Tuesday, December 4, 2012

millie monkey

Today has been quite the day! Millie was dropped off this morning and that means no work shift for me. But having a 2 year old feels like more "work" than my office job! We had so much fun today! Stress+fun=a productive day in my books! I have such a special bond and love for my niece Millie. She is such a hoot and a special spirit (don't assume that means she's unattractive- cuz we can see she is the cutest little girl!)

my little monkey! she was hugging on my neck and chase's neck all day! good thing she's light- it's a little strangling but more cute!

then she helped me with the laundry. then the dishes. and in the dish process she got soaked! so i had to leave her shirtless. this is millie and chase hooked on tv time! cute!

and i had to take her on campus for my group project sesh in the library and go to my one class today (this situation + finals week is fantastic timing! hahaha) helps me feel extra accomplished by the end of the day!
 annie was such a good friend to tag team help me with this sleepy baby on campus!

i have many videos on my phone of her from today! mills crawling around the ottoman again and again, her spinning and falling over dizzy, her singing, her dancing- but they're quite lengthy. this one is short and still cute! she did this over and over for way too long! she would get tired and then 30 minutes later- she's back at it! how great that i live close to this sweetie! cute little monkey!

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