Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas time!

Christmas is in the air! It is less than two days away so it makes sense :) My house is deep cleaned (i'm talking mopped kinda cleaned!), the laundry is going, and the baby is napping! We are prepping up for Christmas Eve and Christmas with the Andersons and the following week with the Schroedter's in Texas for T&T's wedding and a week of ringing in the happy New Year!

This time of year is always so amazing!! I hope I never have a tragedy during this season bc I want to keep it pure and only ever have good memories!

Yesterday at church, the talks and messages were focused on Christmas and it was powerful.
Giving, not getting, brings to full bloom the Christmas spirit. Enemies are forgiven, friends remembered, and God obeyed. The spirit of Christmas illuminates the picture window of the soul, and we look out upon the world’s busy life and become more interested in people than things. To catch the real meaning of the “spirit of Christmas,” we need only drop the last syllable, and it becomes the “Spirit of Christ.”
Ain't that the truth!!!! Can I get an AMEN :)
I also taught my last sharing time at my old ward yesterday and it was the most Spirit-led, successful one yet. I'm really gonna miss that Primary and call me crazy but after a couple weeks in RS, I can see myself wanting to be back into Primary! 2 years just wasn't enough! I was only in the Presidency for 6 short months and I was just getting the groove and that calling was beginning to feel like home- which is exactly why God wanted me to move, I'm sure. Not much growth occurs when you are too comfortable.
Oh no- the baby is stirring! False alarm. Good girl, Capri. 
Well I better cut this short bc I need to finish reading Insurgent before Texas so I can return it to ma mere and I'm at a great part (the whole series is pretty great and yet the whole different factions/districts controlled by the government is a little too cliche these days! (hunger games, matched, divergent, etc. But I still enjoy 'em and like seeing them put into movie form.) With this new move and job, I've found myself reading more rather than being hooked to Netflix and I'm quite enjoying the change/improvement.
Ok pics and then signing off :)
 Had a lil double date at outback with this sweet couple this weekend.
Then, later that night you coulda found us with 15 other chuck employees sledding till past midnight! someone brought a hollowed out box spring and you could fit quite the crew in that baby. i love sledding!! the walking up the hill is always killer but good for ya! 

whenever me and chase are having a hard time. well let's get real- whenever i'm having a hard time and chase is trying to figure me out ;) i almost always turn to the scripture for some perspective. i found this when searching under love! it's the truth! as i repent, i feel my cold heart warming up and the love blossoming.

the judgment on their faces! hahaha. it's funny how familiar Cpari is with iphone pic taking and it's almost like she knows just what to do and where to look! i babysat my friend's lil babe with Capri while I was on duty for the Storage Unit!! and it was quite the experience and they both are just the cutest. it went really well in all honesty :) and it's crazy what 6 more months can do for a baby! i try not to be eager for capri to grow up, but babysitting naomi was so fun!

speaking of capri growing up- she just hit her 3 month milestone! crazy! i want to know her stats!! but it will have to wait till her 4 month check up! also on her 3 month birthday, it was also the 2 year anniversary of chase returning home from brazil! that day will always be so amazing in my heart and memory! what a blessing to be with chase every day and the whole on two different continents thing is over!!! 
one of my fav clips from the homecoming video i made! i screamed so loud and i'm sure the whole airport was disturbed but the anderson crew was elated!! 
 another fav! total honor in his return! you can see it in his face! 
the infamous handshake!!

well the pics are dwindling down and i hope y'all have a Merry Christmas! We already opened our Christmas presents and Chase did so well at getting me exactly what I wanted!!! I really have a patience problem with presents! And we won't be coming back down after tomorrow afternoon anywho! We didn't plan it. We just woke up on Saturday morning and felt the need to celebrate with our presents! And more justification.......Now we can focus on Christ and family for the rest of the season! 

our early Christmas morning!
I love hanging out with this goob all day every day!! Her lil soul is even cuter than her physical, unarguable, impeccable, baby cuteness!
 Look at that lil face! She knows how cute she is :) And so does everyone else!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

sick baby C

I have a sick baby on my hands and it's torturous. I just put her down next to me on the bed with oodles of cuddly blankets on her! Take it easy- I'm sitting right here and can see her! 
But oh a little baby being sick! Rough! It isn't the worst kind of bad because she is still always smiling and sleeping pretty well, but she has a blocked nose and pathetic little cough. The cough started two days ago and I thought she was learning how to fake cough or something as she explored her vocal chords. I even sent my mom, dad, and sister a video of her weird fake coughing. 
But then the runny nose came and the pug dog breathing problems started. And when she sneezes- she sure clears out those pipes. Lovely. 
I texted my fam and asked them for their prayers for her little sickness and when I explained her silly breathing noise, they all referenced Lauryn's late dog, Pickles. You could hear that dog breathe across the yard. Childhood summer memories. 
Anywho- I hate to see her sick but I count my blessings bc it doesn't seem to be getting worse and she doesn't seem to bothered by it. Keep the humidifier, vapor rub, and baby tylenol (right before bedtime) comin'!!
What an angel. 

And all is going well here with week three of the job. 

I've also found and purchased my bridesmaid dress for T&T's wedding so that's lovely. Thank you Kerri and Jane for letting me drag you around the mall with my indecisiveness :)

Lauryn (the one with the dog Lauryn) came for a visit yesterday while I was working. The perks of my job. Not a single phone call or doorbell ring the whole time she was there. The whole morning really! Thanks for coming down Laur! We don't see her enough! but we love her oodles. and I think Capri's happy demeanor may push her to pop one out sooner than later ;) eh eh! no rush though. don't let others pressure you- this mothering thing ain't no hobby or weekend activity!

Chase and I will be doing the last of our family Christmas shopping tomorrow and I believe he's finishing all his last minute projects and finals today! Looks like relaxation and date nights are in our future!! 

We had dinner at our friend Ee's yesterday (his name is Ee Chien Chua. it's memorable!) and he is the best cook and I got take home food!! He and his roommate were hilarious and we had so much fun laughing all night while poor Capri just wanted to go to bed in her crib! but she just sat there in a daze and impressing everyone with her quietness. I want to make cooking a hobby like he has done over the past few years! Serious skill! 

Oh also I got my hair did yesterday! I told Michelle to go blonde blonde blonde! and she took that to heart! she did a great job (when I don't look at it attached to my face!) haha. but really. even in the past 24 hours it's grown on me. the hair looks great. does it look great with my face? the jury is still out! i'm liking it more and more and glad i had the courage just to see what it'd look like. perfect for timeless wedding pics that the fam will always look at! hahah. 
i'm so glad I found Michelle bc she really knows how to do hair! and she's awesome! and she lives by my in-laws so they watch Capri while I'm over there!  

Well all is well and I will leave you with pictures of my happy day:
 she likes to snuggle in our bed when she wakes up in the morning
 these two! you gotta admit that this is one cute pic!
the blonde that Capri apparently likes!
 haha but really Chase was standing over her making her laugh! 
Our happy little blue bird! (what movie?)

Friday, December 13, 2013

this new chapter

We are officially all moved in :) and i just got home from deep cleaning our old place! we get half our month's rent back! holla! and thank you T&T for all your help with the cleaning and moving and babysitting this whole week!! Couldn't do it (as easily) without the family we have close by. 
It's tough work moving with a 2 month old! but it was worth it. 
I have been working by myself on my shifts with Dee just a flight of stairs away- but I haven't needed to run and get her bc she trained me so well and this job is a well-oiled machine. I'm really enjoying it and loving our new little home. It's exciting to unpack and have a fresh new start with all your old things! It's a new kind of home- i've done it all growing up. new house, same household items. it's a cool feeling! 
we still need to get 2 bedroom dressers, a baby dresser, and a couch so i'll spare you house pics because it's kinda cray cray. we'll get on that when we get back from texas in january. we'll take our time! and we had a little set back with fixing the deer-damaged car! but we'll get there ;) money saving is in our future with this new gig anywho! and the car looks brand spanking new!! what a blessing!
ok back to this new chapter. a few pics of my fav parts of the house so far.
a pop of color makes it home

dryer and washer in different rooms...... makes it hard with nap time (washer in the baby's room) but first world problems right? 

the kitchen and living room is one room but i've come to like it. and you can see the corner of my makeshift couch for the tv.

and i caught capri watching tv.... sneaky baby. her hair is still out of control and chase made the comment that it looks like the volume is making her hair stand on end. hahah
she's getting to like her bumbo a little more these days. we're working on it :) please excuse my baby voice in this precious vid. 

here is a view from the office chair to my ap't. you can see my front door through that side window. the christmas tree is barely visible. that's my ap't. shortest commute ever :)

Chase brought this icicle in from outside. Insane! 
And this morning I did the daily lock checks (Chase normally does but he was extra busy with finals) and it was colddddd and I found more cool icicles. 
[Classic girlie pic. takes a pic of herself when trying to "show the scenery" (or wtv she is trying to advertise) ]

Well everything is great here. It's good to be moved out and moved in and enjoying life again. Moving was stressful and didn't bring out the best of myself or Chase. 
My sister told me this when she moved across the country this summer but now i believe it. i have one less baby then her and only moved 9 blocks. but i still felt the stress! 
this next quote is interesting. i don't think it will take us 2 years to adjust (bc this already feels like home) and we both make friends quick and live close to our old ones still- but it's still an interesting pretty true quote:

"The stress caused by relocating is 2nd only to the death of a loved one. And like dealing with a death, it takes about 2 years before a family fully recuperates and begins to feel at home in their new location. This is true even when you have only moved a few blocks, but the stress a family experiences can be exacerbated by factors such as financial difficulties, starting a new job, children starting in new schools, and leaving friends and family behind. "

Alright moving on. We had the Anderson Christmas party and it was a blast. We played the "amazing race" type challenges and had delicious food and a great present swap and got to see all the babies and adults!
 our little reindeer

and aunt ciara made these outfits for her nieces. 

she's talking a lot these days. bless her heart if she's a mini me!!! again with the baby voices :) apologies:

And some last minute pics that warm my heart:
 Can't wait to see these cuties in 1 week and 6 days! and grant and garr and cay and dad and etc!!

 Chase is really into snapchat these days. hahahah capturing this pic is epic! going in her baby book for sure :)

I'm so happy to be in my new home blogging, watching grey's, and eating my toaster strudel with my husband and baby sleeping in their beds having sweet dreams about me i'm sure :) it's a very merry christmas time here in the anderson home! merry christmas to all and to all a good night. 

Friday, December 6, 2013


I'm sitting at my new job! I'd be in my apt but we haven't moved anything in yet- that will be a job for this weekend and next week..... so I'm at the desk! Training went so well this week and this job is a great fit for our family and me since I'm the main employee for our family. Chase will learn everything but it's mostly on me since he has his chuck job and school. The office and grounds are quiet, Capri is sleeping in her swing, and this prayer of gratitude in my heart is huge.
And I'm texting Kelly and she paid me a nice compliment about how I'm an awesome mom with so much going on and it reminded me of my not-so-good but hilarious mom moments this week that luckily turned out okay.
The other on-site manager family is awesome. They have a little boy who is four and he is so cute and sweet. He LOVES Capri and is also very curious about her. Which is good because his mom is prego so he can get all his mistakes and learning done with Capri before his new sibling comes. Hahah a good thing and a bad thing. My first day of training he asked Chase if Capri would like some popcorn. So chase warned me to keep a close eye on Capri when Kal was around. The next day me and Dee (his mother) were seeing if they finished painting and cleaning the carpets of my new apt. We came back to the office and Kal had found my trail mix. He said, "the baby was hungry!" I scurry over there and find an M-n-M in Capris mouth!!!!!! Oh my word! I started cracking up though! (Because everything was okay- let's be honest.) Dee sat him down and talked with him about how babies only drink milk and only her mommy can feed her that milk! Important clarification needed! then about an hour later I'm holding Capri but I see him over SITTING in her swing!!!!! Yah we don't wanna have to replace that expensive swing! Hahah. And just now he came downstairs (where Capri was asleep in her swing) and started tickling her. Hahaha she woke up with a jolt but once I asked him to stop- she went right back to sleep thankfully! Hahahaha even though it's a lil more stress to watch those two interact- I love how cute they are and how much Kal loves her! kids are awesome It's all new to him so his obsession might wear out but we'll see.
And I can promise you their will be some funny stories of the tenants as well- small glimpse: we had a divorce on our hands and the husband and wife got separate storage units. the couple broke into each other's units, the husband broke into the wife's cars, the husband stole the wife's gate access code, the wife pepper sprayed the husband, etc (most of this not on our property but they told us all of their personal problems!) luckily the husband decided to find a different storage facility two days ago so the drama should be nonexistent now!!
I'm glad with all that's going on this week (new job, training, packing, moving, weather, mothering, chase's finals, his job, my calling, etc) that there have been some good laughs!!
this lil girl has been an angel all week while i've been getting trained!
she sure knows how to make a good first impression!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Storage Unit Manager

Yesterday at around 4 pm I was offered the manager position for a storage unit property here in Provo!
This was a serious answer to prayer! It came right when it was decision time for us and I feel so welcome at this new home already.
I started training yesterday and will train for about a week.
Then we will move in. So I'm guessing this weekend or Monday or Tuesday we will move in.
We already sold all the furniture we need to (this place is smaller so we need to downsize- which chase is thrilled about bc he loves to declutter) and i want some new furniture anyways :)!!!
We still have a lot to move even with selling half our furniture, but luckily we get a storage unit for free, too! it will be awesome once we're settled in and living this new chapter fully.
It's crazy with Christmas 3 weeks away, finals for Chase, and T&T's wedding in Houston but we welcome the chaos! and we'll still focus on this important time of year for our Savior. oh so many blessings.
well i'm keeping this one short and to the point- i'm listening to some training mp3 tracks on itunes before tomorrow's work day with my co-manager and regional manager. and i'm tired so i need to catch some zzzz's asap. ok over and out.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

fast sunday

so today was fast sunday (i forgot! classic. but i'm nursing so i'm not expected to fast anyways. and with my uc i haven't fasted in the past four years anyways. i should try again. once the nursing and pregnancies stops.... ok tangent. back to the topic at hand.) anyways. i wasn't going to go up to bear my testimony because i went up last month. and chase had to work so i was at church by myself. and then i hit capri's head on the bench when i was trying to rock her to sleep and her fussiness escalated for the rest of the sacrament meeting (yeah many people saw me book it out of there. great timing= when the brethren were just standing up to approach the sacrament table after the first prayer on the bread. and i was on the row behind them. nice! and it's nice that i'm more concerned with the fact that others were watching me then my screaming child and her pain. another classic.
when i came back, my friend behind me said it's all good bc her son rolled off the bed when he was a baby. hahaha. and her son used to be in my primary class and he is the sweetest. so i believe her. ok done with tangent #2) so towards the end of the meeting i was really feeling inspired to get up, but it was already going over on time so i told myself i'd share my thoughts in primary. but then i wanted to talk about hitting a deer and thought that might scar the children. so i am now sharing it on this blog.
We went out to Roosevelt for thanksgiving (well the two days before) and chase had to work a double on thanksgiving and had to be at work early. hence we decided to drive back the night before (in the dark.) so he could get as much sleep as possible. we left my uncle's, packed up our stuff at my grandma's, and started driving. then we pulled over still in the neighborhood because we remembered we needed to pray for a safe journey. after the prayer, i felt a lot better about driving and felt the Spirit in our car. we had a nice drive talking and capri slept the whole time- what an angel. we are about half an hour outside of provo and in the city of heber, when i see a deer on the other side of the road hopping along. i shout "chase a deer!" and he hits the breaks. we get down to about 30 miles per hour and this (dumb [not very spiritual i know but this deer is thick]) deer hops along our car for a few strides and then jumps right in front of our car. it was all in a matter of five seconds with chase shouting some vulgarity (again- not spiritual) AND YET- it was a super spiritual experience for me. i saw the deer beforehand (which was a miracle in itself with the dark night with no moon) and that gave us a chance to slow way down. and chase handled his driving so calmly and perfectly and i know he was calmed by the Spirit. (i'm glad he was driving bc if i was driving i'm sure i would have panicked and over corrected or damaged us more) and the deer seriously barely hit us (even though it was a fully grown mamma deer). it broke our grill and flew to the side denting the side of our car and that was that (i'm talking to the insurance and going to the dealership tomorrow. chase's uncle is our insurance guy so we'v talked some already.) i'm so grateful it didn't come through our windshield. i'm so grateful we are all safe and capri slept through the whole thing. it was one of those special moments in my life when I KNOW angels were with us and guiding us. i should probably be more annoyed with the damage and hassle but it's so minor and i'm so grateful for the safety that we did receive, the witness of angels, and how this nasty accident turned into a spiritual experience.

Charles H. Spurgeon
“The Lord's mercy often rides to the door of our heart upon the black horse of affliction.”
― Charles H. Spurgeon

Amen to this guy! Black horse. Brown deer. Potato. Potato. 
p.s. when i googled "blessings and trials", President Monson was quoted most in this secular google world. People recognize good fruit from a real prophet whether they see him that way or not. 
i.e. my friend (definitely not mormon) is always instagramming quotes from the prophets on monday mornings for her pick me ups. WORD! (tangent #3 over)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Capri's baby blessing weekend

Our little girl was blessed on Sunday and it was such a blessing!

Picture this: they announce the Anderson blessing and about 17 men get up and make their way to the front. OPE! and 2 even turned to go sit back down bc they saw the traffic jam. the circle made it work and capri was quiet and content as her father relayed a sweet sweet priesthood blessing upon her. what a special day! she really did look like an angel in the beautiful blessing dress her grandma anderson made her! 

she has so much family that loves her and i'm so glad so many could be there on Sunday!

 even though the dress was beautiful, she could only take so much of the frill, itch, and poof! what a trooper though!

Thanks to all those who could make it! Some of Capri's loved ones enjoying lunch afterwards (p.s. thanks taryn and taylor for opening up your soon-to-be newlywed apt for the lunch. nice and spacious & thanks to all those who brought food and helped out):

It's been great having my Texas fam here in town! We are enjoying our time in Roosevelt right now with the extended family. Chase is seeing Catching Fire with Grant and his friends right now bc earlier the others (me included- hello Peeta (who i favor) even if Gayle is nicer to look at!) went to the earlier showing. anywho. we took turns watching Capri! prolly not the most soothing movie for a baby to sleep through- so this arrangement worked best. i should be sleeping since Capri is but once again- blogging takes precedence. Capri's uncles are loving on her so much and everyone is obsessed with holding her and taking care of her (even changing diapers! have at it!) i love seeing grant and cay take such good care of the babe. they will be great dads one day! 
and i'm happy capri could finally meet her pappa. he's such a good grandpa!

and two random quirky pics.
cay playing xbox in a box. strange duck that one.
had a vision of a good family photo opp. fail! and don't worry- cay was laying behind us supporting capri for safety reasons of course! hilarious!

this is our little cookie and we are so glad she brought the family together for this thanksgiving week! party on!

p.s. we had/have A LOT of decisions to make this month. 
will my dad buy that house in orem? 
will chase sell this summer? 
will we get the storage unit property management position?
the last one is the one i really wanna talk about! remember about three months ago i mentioned how i called about 100 storage units asking if they were hiring anyone to live on their property and manage? well three days ago- we got a voice mail about an opening!! they liked my resume and cover letter. it stuck out to them so they called us first and are seeing if we are the right fit!! we went in for interview number one with the current property managers yesterday. and the owner called me today and we set up interview number 2!!! we are so excited and very hopeful. it's a 2 bedroom apartment on site and another family also lives on site (they also have a baby and it's perfect for stay-at-home moms) and we split up the "shifts" each day and it's an amazing opportunity and an answer to prayer!! how does this work? basically you go to the office (if you're morning shift but it's not much different for the afternoon. and for us the office is literally across the hall.) and turn on the lights and set up the computer and credit card machines and do a few other things (basically 20 minutes of preparation and settling in). grab the cordless phone and go back to your apt and wait for tenants to ring the doorbell (the door to the office is locked! safe! smart! check!) or for the phone to ring. and the current property manager said she gets about 4-5 calls a shift and maybe one at the door! and also once a day you take 20-30 minutes to walk around your half of the storage units to check that they're secure and that the walkway is clean. 
oh doesn't that just sound like the perfect ticket for us? free rent and utilities plus some pay! it will save us about $1,000 a month! and chase will still work at chuck so we can save save save! we hope we get it so bad!!! it sounds amazing and the people we'll work with seem great! we'll keep you posted :) don't i always though! have a great thanksgiving- let's talk after that! roger. over and out!