Sunday, December 2, 2012

christmas cheer!

the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! and oh boy did we sing at my family christmas party this saturday! that was my favorite part actually. nobody just sings as a group anymore. nobody carols anymore! well..... we sang all sorts of christmas songs and the joy of the season was abundant! we also had delicious food and played games and visited!
yesterday was a crazy christmas day. chase had to work. and he's working now. he's been working a lot and i'm so grateful! 
also yesterday, we went to the byu christmas party to see santa, do some crafts, and eat some sweets!
then we drove to roosevelt for porter's baptism and the family christmas party!
fun times at the byu christmas party! then we jetted off to the fam christmas party!
what a doll! she was so cute and fun in the car! she has quite the set up! 
she made me a little carsick though by forcing me to color with her! 
also, she's getting good at my name..... finally!
didn't get the best pics of the party or the party ppl! 

but i did snap this gem of colt and millie. millie kept call him "my baby! where's my baby?" hahahaha. it was adorable!
on the way home we stopped at walmart in heber. and i know bathroom pictures are so last year and awk and grotty. but..... well i have no excuse really... except that these are funny!
 please look at this stall set up? what in the world! millie insisted on sitting in it and threw a fit till i buckled her in! hahahah. i've never seen one of these bucket seats before.... but the more i thought about it- it does make sense. if you're in the middle of your business and your child crawls and escapes under the stall.... you could be in trouble. hahahahaha.

 hahahaha posing it up! old school!

on another note- i dyed my hair again! aka kristi dyed it. thanks! i'm loving it! 
 and this morning- i had a nightmare about not being able to find chase at a hospital (long weird dream story) and then i woke up to actually not being able to find him! 
he sometimes sleep walks to the couch but he wasn't out there! i started calling his name and turned the corner.... and found him here. (yes i did turn the light on to take the pic. how courteous of me) anyways...... i remember he would do this pre-mission and apparently he's done it ever since he was little-  sleeping on the floor with his feet over the heating vents...... what the? it doesn't make much sense to me- a comfy warm soft bed OR a hard floor with minimal heat on the feet. hahahaha. i love this goon of mine.


Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Love your hair! Also, those bucket seats in the bathroom stalls have saved me a number of times... :)

Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Haha. Our girls don't look like they were having the best time seeing Santa, but I know they had fun because Charlotte kept asking to play with Millie all day! (actually, I thought she was saying Minnie - it took me all day to figure out she was actually saying Millie!!!) Thanks for being such a super-awesome Auntie!