Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our New Tradition!

Our new tradition will be to have a Christmas party every year!
One tradition I loved having in my fam growing up was game nights! We'd have different families and friends over! Sometimes just our family- either way- games are a part of who I am! It is always amazing. Chase and I have been doing that ourselves since we've been married and tonight we had a big Christmas party! I was nervous for all the time and effort put it. I was nervous for how small our house is. I was nervous if people would come! But all for nothing! It was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who came!
my effort to be festive! christmas cheer!

People started showing up! We had some food and socializing!

this is the portion of food i prepared but everyone brought a little something something and we had a feast! puppy chow, 7 layer dip, veggies, cookies, popcorn, brownies, cherry 7up, dr pepper, water, candy, fudge, chips, etc!
and then of course we got right to the games! pictionary on white boards! it got intense and was a close game. my team won! no surprise. jk (not about the win- but about the pompous attitude)
it was actually really crazy and we had a lot of ties that we had to re-do! good crowd! good crowd!
then we played the hoola hoop game (aka you all hold hands and have to get a hoola hoop over/under/passed through your body to the next and if the music stops and it's on your left hand- you are out!) a little walmart gift card as the prize! i didn't get any pics of this hilarious throwdown! i was too enthralled in watching and participating that i forgot about documenting! but it was great. trust me! anywho- kelly won! what a talented bending gymnast!
we exchanged white elephant gifts and definitely had some favs! the leathermen swiss army knife. the cookie jars. the fanny pack. the angry birds underwear..... you'll see.

and yes this happened.......
i'm so proud. and ps that angry bird underwear got stolen from me! i was upset. but this picture just might have been worth it! Chase's new mode of carrying his things for school aka fanny pack! 

we then played the name game! 
and then ppl started to leave! ahhh i didn't take enough pics! but i got a few more!
p.s. i got too hot from running around and gettin crazy that i had to change into this lovely tshirt. small detail. 
thanks ali, bryan, annie, lance, aj, becca, jimmy, kristi, millie, kelly, lance, reagan, clark, ashley, brooke, johan, jordan, camilla, and chase for an AWESOME night! Merry Christmas to these loved ones!

also yesterday we gave millie her christmas presents (thanks pappa and grandma in texas!) she loved it! these pics are for you pops and mamma! you have one happy granddaughter! miss you! see you in 4 days!

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