Monday, December 10, 2012

a not so bad monday!

we're just laying back and watching one of my favs..... the swan princess! it really is a fantastic movie! now millie is seeing the joy. well currently she is jumping from ottoman to cushion but she was loving it!
it's finals week. happy day. luckily, my senior self has it pretty easy this semester! i already finished 3.5 finals and i have 1.5 left (and those 1.5 are scheduled. one of those is a oral presentation en anglais! my powerpoint is already done! so nbd!)
today we had a mini blizzard. the sun is out somewhat now so that's nice! the fallen snow with the bright sun- perfect snow playing weather!
this last weekend was great. work party. ward party. took some finals. oh christmas season is in full swing!!
there is so much to be grateful for! let's count 10 of my blessings:
1. consistent scripture study and couples study that has been habitual as of late- crucial for my testimony in Jesus. it feels great to have His Spirit and the Christmas Spirit (one in the same?) abiding in our home.
2. happy marriage to chase
3. final sprint towards graduation and my amazing time at byu
4. little millie moo time
5. extended family and friends- esp our upcoming christmas party and the upcoming texas adventure
6.  swan princess and other love stories that inspire me
7. more free time that allows me to read whatever i so desire- i've been trying to read life of pi since august- i'm finally getting some pages read! half way i'd say. and i just found out they've made a movie- parfait timing!
8. christmas traditions
9. netflix- no joke! genius of an invention and an admirable price!
10. this beautiful home that we have made our own
11. i can't stop at 10. my health has been pretty good considering! looks like the stress of marriage isn't too much for my fragile little body to handle- it's been going great digestively. well great to my standards!
12. this amazing christmas season and the fact that it turns so many to christ- even if it only is christmas mass once a year- it's something! and it's a magical time!

well i'll continue my gratitude in my mind. and for now-
i captured some cute pics so i must blog them up!

the other day we were going to go see the lights at the riverwoods but she fell asleep in the car. and i had no stroller. so we just made it a nice drive. we must see t2 (temple square) this year of course, too. perhaps through the front runner?
it officially opened for service today but on saturday they had it open as a free day for anyone. hence the lines. i live about three blocks from this location so it's sweet! except a sketch place to leave thousands of cars parked and unattended all day. 
i'm excited to go up to layton this way from now on! and t2!oh oh city creek!
i made this binder of stories, songs, and scriptures to go with my ornament/tree craft of 25 days of christmas calendar!
first page (for each day) is a scritpure from Luke 2 or Matthew 2. and a song.
then there is a great christmas story to share and warm your hearts for each day, too.!
here are some links to some of my fav stories. and if you want the whole binder attachment- i could email it to you :) anywho. some of my fav christmas stories!
and 21 more
we had some fun in the snow today! we tried to build a snowman but i'm not very good at it and it was already melting. so we took a stroll around the neighborhood and millie got the VIP seat.

she was super happy to be out in the snow- don't let this pic fool you. i had to bribe her with a movie to get her inside- don't want her getting pneumonia on my watch!
us enjoying the movie!! my little love bug.

you can see our canoodling doesn't bother millie's entrapment with the show at all. not one bit.
 the king (odette's dad- what is his name? i'm watching it and i can't even remember) just died. tough scene! "it's not what it seems!" 
King William- it just came to me when proofreading! yes!

my blog has become so engrossed in pictures. i don't know what i'd really talk about without them :) a pic makes every post better! ok over and out- a dirty diaper is calling my name and a choking hazard! urgent!

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