Monday, December 17, 2012

just like Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, the Andersons go to Grandma and Grandpa's for a family Christmas party! This year a lot of us are at our in-laws or having a surgery or what not for the actual Eve night- so we had the party last night! The food was delicious! The company was amazing! The games were entertaining! The conversation was flowing! The presents were awesome! And the spirit of love was abound!
 Some of the fam! 
(please notice Chase and Bryton's "ciara face"- is Troy doing it too? 
What the! hahahah. we LOVE you, Ciara! 
and Ci, you are actually making a perfectly cute face in this pic!)

 Grandma Sheryl makes matching PJs for the single grandkids (or great-grandkids now) every year! She is so talented! and I'm now inspired to make myself a night gown (like Char). I'm serious!
 I love these clowns 
and I also love my new present from Grandma and Grandpa Pearson!
Grandma also makes quilts for all of her grandkids- not every year! I held onto Chase's quilt and loved on it while he was in Brazil and now it's one of the many layers on our bed right now! It is so warm and beautiful! 
Well this year, the in-laws received their own blankets! Me and Kina were tickled! We are officially initiated and obsessing over our blankets! 
Mine is rainbow animal print with a pink back! Grandma and Tracy said it screamed me when they saw the fabric and they were spot on! Perfection!
Their house is so cute and decorated amazing for Christmas- so of course I captured this magical moment with my favorite Christmas treat! It's crazy to think that last year (old blog post) we were reunited after the mish and starting this amazing chapter! I can remember the Christmas Eve party last year and all the overwhelming emotions! 
What a great blessing my family is to me!

Also side note- when we were at the in-law Andersons before the party- we exchanged Christmas presents since we'll be in Texas for Christmas this year. They lead us out to the garage and said "a brand new car" and we laughed.... but honestly, when we got to the garage, we saw this!!! It felt like a brand new car! I couldn't believe it! What an extravagant, perfect gift! Thank you so much, Dave and Julie! And Chad and Kina for the sweeeeet utensil/cooking set to go with it! Yes, we will have to chain it up like crazy with four steel proof covers for our neighborhood- but it's the perfect gift! Chase is extra excited- aka his domain- and I'm excited for the delicious food and bbq gatherings!

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Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Awesome gift! Wanna invite us for dinner? ;)