Saturday, November 10, 2012

quality time

i just took a quiz of what my love language is. yes this is about my seventh time taking a quiz like this over a five year period. And every time, my results are quality time. It's super important to me. With continuous quality time, someone's true character is revealed and deep bonds are formed. Memories with your love are always helpful if you're going through a rough patch, too. Time together can reveal problems and give you the time to fix them. Time can give you so much laughter and appreciation. Time can help you build a life together. I just love quality time. Service is good too for me. Words of Affirmation are appreciated too if I'm in the right mood and the sincerity rings through. Touch is essential but not the most expressive way for me. (however for Chase- touch is his love language. It's funny how different we are but we show a lot of love for each other in our respective language and in every language.) I trust Chase's touch and need his touch but overall I think women need to be careful with shallow and hidden intentions when it comes to the "love" shown through touch. That's the cynic in me with my own insincere experiences coming out. Anyways. Just thought i'd share those random words of wisdom/stupidity with you.

After I took this quiz, a couple of funny things happened with Chase and I at home and it reconfirmed to me that I need quality time. When Chase and I are sharing, laughing, and creating inside jokes, I know my love for him and our marriage is growing more solid and expanding!

One inside joke- idk if it is that funny to others but i need this written down for my life's writings! The other day I was cleaning the kitchen with my 409 and wet rag. Chase was critiquing my cleaning style and saying I need to get some water now and wipe off the chemicals. We were debating that 409 is pretty safe to just be left on the counter top and it's not going to poison you. I don't need to get a separate bucket of water and slosh it off. Then I realized maybe he didn't know exactly what 409 was so i said "This is not soap, Chase." and he just stared at me. so i continued "when you shower, you should wipe the soap off. when you wash dishes with soap, you should wash it off, but this is not soap." and he thought i was patronizing him but i was just assuming he thought it was soap. (we even called his mom who is a cleaning expert and she sided with me) but the point is- is that he knew it wasn't soap but still thinks it should be wiped off. so now for the past week..... he will grab different objects (a pillow, a water bottle, a piece of broccoli, a remote, etc.) and say "this is not soap." and i can't help but laugh hysterically. even if i'm trying to pout about something or be mad- he'll just say "this is not soap" and i crack up! was it so wrong for me to assume he wasn't up to speed on his cleaning products? apparently hahaha..

two stories from yesterday- that boy always keeps me laughing and he'll just keep it coming......

i was being a little bossy and rude to Chase when he was procrastinating the task of deep cleaning the house when i was ready to clean (our weekly tradition) and i was in the bedroom vacuuming and dusting. I came into the living room to continue vacuuming when I saw a fortress outside the kitchen. Chase had blocked me out of the kitchen (that he was happily cleaning, of course) with this "no girls" sign. hahaha who are we? children from swan princess?! hahahah they have true love, too- so i guess that's what you do when you are madly in love.

don't mind my terrifying, dramatic face. i was on the phone with my fav lovely cousin- laur- and chase was feeling neglected. he was about to leave for work and he gets extra needy around this time because he just wants to spend every second with me and not go to work.  so i am on the phone and i get smacked in the face with a pillow. i decided to pretend nothing happened. then he threw another pillow. and another. and then couch cushions (heavy- i had to start paying attention because those were dangerous) and soon i was covered with every cushion in our whole house! ( of course i took a pic before i retaliated) eventually he won- because i was covered, told my cousin i had to go, and retaliated to his childlike behavior with my childlike behavior of attacking him. just what he wanted. i'm such a submissive wife :)

i just love Chase so much. I know marriage is always changing with life: graduation, real jobs, moving states, church callings, kids, teenagers, grandkids, etc..... but for now, I'm so content with this chapter and just loving our life together :)

ok well chase is at work again and i finished all my hw! so it gives me time to go see becca and baby jimmy. until next time!

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