Monday, November 12, 2012

social givings and thanks

This is the month of Thanks and Givings. I feel like I have a lot to be grateful for. Lately I have been wanting to be more social, find more opportunities to serve and share my testimony, have more laughter, and focus more on my daily spiritual feastings. Well- I haven’t just been praying for these opportunities. I’ve also been pushing myself and making the first moves. I’ve noticed a big difference as I’ve put more priorities on these goals and I’ve been feeling so grateful. To give and to give thanks- this is where real joy in life comes.
Saturday night I had to work the football game (aka guard the Cougar club room.) It was a late game and a long shift. Luckily, Chase worked the day shift until 4 pm and could come with me! What a blessing- he was hesitant and exhausted but he came along and was a trooper. it was so fun. We watched the game some but it was a blowout, so we just sat there, people watched, and must have been tired because everything was so hilarious to us. I had those giddy feelings just by being with him- like the ones you get on first dates. It was awesome.
Then last night, we had the fultons, fairwells, astles, and scholtes over for games! It was a hoot. Zero and The game of things and Taboo- they never disappoint. Especially the last two. Pure hilariousness! And you can really scare off new friends OR realize you both have the strangest sense of humor and you have serious competitiveness in common, by playing games. Sometimes having new people over is intimidating and can be awkward- so it’s easier to just wait for people to invite you- but I’m glad I made the first move because last night was absolutely hilarious and a great icebreaker! One of those couples was our next door neighbors and we finally can now say we know who they are- they are an awesome, cute, funny couple with a cute baby! I feel so grateful for friends, fellowship, and good times! 
Yesterday was a good day for my goals: personal scripture study, church attendance, the hometeachers and us had some great personal testimonies voiced, tithing settlement, and the game night! Check and check! Having friends over really helps me and Chase learn even more about each other and value each other more. When you are in a social setting, you treat each other with more respect and see each other through new eyes. It helps us to not get too comfortable or take each other for granted. I just love Chase and our little get together last night with friends! We are a social pair and I love that it’s a part of our relationship!

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