Friday, November 23, 2012

decorate with love!

 this pic was taken one our way to chase's parents house! crazy amount of birds. 
our car got destroyed with bird poop! luckily my clean hair stayed clean! 
some people say this pic is creepy but i think it's fascinating in a good way!

It has been a great Thanksgiving break thus far. Except right now I'm missing Chase terribly. He's at work and it's a Friday night so he'll bring home the big bucks but still- I've been so sappy today and yesterday with missing him. It started yesterday when he had to work while we had our big family dinner up at his grandma sheryl's. It reminded me of those two years when I'd be a plus one with his family while he was far off in Brazil :) it was too deja vu!!! anywho- i'm so happy he's home. even though he missed a few hours of feasting- we still had some great thanksgiving day moments- some volltensocpong with the whole family! even julie got in on it! it was awesome! and we watched wreck it ralph. cute show.
anywho. i've gotten all my homework done during this shift of his tonight and i re-decorated the house!!! and tomorrow we'll be back up at the fam's! more game nights, food, and laughs! i am so grateful for family! i have such great in-laws!! and today i got to see garr, millie, and the browns! and i can't wait to see some of my fam during christmas!
also this break- we've fallen in love with racket ball. my first time playing since taking a racquetball class freshman year of byu (aka 5 years ago. woah!) and it was chase's first time. he really pummelled me! and he seriously loves it! luckily we have taylor's equipment and plan on keeping it even once tii moves up here. hahaha we'll see if we can get away with that! anywho- chase won! him and nathan were better matched, and i lost graciously..... of course.......
anywho- so like i said i redecorated some today. soooo.....some pics
i decorated the house for christmas before thanksgiving- yeah sue me! but it looks great. and i'm working on some more amazing christmas decorations but i'll save those for another post when they're 100% done. so for now- here's these:
some wall and window decorations! snowmen, ornaments, and snowflakes. presh!

also i've gotten my christmas presents early from my parents. and here they are!!! i love the canvas pictures!! 
let's get a closer look

and then a little to the right
we have these photos!!! my families!! andersons and schroedters <3>

also chase and i worked on this little project last week. we compiled the table center piece photos from our wedding to make this! (and thanks taryn for the "a"- sweet wedding pres :)!!)
in case you are wondering- that is chris keller from one tree hill on the tv being threatened by dan scott :) i'm watching too much of oth! but i love it! i need to watch gilmore girls again. i have that itch!
what a happy life! what fun photos to remind us!

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Michelle said...

Super cute!! Can't wait to see you next month!! We need a lunch, me and Taryn!!!