Friday, November 30, 2012

25 days of Christmas!

25 days of Christmas starts TOMORROW!!! and i got this massive craft project done today! just in the old st. nick of time! sweetness.
i would say this was 80+ hours of craft work (each- for me and becca's trees) - if not more! it was intense!!! but my mamma has one and i want one for my own new little fam! and it's something i plan to have in my family and house forever! unless we have a fire or burglary. pls don't try to steal this!
so first we did this. cut out trees (not easy to make symmetrical) and then sewed on the "garnish" and the buttons for the ornaments and the trees. all onto a felt square (rectangle really).

then i cut individual green square and hand stitched the numbers! and then sowed those on to the rectangle red felt, too!
then put another red felt rectangle on the back and made a border with space for a dowel at the top. 
(border not on yet)

then i made ornaments. 
50% of them i just free handed then some started to look ugly so i scrapped those and googled some images.
then we had to sew on strings so they would be able to attach to the buttons on the trees. then put a back on each ornament and hand stitch each and put little details to make them extra cute! all made of felt :) some have little buttons on the ornament (the holly) or threaded details (the reindeer, the snowflake, etc.) but really simple materials!

and this is the final project. you can see all the cute little ornaments sticking out and ready for tomorrow!! i like them sticking out like that- it will help the children know what day we're on and it's going to be so great!
in my fam, every night we would read a chapter of the book of mormon, read a christmas tale (like the grinch or gift of the magi or the three little trees, etc.-- i'm going to work on compiling and binding a book of christmas stories now), and then a different kid each night would go up and hang an ornament- we rotated and would claim certain ornaments! and on christmas eve we'd read luke two! i love this tradition! the andersons shall carry it on! 
i also took a pic with them all hanging nicely so you really get to fall in love with the craft!
one funny thing- not until last night (after i've had crafts, ornaments, numbered squares, trees with 25 buttons, etc- chilling in the living room for about a month if not more!) did chase realize that this craft was interactive and how it worked! and what i was doing this whole time. hahahahahaha. he became really excited cuz he finally realized how awesome it is. hahahah. classic.
i love them all but here are some of my fav favs!
and this all wouldn't be possible without becca! her sewing machine and her company! and us working together really helped me enjoy this project and get it done in time- i'm not a crafter but i'm developing that talent i'd say! it was good to make more than just one- it was easier to crank 'em out that way!  hers is a little different- no 25 pockets but just one pocket and her ornaments and tree are bigger- but essentially- we did everything together and had a great time chit chatting, having many dinners, and watching OTH together!
in grunge clothes b/c we just spray painted a bunch of ornaments for becca's christmas wreath!
and of course little jimmy needs to be thanked too! because we couldn't have gotten so much done without him being so calm and content! napped a lot and was such a good baby! (and he looks like baby jesus here- swaddle that baby!) -what movie?
 christmas season is here and the crafts are fantastic, but the celebration of Christ is the most best!


Mom said...

It looks so fun- your kids are going to love it!! Good job!!

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Your tree is great!! We had one growing up and it was our favorite Christmas tradition - hanging an ornament up each day!

Hailey Wolfersberger said...

You're pinterest famous now. I just pinned this to make next year when I get home! Thanks girl :)