Thursday, December 13, 2012

one more final!

oh it's a beautiful night! i have one more final (aka oral presentation!) tomorrow!!! it should be cake! so i feel home free already! so much is going on these next few days and i'm stoked.
babysitting tomorrow night
chase's ward basketball game saturday
our first hosted christmas party saturday evening (this party is gonna be legen-dary and i've put so much work into it! i hope it goes like my mind's eye sees it! so grateful to be able to throw a party for some serious loved ones!)
[p.s. kelly (publicly i'd like to) thank you for the allowance of th usurption and passing up a free jazz game for my (originally yours before the usurping) party]
sunday is grandma sheryl's christmas party
monday is a tsquare night with some husbands and mish buddies
and tuesdays has potential!
then wednesday....... TEXAS!!!
now if you want to stalk me- you can! i make it so easy with this blog!

so my day started off with a little bit of this at work!
then chase got sick while i was at work. so when i came home, we watched diary of a mad black woman (best seller right there!) it was his first time watching it even though i swear that's impossible. say what?? he sees where many of my life quotes come from now! but honestly!! i can't see myself marrying someone without them approving of this fantastic movie first! good thing he loved it after the permanent serious sealing! oh this diary of this mad crazy hilarious black woman!! my favorite movie! then it's white chicks. then robin hood men in tights. you see my style. 

also today, i went over to becca's and we did this. thank goodness she has a machine that can cut vinyl- hand painting this? no thanks! 
we bought the wood from home depot, paint, vinyl, etc! it turned out fantastic! 

and then a little bit of this happened. left over paint. and yes it is from home depot so i'm pretty sure it won't wash off. chase is still wearing it cuddled up in bed with a tummy ache. hahahahaha (not the ache part but the paint part.)
we went to walmart to buy the mountainous supplies for our party! while he looked like Mr. Stache Creep! but anywho, it got me so excited for saturday and gave me so many laughs for all the stares we received at walmart- if walmart people are staring at you- you know you got hillbilly weirdo issues. yes, yes, we do! what a nutcase that i feel so blessed to have and to hold who makes me laugh constantly!

ok i need to keep practicing my presentation!! until next time!

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