Thursday, November 1, 2012

funny flashback

This is one of the funniest stories I've heard and like to tell other people. 
So last night, when Chase found THE pictures to go along with this story. I had to post!

So 3+ years ago- when I had been getting to know Chase as a friend and I was living in Texas, I received a pic text. And this is what Chase was experiencing back in Utah. 
He was living with strangers and strange things were happening. One day, his roommate (30 years old, never been on a date, a Magic card obsesser, from Utah, ate his feelings, WWF lover, etc--- you get the pic) asked Chase if he could borrow his Ipod charger. Chase said Yes (but what he didn't know was what that would lead to.) Well Chase went to sleep and woke up the next morning. His roommate had went home for the weekend and forgot to give Chase's cord back. So Chase went in his roommate's room to retrieve his charger and turned to leave...... when out of the corner of his eye- he saw THIS:
what is that you ask? a dresser? with the drawers pulled out? and some kind of blanket sticking out? Chase's curiosity is peaked. 
Now maybe it's not appropriate to pry but he's not going to actually touch anything- just get closer to see what's going on.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Those are stuffed animals tucked into a blanket. with a pacifier placed on their mouths (what's even better is the nipples of the pacifiers are cut off so they'll lay nice and flat!!) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
We have a penguin baby, a bear baby, etc!!!!!!!!
my theory- the roomie pulled the drawers out so they could breathe while he was away for the weekend! hahaha
Chase lost it-just like i do- hard to breathe from laughing so hard when we retell this story! 
He called up my bff's apartment and told them to come over and see for themselves! He told a lot of people - hence even i received a pic text right away. Well, he needed to because he coulda woken up one day tucked into a drawer with a blankie and a binkie in his mouth! we needed to know where to find him!!!
hahahahahaha poor roommate. who's name will remain anonymous. poor roommate and creepy at the same time! 
well just a little funny flashback to put a smile on your face and make you look over your shoulder if you're walking around provo today! chase saw him last semester so he's still lurking around!!

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Kelly said...

hahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahah i LOVE this story