Thursday, December 27, 2012

cray cray christmas

Fun fact: I haven't been home for Christmas in four years! Since the Christmas before I studied abroad in France! crazy stuff huh?! 
2009- my fam came up to Utah
2010- mission
2011- anderson christmas with elder anderson coming home
it feels soooo good to be home for over two weeks!! it's been a week so far and it's going fantastic! so many adventures, laughs, weirdos (aka us), and fun times!
we have played a lot of games! volltensocpong, wits and wagers, taboo, name game, wall ball, basketball, pacman tag, frisbee, crash bandicoot, mafia, xbox dance central, pino and acha, pictionary, password, etc!! 

this was a pre-christmas activity! we made plates of cookies and then delivered them to people's houses via caroling! chase worked very hard on these two cookies while everyone else frosted all the ones to the left...... he's an artist. he can't be rushed. he carved his own shapes and made his own path of frosting iced beauties. hahaha! 

we have been hottubbing a lot. and this is how taylor looks afterwards. he is quite the hunky stud. obvy!

the schroedter house is quite the hotspot! a crowded house of loved ones! it's good to play games with everyone and their other half. the more the merrier. caleb is officially the 9th wheel- but he doesn't notice. he's 10! this is grant's petite amie- dani! she's pretty great and we haven't scared her away yet- aka she has tough skin with a high tolerance of crazy! 

Christmas Eve we reinacted the Nativity Story! of course! I was Mary. Chase wanted to be my husband- naturally...........but he made a better donkey. in no way a pun! 

i swaddled baby Jesus like a pro!
baby Jesus- what it's all about!

 Christmas morning Caleb woke up at 4:30 and was so excited that Santa came. he slept at the foot of my parent's bed until 6.
according to my mom- she didn't get much sleep cuz she kept hearing "i'm so excited! i'm just so excited" every now and then. cute!
i wish all the grandkids coulda been here! but skyping them was a-dor-a-ble, too!!

this pretty much sums us up- it's 6 am- no place to judge!
 but here is the other pic that is more public friendly.

of course after such an early morning- taryn i had to take a nap. 
you know you woke up early when you are taking a nap from 8-10 am!
what a delicious breakfast and morning of presents, giving, and love! 

yesterday we went to the most amazing place (apparently there is a new place like it in Provo- Hang Time [click on it for more info- supposedly $10 a person. cheaper than houston! worth it! we'll be there!]) 
this place was called SkyZone. you had trampolines everywhere. also sections of trampolines for basketball, foam pit, and dodgeball. Dodgeball was definitely our favorite! We'd have 15 on 15. I learned a ton of strangers' names, gained a reputation, and made besties with some black sisters! it was super fun!

my fav thing about being home for christmas is spending time with my family! and another great perk- delicious food but just as much active exercising to counter it! everyday we are working out, biking, skyzoning, volltensocponging, running, etc! so it's the best of both worlds! eat eat eat! calorie burning calorie burning! guiltless guiltless guiltless!

one example of our little work outs. this is taryn and i doing what we do best. hahahahahahahaahah.
dance central 2 on the xbox kinect (boys christmas present) -the lovely xbox caught this amazing pic!  taryn has an xbox too so she's bringing it to provo and we're gonna be getting cray cray!

spectators- danny didn't love dancing as much as us- but she got up there quite a bit! proud! this pic...... sums them up pretty much.

today, chase had his first taste of the great texan Whataburger! he was more than impressed. delicious. and i like this pic cuz my hair looks cute :) conceited!

another couple just as cute....... shifty eyes.......

ok well i shall write more later. happy christmas break! get a little cray cray- you'll feel better :)

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