until 4 pm and could come with me! What a blessing- he was hesitant and exhausted but he came along and was a trooper. it was so fun. We watched the game some but it was a blowout, so we just sat there, people watched, and must have been tired because everything was so hilarious to us. I had those giddy feelings just by being with him- like the ones you get on first dates. It was awesome.
Then last night, we had the fultons, fairwells, astles, and scholtes over for games! It was a hoot. Zero and The game of things and Taboo- they never disappoint. Especially the last two. Pure hilariousness! And you can really scare off new friends OR realize you both have the strangest sense of humor and you have serious competitiveness in common, by playing games. Sometimes having new people over is intimidating and can be awkward- so it’s easier to just wait for people to invite you- but I’m glad I made the first move because last night was absolutely hilarious and a great icebreaker! One of those couples was our next door neighbors and we finally can now say we know who they are- they are an awesome, cute, funny couple with a cute baby! I feel so grateful for friends, fellowship, and good times! 
Yesterday was a good day for my goals: personal scripture study, church attendance, the hometeachers and us had some great personal testimonies voiced, tithing settlement, and the game night! Check and check! Having friends over really helps me and Chase learn even more about each other and value each other more. When you are in a social setting, you treat each other with more respect and see each other through new eyes. It helps us to not get too comfortable or take each other for granted. I just love Chase and our little get together last night with friends! We are a social pair and I love that it’s a part of our relationship!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

quality time

i just took a quiz of what my love language is. yes this is about my seventh time taking a quiz like this over a five year period. And every time, my results are quality time. It's super important to me. With continuous quality time, someone's true character is revealed and deep bonds are formed. Memories with your love are always helpful if you're going through a rough patch, too. Time together can reveal problems and give you the time to fix them. Time can give you so much laughter and appreciation. Time can help you build a life together. I just love quality time. Service is good too for me. Words of Affirmation are appreciated too if I'm in the right mood and the sincerity rings through. Touch is essential but not the most expressive way for me. (however for Chase- touch is his love language. It's funny how different we are but we show a lot of love for each other in our respective language and in every language.) I trust Chase's touch and need his touch but overall I think women need to be careful with shallow and hidden intentions when it comes to the "love" shown through touch. That's the cynic in me with my own insincere experiences coming out. Anyways. Just thought i'd share those random words of wisdom/stupidity with you.

After I took this quiz, a couple of funny things happened with Chase and I at home and it reconfirmed to me that I need quality time. When Chase and I are sharing, laughing, and creating inside jokes, I know my love for him and our marriage is growing more solid and expanding!

One inside joke- idk if it is that funny to others but i need this written down for my life's writings! The other day I was cleaning the kitchen with my 409 and wet rag. Chase was critiquing my cleaning style and saying I need to get some water now and wipe off the chemicals. We were debating that 409 is pretty safe to just be left on the counter top and it's not going to poison you. I don't need to get a separate bucket of water and slosh it off. Then I realized maybe he didn't know exactly what 409 was so i said "This is not soap, Chase." and he just stared at me. so i continued "when you shower, you should wipe the soap off. when you wash dishes with soap, you should wash it off, but this is not soap." and he thought i was patronizing him but i was just assuming he thought it was soap. (we even called his mom who is a cleaning expert and she sided with me) but the point is- is that he knew it wasn't soap but still thinks it should be wiped off. so now for the past week..... he will grab different objects (a pillow, a water bottle, a piece of broccoli, a remote, etc.) and say "this is not soap." and i can't help but laugh hysterically. even if i'm trying to pout about something or be mad- he'll just say "this is not soap" and i crack up! was it so wrong for me to assume he wasn't up to speed on his cleaning products? apparently hahaha..

two stories from yesterday- that boy always keeps me laughing and he'll just keep it coming......

i was being a little bossy and rude to Chase when he was procrastinating the task of deep cleaning the house when i was ready to clean (our weekly tradition) and i was in the bedroom vacuuming and dusting. I came into the living room to continue vacuuming when I saw a fortress outside the kitchen. Chase had blocked me out of the kitchen (that he was happily cleaning, of course) with this "no girls" sign. hahaha who are we? children from swan princess?! hahahah they have true love, too- so i guess that's what you do when you are madly in love.

don't mind my terrifying, dramatic face. i was on the phone with my fav lovely cousin- laur- and chase was feeling neglected. he was about to leave for work and he gets extra needy around this time because he just wants to spend every second with me and not go to work.  so i am on the phone and i get smacked in the face with a pillow. i decided to pretend nothing happened. then he threw another pillow. and another. and then couch cushions (heavy- i had to start paying attention because those were dangerous) and soon i was covered with every cushion in our whole house! ( of course i took a pic before i retaliated) eventually he won- because i was covered, told my cousin i had to go, and retaliated to his childlike behavior with my childlike behavior of attacking him. just what he wanted. i'm such a submissive wife :)

i just love Chase so much. I know marriage is always changing with life: graduation, real jobs, moving states, church callings, kids, teenagers, grandkids, etc..... but for now, I'm so content with this chapter and just loving our life together :)

ok well chase is at work again and i finished all my hw! so it gives me time to go see becca and baby jimmy. until next time!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


everyone is making jokes about the results of the elections last night. coping mechanism i suppose.
i personally was at the temple with my beloved and i realized- this is the best place to be at a precarious time like this! i couldn't take the anticipation! when  i left the temple hoping to see that our Romney won i was not impressed with America's intelligence. oh the travesty. hopefully congress can turn this country around? my last hope.  i'm slowly figuring out how to acknowledge this sunk cost. what's done is done. at least he can't run for a third term. smart forefathers!
a small silver lining- i have had a lot of laughs looking at facebook. some of my fav posts:

"A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders" .. -posted by my funny cousin

on the radio this morning some lady said she's excited with the election results b/c that means the second coming is sooner and went on and on.
i'm not totally disagreeing with her but it's hilarious that she said that on public radio. only in utah would the listeners actually follow her intense doctrine shared with the state via radio.

this link was shared
hahahahahahaha. chase and i watched this on repeat. funny stuff. 

this was quoted:
22 For behold, he has his afriends in iniquity, and he keepeth his guards about him; and he teareth up the laws of those who have reigned in righteousness before him; and he trampleth under his feet the commandments of God Mosiah 22:29

and this:
For as their laws and their governments were established by the avoice of the people, and they who bchose evil were cmore numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were dripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted. Helaman 5:2  

also a link on someone's fbook post to Donald Trump's twitter. he is the voice of righteousness of course? hahaha.  one of D. Trump's many tweets: Our country is now in serious and unprecedented never before. 

Obama 2012 - 'Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you - instead.' - my other funny cousin 

Now i know why the mayans are saying 2012 is the end of the world. -someone truly disappointed with a hint of humor
What a crazy world we live in! The social media has never been so intense, but to be honest- i'm glad the election is over so facebook can simmer down with the political banter. I can't believe Obama won........ America hasn't been destroyed yet. So i'm putting my skeptical hope in Congress.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

funny flashback

This is one of the funniest stories I've heard and like to tell other people. 
So last night, when Chase found THE pictures to go along with this story. I had to post!

So 3+ years ago- when I had been getting to know Chase as a friend and I was living in Texas, I received a pic text. And this is what Chase was experiencing back in Utah. 
He was living with strangers and strange things were happening. One day, his roommate (30 years old, never been on a date, a Magic card obsesser, from Utah, ate his feelings, WWF lover, etc--- you get the pic) asked Chase if he could borrow his Ipod charger. Chase said Yes (but what he didn't know was what that would lead to.) Well Chase went to sleep and woke up the next morning. His roommate had went home for the weekend and forgot to give Chase's cord back. So Chase went in his roommate's room to retrieve his charger and turned to leave...... when out of the corner of his eye- he saw THIS:
what is that you ask? a dresser? with the drawers pulled out? and some kind of blanket sticking out? Chase's curiosity is peaked. 
Now maybe it's not appropriate to pry but he's not going to actually touch anything- just get closer to see what's going on.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Those are stuffed animals tucked into a blanket. with a pacifier placed on their mouths (what's even better is the nipples of the pacifiers are cut off so they'll lay nice and flat!!) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
We have a penguin baby, a bear baby, etc!!!!!!!!
my theory- the roomie pulled the drawers out so they could breathe while he was away for the weekend! hahaha
Chase lost it-just like i do- hard to breathe from laughing so hard when we retell this story! 
He called up my bff's apartment and told them to come over and see for themselves! He told a lot of people - hence even i received a pic text right away. Well, he needed to because he coulda woken up one day tucked into a drawer with a blankie and a binkie in his mouth! we needed to know where to find him!!!
hahahahahaha poor roommate. who's name will remain anonymous. poor roommate and creepy at the same time! 
well just a little funny flashback to put a smile on your face and make you look over your shoulder if you're walking around provo today! chase saw him last semester so he's still lurking around!!