Tuesday, November 20, 2012

full of light

i'm feeling full of light. so i snapped this pic along with some others for this blog post. 
and i just did my hair.
it is officially thanksgiving break for me now and there's no better way to be grateful than by coming closer to God and appreciating the scriptures and the relationship i have with Him.  well i guess a better way is to actually share my testimony, too. so here's a little sharing via blog.

i feel as if this blog should show all sides of my life. so i need to take the time to share more of the spiritual part of my day- which is such an important part of who i am. the love i feel when i read the scriptures and pray to God is such a special love. being able to hear from God  and share with Him and express myself to Him and help Him answer others' prayers- amazing!
i was just thinking this morning at how amazing this love is and yet it's a different kind of love than I have for chase or for my family. the love of God and the feeling of the Holy Spirit is like nothing else. it is something that is irreplaceable. having the love of family is important, but it still doesn't fill that natural place in our hearts for God's love. because we are His children, everyone is instilled with that natural tendency to seek Him, need Him, and feel His love. it is so powerful. the perspective and peace it brings is irreplaceable. and having the love and eternal marriage with Chase makes it that much sweeter and more personal. i am not perfect at my relationship with Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit- but today I'm feeling it in the best way!
I found this quote in my scriptures that encourages me to be sitting on this couch and study, ponder, and pray tomorrow, too: Those little steps aren't hard. They're easy to do, but then again, they're also easy not to do. 
How hard is it to find 20 minutes to talk to God and hear His voice in your heart or in the scriptures? It's really not that hard. It's easy to do, but it's easy not to do, too. However, I'm never sorry when I put it as a priority. (just like I'm never sorry when I go to the gym. but that's another issue with the same principles)
I am feelin the Spirit and it is telling me to share what I know and love! In Preach My Gospel, it teaches that when you are truly converted and have a strong testimony in the Atonement, you cannot constrain yourself from sharing it with everyone. Well, this blog isn't everyone and I'd say 3% of the people that read this are not LDS but still- LDS or not- everyong needs to be uplifted- so here's my testimony! bloggin- it's one way! 

I was reading Alma Chapter 3 in the Book of Mormon. It's interesting to think about the intense doctrine of the Lamanite people being cursed with dark skin and how their personal righteousness can remove that curse or vise versa. It's a touchy subject for anti's or explaining it as a missionary but i still love learning about it and furthering my own understanding of God's ways. 
From their, I turned to Preach My Gospel where it discusses the Book of Mormon and it's importance. Some great principles that stick out to me
  • The Book of Mormon is true
  • The Book of Mormon "locks" (keystone) our testimony
  • The Book of Mormon can be understood, even by children
  • The Book of Mormon is a reminder to all of my testimony and testimonial experiences. When I read it, it brings the light back into my life and reminds me of my burning testimony and grows it even further.
  • Many people in the Book of Mormon saw Christ personally. Through the Book of Mormon, Christ is personal to me.
  • I need to share my living witness of the living Christ through the Book of Mormon. 
  • The Book of Mormon confirms the testimony of the Bible. 
  • Those who know little or nothing about the Savior will come to know Him by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon.
There is also an article in the General Conference Ensign edition that I was studying called "Being a More Christian Christian." by Elder Robert D. Hales. Amen.
Also, let's Amen some key points that are so true:
  • As Christians today, we have the opportunity to act straightway, immediately, and decisively, just as Peter and Andrew did. 
  • As we are made new in Christ, our very natures change and we no longer want to go back to our old ways.
  • The Lord's first disciples were all new members of the Church, newly converted to His gospel. Jesus patiently taught each one. He helped them fulfill their responsibilities. He called them His friends and laid down His life for them. And He has already done the same for you and for me.
as i look out my window, it's such a beautiful day and it brings a physical light into my home that i love.
and looking around my house, this drawing of Christ is such a beautiful reminder for what life is all about and how one can truly have love and show love.

oh pause! chase just rang the doorbell! and showed up from class with a surprise. he had my phone cuz he lost his and kristi called it and asked us to watch millie!!!!! she's here!! chase, too!!!! this will be fun with millie (2 year old!!) and becca and baby jimmy (needs to nurse every 5 seconds!) trying to get our crafts done later today!

well bloggin must be put to the side but i'm glad i shared this just in the nick of time! my hand is being pulled and she's turning my face with her little hand to pay attention to her! until next time :)

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