Thursday, November 15, 2012

a turn around!!

Yesterday started off with a major frowny face. I searched everywhere for my dad’s car title and couldn’t find it. I thought the worst and overreacted! But still- I was nervous! Then, I was late to work. Then I got to work and realized I didn't have my phone. I lost my phone for four hours. I was a frazzled mess.
Well….. this just made me appreciate how awesome the day ended up turning around!
-Nobody cared that I was late for work. There were only a few people even in the office. They thought I had the day off.
-My mom text me and said they have the title in Texas
-And I searched and searched (went back and forth to my car a couple times, did the Find My Iphone app on my coworker’s ipad, called BYU Lost and Found, turned my bags inside out, etc.) Decided to pray and remembered on my walk from the car to work, I reached in my pocket and got my chapstick out. I went back to where I had gotten my chapstick out of my pocket and there, lying in the snow, was my frozen iphone! miracle! directly inspired from prayer. I warmed it up in my scarf on the way back to the building. By the time I got to my building- it was working just fine!!
-When I came into work again, I saw that we were having our monthly birthday lunch! Catered and delicious!
-My last class of the day (only 10 people showed up) so he told us some good news about our final paper and final exam and class ended early!
-This gave me more time to do my homework and free up my evening earlier!
-I went to the writing lab (and had worked really hard on my paper beforehand- for once. Normally I just write my paper in a hurry because I know they’ll correct all the mistakes. But this time I worked really hard because this writing lab Frenchman really ripped me a new one on how bad my paper was last time). At the writing lab, in a 6 page paper, he only found 15 mistakes and he said half of them weren’t even grammatical mistakes but he just suggested what would sound better! YES!!! More confidence restored in my French!
-I got home and I saw THIS:

This was absolutely the best part of the day. Even better than knowing I didn’t lose my dad’s car title or that moment I found my iphone! The love of Chase is definitely the best! Chase is such a sweetie and his random signs of love are just incredible. I love you, Mr. Snowman and Mr. Chase! What a pleasant visitor! Come to our doorstep anytime!
-Becca and Jimmy joined us for dinner at our place.
-Then we went shopping for Jimmy’s baby blessing outfit and went to Joan’s for our Christmas crafts!!! I am so excited to get started this weekend and I am so ready for December!!!
-Yes I’m excited for December but next week is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving break and Black Friday!

Yesterday started off sooooo sketch and I was hyperventilating all morning, but it turned around and was an amazing day and stress free!

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