Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Lovely Temple Square

I had such an amazing night last night at Temple Square! I went with one of my companions, her husb, and some friends. We took the front runner and it was actually a great, smooth ride. The city really did a good job with that set up!
This is the Chase face. He's not looking forward to all the pics I'm about to force upon him :) 
We're waiting for the train. 
 Stop at the Tabernacle
had some tender moments with Chase (esp in the small film: God's Plan For His Family)
Chase talked to me about how he finally sees how it must have been for me to serve there and then have to leave such an amazing mission! We talked to some amazing Temple Square sisters, gave some referrals, and totally shared some spiritual moments! What an uplifting!
what a great group of friends!
p.s. it's been snowing like the dickens!! for the past 24 hours!
hopefully it won't slow us down on our way up to the Forgotten Carols tonight. 
what a great week and tomorrow at the crack of dawn- aka 5 am- we'll be on our way to Texas! you better be good to us snow!

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